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It was pretty clear most of the commenters were interested in seeing where this would go, so I went ahead with it.

Microsoft Edge has suddenly decided to crash my surface whenever I turn it on so now I’m trying to do this with Chrome, but it’s all fucked up looking. I don’t know if I’ll ever get Edge to work again, so I guess I better get used to things not looking right.


I just love Carol’s takes of things. “Harsh, but not wholly inaccurate,” is a perfect description, and it’s often those statements that shed the most light on things. :P

We have dropped to 98 people!!! Please vote and show your love for this great work. Only you can put a good comic higher in the top 100 web comics and show that good content can beat porn.

I have only ever used the microsoft included browser to find a suitable one from anyone else. I then delete or disable it. Yes I am aware I have a gmail address. I use safe ones where necessary.

I’d think they’d have to have some kind of talent to get people to actually pay them. I mean, this is the internet, so I can easily find pretty much any kind of tits I want to see.

Edge does pretty much suck. It’s basically Microsoft Chrome, and I only use it to play browser games. Google Chrome is distilled evil, and I kill any suggestion that I install it on my PCs with fire.

Wow. I’m actually really disappointed to see Carol make a statement like that. There IS talent (and skill) needed in that line of work, from networking and customer service to marketing and social media massaging to just knowing how to frame a shot well.

Yes, there is.

But what she said is how plenty of people just barely aware of the site view it, because when people are talking about Onlyfans you generally don’t get to see any of those elements. Indeed, if you don’t actually look into it yourself, its often going to be presented as a site where you pay for access to someone’s often racy or outright lewd photos.

I have issue with calling them losers a large number of pp, in porn have some form of disability that makes more “morally acceptable” jobs not possible

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