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I got really sick in the middle of the night last night. What caused I couldn’t say. I was just suddenly ill. Luckily I didn’t vomit all over my room or anything. It passed after about an hour. It must have been a very mild case of food poisoning, or something. Maybe I used a fork I didn’t realize was dirty. I can’t say for sure. Anyway, it threw off my whole day. Hopefully this will be the last of my health issues for long enough to at least catch up a little. (I’ll probably get coronavirus somehow. It just appeared in my state.) I really want to sleep but I know it will throw off my groove if I do. So I guess I’ll just sleepily try to do things until I can sleep at my regular time? Hmmmmmmmm… I feel like my success rate is going to be low…


Am american living in Singapore. One of the joys of reading your comic is that I miss american culture sometimes (for better or worse), and have worked retail forever, so this site is a double whammy of familiarity for me. That said, its bizarre hearing you fear the coronavirus over there. New cases pop up here every day, especially from group events like church attendance. Public transportation is much more commonly used than any place I’ve been in the states. It’s airborne, passing in places where people stand still and close proximity for long periods of time, so people here flipped out when it arrived here. Worst part so far was trying to find toilet paper and cup noodles since scared aunties stocked up on everything. Crowds have thinned out everywhere, so I’m honestly enjoying the lack of people while it lasts. Silver linings.

That said, you’ll probably be just fine. Try not to get coughed on. Your illness may have been a gas bubble or similar blockage, my dad and I have experienced what you described. Middle of the night, sudden and extreme illness, went away in a matter of hours. Mine was quite painful, my dad moreso (on a different night) had gone to the doctor and didn’t find anything, never returned in any similar fashion for either of us. Freak event.

I’m in San Antonio where one of the major quarantine stations is at Lackland AFB. They let someone go after two negatives tests (per regulations), then had to chase them down after a third test came back positive. Turned out said patient went to one of the major malls here after release and they had to close it down for 24 hours for a deep clean.

On top of that, the quarantine station apparently has shot for security because people are regularly getting out of the building without authorization, trying to figure out what’s going on. (Mind you, they’re caught shortly after, but the fact they get out in the first place)

Worst part about the coronavirus is the weird disproportionate impact it’s having.

In China people are collapsing dead in the streets but outside people basically say it’s like a bad cold. The hell?

It is a cousin of the flue.
Flue kills thousands a year but millions get it so only 1:10,000 die
The Corona Virus is a bit more deadlier at around 3:100 => 300:10,000

It is spread through contact – not through the air as some wrongly state unless some [censored] coughs on you [they deserve a slap minimum] – good basic hygiene and sanitation is the only defence – sadly something sadly lacking in certain cultures where urinating in public like a stray dog is acceptable.

The Influenza Pandemic of 1918 killed 1:10
That translates to 50 million died out of 500 million who were infected.
It was deadlier than WW I with it killing almost 4% of the world’s population. That one was so bad because it was spread through the air.

Ebola and Hemorrhagic Fevers are at around 9:10

Some of that is the media overdramatizing things as usual. That’s not to say that it isn’t a serious illness. From what I’ve seen where actual numbers are cited China has about the same fatality rate as everyone else, around 3%. As with the flu, the very young, the elderly and those who are immune compromised are at the greatest risk. For most reasonably healthy people it will be like a bad cold or the flue. It is from the same family of viruses that causes the common cold. One of the problems with the corona virus is that viruses mutate at a relatively rapid rate. This produces new virus species on a regular basis. The current corona virus is a novel species, meaning that humanity hasn’t experienced it before. As a result, we don’t have much herd immunity. This lack of immunity makes it easily contagious and that is the big problem. It’s no more deadly than the flu but it is currently relatively easy to catch. Just remember folks, hand washing is your friend.

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