2242 Stressica.

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Jessica is a bit much & then some. In fairness so is Evrina, but everyone has their weaknesses. In imagining their relationship I feel like Jess won the battle for dominance via her general easygoing demeanor. It gave Evrina a chance to take a break from being openly hostile all the time. Jess probably became a safe harbor for her & I expect she longs for it in some way still. Jess probably liked Evrina’s fiery passionate approach to everything. She obviously very different from Jo, but not completely. Jo has drive & dreams, even though she isn’t load about them. She’s not looking to waste her life. Although having a much less dominant person with her is probably a lot easier for Jessica. None of this is all that important, but I like to have backstory hanging around to make things seem real in my head.


First off, Stressica. Love it. Second, dunno why but “she’s not looking to waste her life” hit me. I think about mortality a lot and it was just kinda poignant that someone that young would play the long game. Thanks for the thoughts

Brooksie looks so adorbs in that last panel, her smile melted my focus for …IDK? Too long looking at it.
That eager, wistful, hopeful smile, that; “I want this!” look to her is adorable. His is gonna be good!

Frankly this comic just makes me jealous of erina and jo-jo. Jess seems a bit much in a way that would be intoxicating in a romantic context, and I have an addictive personality.

Also her interactions with Erina and JoJo are adorable and I want more

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