Jo is known for busting out movie quotes. But in this case she seems to have busted out an Ed Lincoln quote.

It’s from comic 44, “Temperament”:


Her comment on the last panel sounds like something Thomas would say, but she’s the one who said it. This is the least shy Jo I can remember seeing. Hooray for Jo!

And I’m hoping that the friendship between Jo and Reggie will warm a bit after this.

I continue to enjoy this excellent storyline.

That got me reading the next 44 comics…

The beginning of this comic is epic. It’s so worth it to start at comic 1 and read forwards. A bit past comic 200 (I don’t want to give a specific comic number as that would be too spoilery) is where I started really loving this comic. It’s so good.

And it keeps being good!

Jo looks so happy to just have her friend back in that second panel. I love it. ^^ Off-topic, site got a bit of a change?

Yeah, in the “impress a girl” stakes this IS pretty much playing horseshoes WITH hand grenades. The post is gone.

Poor Reggie. I don’t think he was ready for an answer like that at all. I mean, he’s probably like any guy and interested in sex, but was he really just out to impress her so he could get into her pants? I was under the impression that he was looking for something more substantial, like an actual relationship.

Her being more likely to jump him doesn’t necessarily imply that they couldn’t have a substantial relationship, though. They’ve had a couple interactions now that could sorta count as dates, by most metrics they wouldn’t be in one-night-stand territory anymore.

I think he really was wanting to impress her, not just in a sexual way. You can want to impress your love interest without the express singular intent of getting in their pants. Jo and Thomas here wanted to emphasize that not only was he impressive, he went above and beyond. It’s nice to hear from friends that you did an AWESOME job:3

There is Possible problem, on the site:

Maybe this just happens on my pc, but-
when I go to page 1678, and page 1679, the comic’s panels are showing up twice.
Such as- on page 1679- I’m seeing the 5 panels that belong on that page, then below those five panels, those 5 panels show up again.

Maybe this is a technical problem with the site, but I have no idea what is causing this issue.

It’s some weird old glitch. It happens a few times in the archives but I haven’t been through them in ages, so I don’t know all the locations.

I’ve been reading through the old archives lately and it’s popping up more often since the site change. Almost every other comic sometimes. It’s not always consistent tho.

Jackie, would I be able to use the middle panel as a desktop wallpaper solely for unshared personal use only?
I figured I should ask since you’ve got the strict ‘no reposts or nonpermised┬░ sharing’ thingie on the website.

┬░Probably not the right word (if it’s even a word), but I’m too tired to remember or look it up right now.

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