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I cleaned all my hoses for my cpap, and all the stuff I touched while I was sick, but my nose is getting runny again. I swear, if I got some random ass new cold when I went to the store I’m gonna be furious.. and sick again. Maybe it’s just dust allergy from all the dust blowing around the last couple of days. I’ll keep you posted by whining endlessly about it if I get sick again.


Yeah, making friends… if I could tell my younger self one piece of advice that won’t break the time stream it’s that you should spend more time trying to make friends than to make good grades. Bosses won’t care what your GPA was, and by the time you’ll realize that fact, you’ll be chronically lonely.

Plus friends can help you get jobs more than the GPA

They never TELL you that. No, they want you keeping your head down and your nose to the grindstone by feeding you false promises about how your grades will open all the doors in life. They don’t.

Yeah, it doesn’t hurt to be smart and have lots of knowledge but unless you can function with other people that knowledge is largely impotent. I worked with/supervised a guy who went through law school and medical school on academic scholarships. He could quote chapter and verse and debate with the best but his ability to lead a team was nil. He wasn’t well liked at the hospital where we worked and few really trusted his judgement. It’s a shame because he wasn’t a bad person, he just couldn’t let go of being the smartest guy in the room. The flip side is that I had a guy with just a high school education but he could engage a rock. In terms of usefulness per dollar of salary paid he was one of the most valuable employees at the facility where we worked. I think it is a failing of a lot of graduate programs that they don’t acknowledge that if you have a degree you are going to end up leading teams and supervising people.

I’m easily confused. I cannot ‘grok’ how Lil Jo could be short on friends. With a natural charisma of 21, and a +3 of cuteness, she may out class Thomas for attractivity? What criteria does she use to pic them, the friends? With so many people clambering to be her friend, surely she could cherry-pick the best?

Gonna ballpark here, but I’d bet my left shoe she’s been too shy in the past. Jackie’s mentioned before that we see her after she’s put herself together again, but the flashback to her meeting Reggie shows a glimpse of how crippling her shyness used to be. You make yourself a shadow and only the most observant notice you.

Is a gun any danger if the trigger is never used?

I think I see what you’re getting at, tho please correct me if I’m wrong. When you’re that shy, it’s hard to see your own potential.

Gonna get a little anecdotal here, I apologize. I used to be that shy. Couldn’t stand crowds, hated talking to new people, social skills were there but nothing impressive. I’m also a tiny lady and nobody takes you seriously anyway.

Somewhere around Jo’s age I realized my shyness was holding me back from my own happiness. I challenged myself to be social, and what better job for that than retail? It was also around the time I worked on my body as well as my social..everything. The mental walls came down brick by brick as I talked with strangers on the bus, or made small talk with customers, or realizing my opinion matters to someone else at all. Feeling affection or love in an earned way, not just familial.

Jo, here, was cast out by her mom, her only living family afaik, the one person on earth supposed to love her most, couldn’t accept Jo for who she is. Of COURSE Jo lacked confidence. If anything, the fact she’s come so far shows how incredible she really is. She’s earned the friends she has now, and she has a whole life ahead of her to make new ones along the way, too.

Blaze, gonna say that as I have a different personality type, your insight into Jo’s “Why” made me go, “Hunh”. I never looked at it that way. Annnnnd a quick stroll through the archives shows me that you are correct, she was serzly shy. Now that I know her better, yeah. I b’lieve you’re right.
My Lady Friend is very short and light weight, and yeah, some guys make the mistake of underestimating her, once.
At a faculty meeting she can make faculty tremble and deans blush. Small sometimes gets overlooked. Then they must make noise. (Not always simple for the shy among us, I guess)

Well, let’s try it this way. I have the most powerful handgun on Earth. It kills everybody I fire it at regardless of how well I aim. But it has no trigger. Will it do any good?

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