Brooksie is a treasure

And I think that even if he wasn’t actually Jesus, that Jesus would appreciate what Ramon tries to do….even if he’s not a fan of the shop itself.

I too like to think that points for effort are involved when it comes to Jesus. Much in the same way that abysmal children’s art gets a place on the fridge just because it comes from the children.

You are free to think whatever you wish. However, according the the Holy Writings, “…it is by grace you are saved, not of works (effort), it is a gift of God so that no one can boast.”

“All who call upon the name of the Lord (Jesus) shall be saved.”

“For if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is LORD, and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”

At least, that’s what the instruction manual says. Again, you can think anything you want, but agreeing with what someone says about themselves is usually a better idea.

I’m referring to AFTER salvation here, which probably should have been clearer than this post suggests.

My apologies. I live in an area that constantly competes for being the least “churched” area of the US. Everybody’s “spiritual,” but nobody has time for God (missionaries who have worked with “stone-age” people who would literally rather eat you than look at you have said they’ve never encountered people so hostile to the Gospel. I guess familiarity does breed contempt.)

Anyway, I apologize for leaping onto a back that didn’t need leaping on.

I just… I just want someone I can compliment, and they listen to me, rather than talk over me about the media their imbibing.

I guess real life isn’t ready for my particular brand of romance… Sadly I am finite.

I need some God Be With Brew right now, too. I’m feeling you Alex

I don’t practice Santeria,
I ain’t got no crystal ball,
If you want a friend who’s got it;
Jo has got it all!

If the day has got you down,
You feel you’re just a shell,
Head down to the coffee shop,
Ervins’s got some tales to tell!

Oh, What I really wanna hear, my buddies,
what I really wanna say, if poorly,
You want love, You gotta take the time.

I still have my Best ‘Yena,
Tho’ I lost most of my guys,
When I open up this comic, I get slapped with feels
Right between the eyes!

Ohh, what I wanna say, to Jackie,
Is “I am tough. I can take it.”
With a Kleenex in my hand.

Sexy Jesus with ??????.

Don’t forget that part. It’s important. ;)

That made me think of Drunk and Bitter Jesus as well as all the other iterations from the mind of that ghastly artist.
I have an original artist sketch hidden somewhere in the archives of the basement [spiderman 2 era?]

I haven’t thought of that strip or the artist in years but please don’t look either subject up – it is very NSF? – it is all from before the world went quince shaped and our weird was very different back then.

Alex feels comforted when she has coffee, in a shop run by a guy who resembles some gods?


I used to feel comforted when I got my hair cut by a stylist who looks like Katara from The Last Airbender! O.o

Is there some [coffee shops + hair salons] MYSTICAL EFFECTS…happening here, that I don’t fully know about? Hmmmm. :D

I think it’s less about the coffee, and even the sexy Jesus, than the brownie or ginger crunch or carrot cake or whatever sweet treat she will be having.

What? So I started envisioning the baking cabinet first, that’s all. Alex and I are kindred spirits. Mmmm, ginger crunch….

Heh, heh! Sure!
I can see that. Sometimes treats, + sweet…bakery items, rule my life.
If my house catches fire, which do I save first: my tax papers, or the chocolate Bavarian cake?

Ummm…! :D

Ugh. minor glomp. I’m a little disappointed. Wanted to see Jo’s feet off the floor and maybe the drowning swimmers hand signal of how many times they’ve gone under (Think I’ve only seen that on Looney Tunes cartoons). Still great to see Alex & Jo, but, you know, missed opportunities.

At this point in their relationship, in this moment, that would’ve been an inappropriate action for Alex. The death of her sister affected her deeply & her emotions about it are complex. I didn’t want to Willis up an important moment.

Do you mean- you were hoping that Alex would hug Jo, + then Jo would be sinking into a sea of boobage? Or something like that?

“And you believe that I am Satan?”
“Actually Satan. The actually is important I feel.”
“And you would allow me, Actually Satan, to make any wish I want, without even knowing what that would entail?”
“Fuck it, I’m in. I’m all about that zero accountability lifestyle”

-Conversation between Rin and Saber(Archer), UBWA

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