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Okay. I’m going to let the comments decide what I do next. Do you guys want the actual story to continue on Monday, or shall I do a little bit with Carol about this subject so that the three main girls all have a say? If there doesn’t seem to be any support one way or the other I’ll just do whatever I have enough of an idea for. I think I can probably step back in to the actual story at this point.


If you have enough material for it I’d be all for Carol’s views, but I’ll leave that entirely up to author’s choice.

I’m with Darling on this one. You’ve been doing an excellent job over the years, and those last few episodes are no exception. So, whatever you think should happen next… should probably happen next (:

Yeah, this has been an interesting topic of conversation, lets have it finish its course.

Also, I just wanted to say that your comic is great, I’ve read it for years and got your book recently! Your writing is brilliant, the people seem so real and relatable, and your work ethic is awe inspiring, especially in this day and age.

If you don’t post an update, that means some serious shit was going down, I’m glad to see you made it through to the other side man. I’m always going to be rooting for you man, you have a great story here that deserves to be told.

I’d like to hear Carol’s side. Everybody’s flawed to some degree. The important part is to try to treat people with respect and decency. And, in the event you fail, apologize and try to do better next time.

Absolutely want to see where Carol will take this.
Personal opinion, I think she’s already aware of the “under the radar flirting” issue and is not too worried about it.
Now watch me be dead wrong! :P

I would definitely like some Carol input, and possibly some jealousy from her regarding Nina. Not many people are secure enough to handle someone openly flirting with their significant other.

Seeing Carol’s thoughts on things would be cool. I like seeing the different perspectives.

I’m opposite most people so far. I think this is a good end to this little side story. Ending on that smirk of Nina would be great.

We DID just have a bit of Carol before this with everyone else. In the end, whatever is best for you Jackie should be where you go next. If you wanted to sidetrack longer then by all means sidetrack.

Please do whatever would make you feel the most happy. You had a stressful time and I would like you to relax and unwind if at all possible. If this series is easier for you, please do more, and tag Carol in.

I would actually be interested in seeing Carol in this interlude, before going back to the main story. I still would not be surprised if this becomes canon, in any case.

I am glad that whatever havoc that has wrought you has subsided. Please continue to look after yourself in the meantime.

Thomas’ perspective there is my exactly what I do in life. I take the stance that if she (my preferred interest) is interested then she will make it known, otherwise its not worthwhile enough to risk a misinterpretation. On the other side of that, I make my interest clearly known if I am fully interested in pursuing a relationship.

I wish more women reached this conclusion. There’d be a lot less confused men wandering around.

Alas, for most of us, women seldom or never do. However, I was told by a pro musician that after a concert he had a fairly easy job in this regard. I thought it was a cliched legend but maybe that actually works?

A funny bit growing out of this would be a double date. With Nina and Thomas doing their normal charming/flirting because they know it’s safe, but Edward being a bit insecure and then jealous.

We are back down to 55 from 41, ladies and germs we need to focus and keep our beloved creator and his comic where it deserves to be. Do not wonder what you can do for your webcomic, wonder what it has done for you! Get on the vote and show them Pron comics that they may make preteens @#$$ in the night, but true webcomics bring joy all day long!!!

Wow. I was going to say (and I still feel) that you should follow your muse, but FWIW, I think Blue had a great idea about a double date. More importantly, I’m glad to hear you are regaining your equilibrium. I know family can be a load. As the motto of the college I first went to but failed to graduate from goes, meliora! To better things!

it wouldn’t be a misstep to let Carol have some page time. However, it is a good cut back point.
Won’t go wrong either way, but i lean ever slightly towards having Carols time

additionally i really dig how you carried this dialogue. The usual drama writer would have continued this arch into the forbidden romantic tangent simply for the sake of drama and selling sex, but you have really nailed these two characters and their personal growth/respect for one another and being able to work through this moment.

I’m a bit of two minds because I’m interested in it all. I’d like to see Carol’s take. I also think ending this line right there with Nina’s smirk would be just as perfect. Hmm, her “Nina Lisa Smile” as it were.

Ultimately, whatever is easiest for Jackie to continue with while generating the least amount of stress would be best and I’m good with that. Ça plane pour moi, even.

Their is a term for that radical honesty, not holding back anything about your feelings, it scares most people away but whoever it doesn’t is definitely worth keeping around

I really enjoyed this arc, which is ironic, seeing that it was born out of necessity. I would really like to see Carol’s point of view to round it out. Nevertheless, if it is better for you to continue with the main arc, than please do that.

Awww, I’m glad she brought it around to what’s going on with her & Edward.

I can’t stand drama and game-playing, and playing a character (or person) for jealousy is unhealthy at best, and straight-up abusive normally. Making your SO jealous is not ‘normal’ or ‘spicy’, wth is wrong with you? Ewww.

*ahem* So, Edward, yes. I love the Nina & Edward arc.

Just to be obvious: If you can do something interesting here with Carol, by all means put her on the air. Otherwise, save her for later.

I like the way Nina thinks.
This does feel like a satisfying spot to call it for now. If you already have something Carol wants to say on the matter then by all means – I would advocate pocketing it in case of future hiccups, but I don’t know how awkward that might get with staggering the ‘main’ progression, and hopefully you don’t end up in more situations along such lines again.

I am loving this palate-cleanser story. I say you let it keep going a while longer. There’s more to do with this material. Also it got us some great interactions so far.

Thomas is dead ass right; you gotta be 40000% sure and dead on the money from other people that the said person likes you like that.

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