685 Schadenfreude.

I’ve had a really hard time finding bubble gum lately. Hardly anyplace has just regular square bubble gum. It’s all weird ass combo flavors and mints these days. Even the stuff that used to be the go to bubblegums have gotten all insane. I was in a little convenient store today and saw a regular old pack of Strawberry Bubblicious. I wept openly. I don’t even like strawberry particularly. It was just a joy to see a flavor that was just itself and not Extreme Berry Blast Tangomelonberry Slide. I know it seems like a small thing, but you forget how nice simplicity can be sometimes.


My loathing of telephones and all socializing equipment is well documented (I have a T-shirt that reads: If I wanted to talk to you, I would have stopped throwing rocks). Also, I pretty much expect bad luck, otherwise I don’t feel comfortable. Good things only happen to me so that the bad thing creeping up seems that much worse. Plus they’d kick me out of the Pessimist’s club if I actually admitted to something good happening anywhere without some sort of strings attached.

Awesome t-shirt. Can it be found online?

(my google-fu sucks badly I’m afraid)

Not that I’m aware of. I sorta made it myself the old-old fashioned way (permanent marker and a plain white tee). Feel free to take the idea for your own if you want.

Plus most of the gum nowadays has that damn Splenda in it. At least 50% that and sugar. I’m sorry but I can pick out the taste of that stuff instantly…..gak!!!

Poor Mike. I so agree with him; the only good thing about conference calls is, nobody knows you’re not wearing your tie! After 20 years in the insurance industry, it saddens me that some Bag O’Douche decided it’s neccessary to include cameras in laptops for videoconferencing. Now I have a new use for those little pieces of black tape that used to come with 5ΒΌ” floppies (yeah, I’m that old).

Carol’s my ‘shero‘. Way to intimidate the new dude with the rude ‘tude!

Try any place that has a hispanic name and you are bound to find Chicklets in the mini five piece packs for 25 cents. I think you can even find them at Super A stores.

Small thing my ass. Do you know how long I’ve been looking for Bubblicious? Tell me where this store is and I’ll walk there to buy some. I don’t even like Strawberry that much either. It tastes like perfume.

It’s not only bubblegum, you know. Have you ever checked soda today and, say, fifteen years ago? But of course that “New Special Edition Super Exotic Thailand Mix” is just the same old plain mango flavoured soda the company has been producing since ages.

they are also making “throwbacks” to those very brands…

The goodness of the “throwbacks” is debateable. The Pepsi throwback is pretty good, but the Mountain Dew throwback just tastes the same. I suppose substituting cane sugar for corn syrup doesn’t always work so well.

Hm. I don’t seem to have the problems you have. But maybe it’s cause I’ve never gone for “square gum”. I usually just go for stick, like Doublemint or Juicyfruit. Although, yes, the new packaging annoys me. Instead of my gum being supported by other sticks of gum, it’s supported by this weird cardboard package that gives 15 to a pack, which tends to slowly implode on itself before I can finish 2/3 of it. I’m also beggining to become a new fan of those “trendy” gums, that have all those super cool packaging and you pay twice as much for – which does seem to be a bad habit.

Oh, but if you like Bubbleicious, you should just do this.

Okay, I didn’t say anything before, but now I’m really noticing it standing out to me. Ever since her date, Carol looks… different. Are you drawing her differently? Wait… she’s binding the twins down, isn’t she… not as much as to where they’re all in her armpits, like with the blue-striped shirt, and her hair, it doesn’t have the dark undertones it did at the apartment…

Walter L. Shaw . who died in 1996 in Fort Lauderdale is responsible for the abomination known as the conference call. Any one here who wants to take a dump on his grave

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