1432 Revelations.

This may seem insane to some of you, but this is one of my favorite jokes, for lack of a better word. It’s that sort of sitcom situation that is enhanced when the actor has great timing. Unfortunately you have to imagine that Jo is a comedic genius. (which she is.)

I’m super tired so I’m just going to leave it at that for now. If I think of anything else I’ll ad it when I wake up. Until then, I’ll see you in the comments.


Hmm. I think Jo must have caught a bug or something. She hasn’t made a worthwhile movie reference all morning. As far as her being gay or not goes, I get the feeling that nobody here (except maybe Nina) has considered the implications of that question. I mean if she is gay, that’s great. If she isn’t, then she’s standing around her male coworker with just a bath towel on after having recently slept with his sister. Given how shy Jo can be most of the time, this could make for a startling realization.

I dunno. Call me crazy but having sex with other women seems just a teeny bit gay to me. Just a little bit.

But she has mentioned she loves everyone. So bisexual, or pansexual might be a better descriptor than gay.

Probably more like omnisexual.

Mister Tentacle Monster better watch out for her!

Pretty sure that falls under pan-. Pan- is defined usually as someone who is attracted to you based on personality or other factors, with a lack of consideration for gender or (in extreme cases) species.

Source: am pansexual. Would be fine with a girl, a guy, a both, or a sentient Horse, so long as they’re not an asshole.

Omni would include object, ideas, ideals, and any/everything really. Knew a girl who wanted to fuck a desk and another who got hot off music. Any kind. Just another level of sexuality for some out there.

Wait – “I’m gay? Did you know about this?” isn’t lines in multiple movies? Somewhere I had the idea that I had heard this in enough movies featuring straight guys who get pressured into playing a gay guy to stalk a woman to lead to romantic hijinks that I’d begun to start leaving the room when the movie my college friends were trying to get me to watch said them.

I don’t know. I can see this as being a “Jo Revelation”. I don’t exactly see Jo as male/female, because I don’t really see Jo as “human”. She’s more of a “Jo”. Like a Liger- Jo’s can exist, but define themselves as they go through life as there are no other Jo examples around.

Weird? Probably. But I’m on Day 6 of mega infections and got all medicated up at the Urgent Care Clinic.

I grew up when private clubs could limit membership. My father was a member of the local country club. One hot day a friend and I were out riding our bicycles, and decided to stop there for a couple of sodas. One of the staff told us that we could not come, and when I asked why, he said that it was because my friend was a negro.
She got this stunned look on her face, held her hands out and stared at the backs of them, and cried “I am? Oh, no, why didn’t my parents tell me?!”
The staff member was trying hard not to laugh as he promised that if we would wait on the patio, he would bring us free sodas. Free sodas, yay!
My friend’s response? “Hey, if it gets me free sodas, I’ll stay a negro.”
We were 11 and 13, what do you expect?

Pretty sure private clubs can still deny entry to non-members. Hence the term ‘private’. Not based on race, but if they don’t want you in, they’re free to not allow you. Then again, you’re probably in the US and maybe there’s legislation I’m not aware of.

Most country clubs, being private, require membership. Membership is almost always open to everyone (with the exception of a very few mens’ clubs), but you still have to be a member. As DarkVeghetta said, hence the term “private”.

I think what Petercat was referencing is the Atlanta, GA club which used to be “men only” until the media raised a huge stink about it when the (I think) PGA or one of the other big golf organizations decided to hold a tournament there (this was around 15 years ago or so). If you’re a private club, and the big money organizations don’t have their fingers involved, you can still do pretty much what you want.

I love that reaction. I was really expecting her to be super shy about the whole thing, but I’m loving how she’s turning my expectations on my head. Makes sense too, given how comfortable she is with Ed and Nina. If Carol were here, I feel like it might be a bit different.

It might be the same, except Jo would have to be careful not to become aroused when around her. She did mention that she was “soft and squishy” a short conversation when riding in Carol’s car, but passed it off as something Thomas would enjoy. So the redhead probably missed that remark. However, I didn’t.

Frankly, the orientation bit is … a non-issue for me. What has me astounded, is that I never really realized that he’s even shorter than Ninja Jo.

That’s something I like about Jo:

Even when she’s partially nude, she still can control a conversation, like she’s The King of da world!

It would have been more surprising if Ed said, “Oh, and Nina and I kissed.” Or “Nina wished she was bi.” Or maybe even, “I can’t believe it’s not butter.”

Most cumbersome product name ever: I Can’t Believe It’s Not “Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific.”

(For the confused: “Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific” was the name of a real shampoo from the ’70s or ’80s. Really. Look it up.)

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