686 Choke Slams For Everyone.

My host has been having issues all day. It’s also becoming clear that I will soon have to broker some kind of new deal with them so they stop choking my site. It is frustrating. The way that success can screw you over is ironic. Makes me wonder if the reason rich people get so many tax breaks is because being that successful really does mess things up for you on a larger scale.

There is really not going to be a good time to take care of these issues till the start of the new year, so I’m just going to have to suck it up and deal with them now. I apologize in advance for any disruption is service that may occur due to my meddling.


It’s ok dude. The sooner you get it fixed, the better for everyone. Some disruption now is better than ongoing crap till next year.

Awesome perspective shot. You captured the ginormousness amazingly. Once I was scrolled down enough to read the last panel I was left with an enourmous crotch in my face, which was a little disconcerting to begin with. But its amazing what you get used to over time – it only hurts at first, right?

I like how you make me think about crotches on men. Wasn’t very subtle this time, but it works.

You go, Choke slam everyone. Though if i get a choke slam, i think i rather it from Carol.

I’m not sure she could actually do a right one. Guess it depends on exactly what parameters you’d set for it to actually be a choke slam.

I once saw a ten year old Japanese girl do a simultaneous double choke slam, so I’m sure Carol could manage. (Yeah, the two guys basically just ran up, jumped in the air and fell on their backs, but the timing was good enough to look really cool. And like many pro wrestling moves, choke slamming someone who isn’t cooperating would be pretty hard, and you’d probably seriously injure them even if you managed it.)

There was an old Canadian couple that decided winning the lottery was gonna be more trouble then it was worth. they gave it all away basically. to family, and their family, then to third party organizations as donations to help different things like Medical, police, and firemen.

I kind of agree… I mean… if your success lead you down the road to 1.5 million dollars, what could happen? People would be asking for favors all the time, you’d be getting more and more headway, and more headaches.

I guess you could say your webhoster is chokeslamming you? I’m sorry. I have some very cheap “unlimited” webhosting, which I suppose will crap out like yours eventually, when I become more popular.

I have to commend you though for your fight. I support you all the way.

I love it! Chokeslams for everyone! I would wear that on a t-shirt.

I think Carol could do it, as long as the person was as short or shorter than her. She might gather enough strength for Reggie tho.

Does this mean your site is getting more traffic than it can handle? What do they call that, uh, bandwidth? Or is it something else?

Now, the difference between Mike Hernandez, and Mike Haggar, is purely appearance.

Watch as Mike Hernandez choke slams the entire Megatainment Executive staff! I knew he was my favorite character for a reason.

Wow. Mike’s getting really pissed. I’m betting Reggie’s aunt’s behind his rage. LET THE CHOKE SLAMS COMMENCE.

Dude, can I get that second panel without text? I would love to turn Mike into a banner with LOLCATS-esque caption on the bottom, declaring CHOKE SLAMS FOR EVERYONE. Or maybe a motivational poster.

The economics of serving websites are not kind to any of the parties involved. Readers get off lightest, but there are some issues even there.

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