1433 Love Thy Neighbor.

I feel pretty safe that a large portion of Kansas is going to be on the wrong side of history for the foreseeable future. I love Kansas in a geographic sense, but the people… they run the same range of cool to crappy they do everywhere. I’ve lived in Colorado a long time now and I have to say the racism is much more pronounced here, which makes it easier to deal with in some ways. If you know something is there it’s easier to do something about it. When people are subtle about it you may start to think everything is cool, while they are secretly carrying out their evil plans. Religious bigotry is still a big deal in Kansas. How can it not be as the birthplace of the Westboro Baptist church? It sits about 3 miles from the state capital. Coincidence? You be the judge. Or actually they will be. For everyone. In a very mean way. At least they’re wearing their bigotry where everyone can see it…

I’ve held off talking about any money stuff for a while because of all the hospital stuff and fundraiser. I would like to point to the Nina link in the sidebar. Several patrons have had their pledges declined for a few months, so I want to drum up some interest if I can. If you’re a patron you might want to check your account to see if things are still working. Also, as long as I’m at it, if you donated to the go fund me and didn’t claim any rewards I’m still accepting them if you changed your mind. If not that’s fine too. betweenfailures{at}Hotmail{dot}com if you want to contact me about any of that stuff. Just make the subject something to do with Patreon or Gofundme so I can sort them. I’m thinking of adding a pledge level where you can get a drawing a month, instead of just a sketch, but I’ll have to decide if I’m at a point where I can work fast enough yet. I still haven’t rebuilt my buffer from the various disasters yet.

The Teen had a birthday party this weekend. It was a harsh reminder of how loud a group of young people can be. I think I’ll let her talk about that in more detail when next she posts.

I actually had a nightmare last night. It was the first dream I remembered in a long time. After I woke up I decided I didn’t want to remember it, so I let myself forget. Makes for a boring story, but I stand by my choice.

Every other cartoonist has been posting about Mario Maker. I have a really hard time with creative stuff like that. As soon as I start making a level for Smash Bros, or what have you, my brain starts reminding me that I should be making my own comic better. Because of this I didn’t buy the game… (also I couldn’t afford it.) I’d basically make one mediocre level and never be able to go back to the game. By the time I convince myself I can enjoy Mario Maker everyone will be over it. Which is why I probably won’t ever get it. If I break down next month and buy it I give you permission to berate me without mercy.

Anyway, I’ll see you guys in the comments.


I’m enjoying Mario Maker, even though I mostly play other people’s levels online. There are some real gems, although there are a bunch where I finish and say, “What, that was it?”

As someone who grew up in Kansas. Yeah, that a fairly legitimate concern. Not that there aren’t open-minded people, but there are a lot of closed minded people. Who aren’t very accepting of anything that doesn’t exist in their narrow-minded perception of existence.

As someone who grew up in California, it’s a concern. As much as people like to think “Oh! California! Liberal state! They must be okay with everyone!” Notice as a state they kept showing what they were not for. That’s right, California.

That said, just hiding it doesn’t get it out there really either.

Also originally from California, now currently living in Colorado. I moved from the fifth most racially diverse county (Near SF) in the country to one somewhere in the bottom 5% (Front Range) and I find that I, too, prefer that people’s attitudes about things be right out there, in public, where it can be dealt with. Such was my experience in CA, and CO may be better than KS but not significantly to my perspective.

My attitude, thanks to growing up in CA, is live and let live. I’m not worried about what you are doing, or not doing, as long as no one gets hurt. My kids, now both in HS, have the same attitude & they indicate that their peers are becoming more like that also.

Burning at the stake in Kansas? I thought they just dropped houses on you.

Are you implying the wicked witch of the east was a lesbian? Because I would read the crap out of that story.

Well, maybe we should see the play, “Wicked” and find out. Maybe Glinda wasn’t always the Goody-two shoes she played later in the story? Giving away items of Majik that might be family heirlooms, to the dungeon master’s favorite player. Hmmmm?

Nah, we have scarecrow set you on fire and then we throw a bucket of water at you to put it out. If you start melting, then we know that you used forbidden magic to send your heart somewhere else and your body had been in a permanent state of stasis.

I’m surprised the cast hasn’t moved to Lawrence, KS. We’re pretty safe over here. Well, most of us. We’re still in Kansas after all.

Wooooo! Fellow Lawrencian! But seriously, even in this Life-raft-of-sanity-on-the-river-of-madness, there’s plenty of bigoted and intolerant folk.

Raft of sanity!?

Yes, because the idea that banning guns will make gun crime go away is perfectly rational.

A goodly portion of you lot are as crazy as the ultra conservatives.

Well, I mean, if you look at gun crime rates in countries like Japan, where guns are strictly for police use only, or Norway, where gun ownership is plentiful, but gun and ammo ownership is strictly controlled, its clear that gun control is very helpful. We’ve had so many needless shootings in America in the past couple of years that could have been stopped. We need to work towards a better solution than allowing guns to be so deregulated.

1) I was specifically referring to the naïve and irrational notion that banning guns would stop gun crime that some folks have. (The other group that supports banning guns are would be tyrants)
2) Oddly enough, that’s the first I’ve seen/heard mention of artificial ammo scarcity. Not a bad idea at all.
3) The primary problem with comparing European countries with America is the sheer size difference. Mainland USA is roughly the same size as all of Europe. Then there are the cultural differences that make implementation more difficult.
4) Something really screwy is going on right now. Our government and military are preparing for something. I’ve seen 3 military convoys and one train loaded with military vehicles since June. I won’t divulge where or what their heading was as that could be argued as “a matter of national security”. But, something’s going to happen and our economy is on the brink of collapse.

As for the whole ban people with mental illnesses and mental disabilities from owning guns. The only 4 I can think of that that should apply to are schizophrenia, antisocial personality disorder (middling to severe cases), bipolar disorders, and some cases of dissociative identity disorder.

I used to be a peer support working and i’ve no problem with some mentally retarded individuals owning guns. So long as they’ve proven they’re responsible enough (quite a few actually are), and they pass a strict gun safety course.

As for the argument of “Well I don’t feel safe knowing that they/[insert slur here] have access to a gun many neurotypical people lever, we’re statistically in more significant danger from neurotypicals than you are from those of us with mental disabilities. (I’m high-functioning autistic, Asperger syndrome).

Huh. I thought Kansas was historically progressive? Maybe I’m thinking of Nebraska.

I know some plains state prided being progressive since being one of the first to let women vote, but I never really looked too deep into it.

Historically speaking, the ideals and target demographics of the Republican and Democratic parties were reversed up until LBJ took office. Now the Dems are secretly bigoted while the GOP are open about it.

Anyone dumb enough to come after Jo would have an army of friends to go through first.

If I had any gay friends who lived in my vicinity, and a lynch mob targeted them…let’s just say that while I shall respect and protect the freedom of expression until the end of days, I shall not retreat from those who believe that it’s acceptable to oppress those with disagreeable beliefs. In other words, the newspaper will read:

“Lynch Mob Single-Handedly Lynched”

Bad joke response: its not Wyoming.

Legitimate addition: might as well be. Same with here in Nebraska. That being said, racism, sexism, orientation is, etc are all alive and well all over the lower 48, at the very least.

Just one of many reasons why I’m moving to Canada…

Welcome! I’m pretty sure our far right is American centrist. But don’t get your hopes up-Canadians are pretty racist, sexist, and homophobic. But you missed the gay marriage whining by about ten years, so if you marry someone of the same gender no one will decline your license.

I live on the border between KS and Mo… and Ok, really… it’s a redneck bonanza here. Yaaay….

Are we talking rednecks as in single-minded farmers and junkyard attendants?

Or are we talking banjos, moonshine, military munitions, sodomy, and bestiality?

Lived along the Kansas – Missouri border too. It’s horrible with the redneck-ness. Pretty similar in Oregon now.

To expand on the original point, I think it’s more about rural/urban perspective that makes one feel more xenophobic living in a rural area where you feel like you’re really on your own, and it naturally limits the ability to be tolerant to anything foreign to you.

It’s a lot like a pig wallowing in mud, satisfied with being in mud.

I live in Eastern Connecticut. We’re an odd mix of Liberal and Conservative, Tolerant and Intolerant. I find that the more Liberal an individual identifies themselves, the more intolerant they are of those who have differing ideas and opinions.

I didn’t know Connecticut was big enough to have an eastern part… :)

Well, at least it’s not Maryland.

And I agree about the Liberals. I’ve found that the people espousing tolerance most loudly are the most intolerant of all. As in “…we will no longer tolerate their intolerance!”

Maryland does have an eastern part.Its just like that place y’all call Delaware. Only bigger. ;)

Maryland is funny like that. Its so tiny. And yet seems to have a piece of just about every where else around it.

the red bit being West (by God) Virginia (Lite)
The dark blue stuff is just More Delaware (or Delaware is just more blue stuff it could go either way)
The light blue is more like the part of Virginia that ISNT a suburb of DC

The yellow stuff most definitely is a Suburb for D.C.
With that Grey stuff in the middle that is Unique only in that it is not
“Just another some place else”

And while this small state as a whole has a liberal reputation … that’s not really fair.
Most of those liberals only live in parts of the grey and yellow bits.


And that “tyranny of the population majority” has a tendency to overwhelm whatever cultural diversity the rest of the state has. A trait shared by many other states, I feel. I dont think this is always a good thing, either.

All that RedNeck-ery isnt so bad if you can remove most of the (sometimes willfull) ignorance that breeds so much of the racial, sexual, religious and political intolerance that Rednecks are (sadly) infamous for.

Some places do pull it off. They end up resembling places more like New Hampshire or Vermont and less like Kansas.

We sure do! There’s the New York City Suburbs, the Cities of the Poor (New Have, Bridgeport and Hartford) and the Casino Counties, Windham and New London.

And yes, it’s spelled “Do what we say, not what we practice.”

I have never understood how people got the idea that those people who insist everybody should be treated like the individual people they are and judged on their own merits rather than being attacked for their race, gender, religion, or sexual preference should be required to not judge people on their own demerits of hatred and disrespect of others for their race, gender, religion, or sexual preference.

There’s at least one verse in the christian bible that states something like, “Judge not or you will also be judged.” A lot of people seem to think that verse is just two words, but it isn’t. It’s also stupid. Judge not, and you will still be judged. I would guess the original sentiment would have been, “While you are thinking about the merits of others, remember that the choices you will make in that regard will be evaluated by others.” Many people who think the verse is Judge not seem to think that means, “Prejudge everyone so you don’t have to think about judging them.” I’m absolutely certain that wasn’t the intent.

I’ve also encountered a lot of people who state they don’t want to be judged. Most of them tend to say that when they’re doing something they should be able to do. My typical response is, “I judge you to be awesome.” Which, unfortunately, has to be short for, “I judge you in this moment of self-consciousness to be awesome. But later on when you think you are justified and authorized to behave however you want? You’re going to suck ass, and not in the good way. Because people are unfortunately like that… and so am I.”


Belated Congratulations to the Teen for turning 17! Have fun with all the presents you got, the play (You’ll so rock the Queen of Hearts role!) and volleyball practice (and don’t forget those quizzes)! ;) I remember when in US History we had to learn all of the abysmal number of the US presidents, their names and when they were in office and then there was the quiz.

It’s a funny thing how religion can get out of hand.. I mean, you just have to look at the Syrian conflict and the whole region and that’s a prime example how dangerous religion can be. I myself didn’t have a religious upbringing, much like my peers. Finland is supposed to have Christian values, but we really don’t read the bible like the law, or actually now that I think of it, we don’t read it at all. Hey, it rhymes! :D During holidays we try to treasure what we have, our family, extended family, go to the graves of passed loved ones at Christmas.

Anyway, gay marriage was legalized this year.. of course gay civil union (or whatever they called it) was legal long before, but the parliament voted to upgrade the status to marriage. Needless to say, most people were happy about it, some were more reserved. I myself support same rights for everyone, so that was a step ahead. (Then our government took a huge step backwards and decided to save money by taking it from those who needed it the most.)

We are just now seeing the most appalling kind of racism in Finland, as the refugees from Syria are flooding to and through Europe and different countries are negotiating who takes in how many and such. Of course there is the half who want to help: our Prime Minister wanted to set an example by offering one of his three houses for the refugees while they are waiting for the system to catch up, as for now, the refugee reception centers are filling up. New reception centers are being build, and here’s where the racism comes in. Our state doesn’t ask (and in my opinion doesn’t have to ask) the county if they want the center built there, it’s just a question of “we have to get them up and quick”. So some members of the counties aren’t so welcoming, their ignorant whining is really something we can’t afford, as these people are coming what I’d consider a hell on earth (the Islamic State area). So yes, whether it is about lack of empathy or the fear about more competition for jobs, as we are living through a recession right now. There are many factors, some of which might go as far as 76 years back in our country’s history.

Anyhow, when I was an exchange student in the Washington State, I got to experience first hand how the members of the Church of the Latter Day Saints live. Yeah, that’s a perfect placement for a 16-year-old atheistic teen, especially with all the military-like love and guidance we got from my dear host father. He is actually a really cool person, it’s just the army/law enforcement background clashed with my need to know what’s behind every rule. But as the Mormon church played a big part in their lives, it played a big part in my life too, as it was a “family thing”. I took it as an interesting experience that could help me understand different people. Still, the young girls’ study thing was such bull. Since when television is the devil’s way to affect our idle minds? :D Err, yes, I was brave and endured the brainwash without being a brat. When in Rome..

Tolerance is really an interesting thing.. it isn’t just about like and dislike, it’s often more deep-rooted beliefs that were instilled in the individual when they were a small child. That’s why I think children shouldn’t really be subjected to religions until they really understand what it’s about. Also, some countries have the worship the leader -cult that is running rampant in countries like Russia and North Korea. When millions people think that one person is next from god, it can create a monster. for example a country full of millions and millions citizens who really worship their leader, allowing him to do whatever he wants. I think no-one wants a repeat of Hitler, as total power tends to lead to total corruption and then to total destruction. The scary thing is, these people don’t think they’ll be corrupted, more often than not they started out by wanting to do good.

Oh yeah, where was I at, I fell asleep while writing this. :D Not a good sign. I need more Reggie!

Whoah now, credit where credit is due. The biggest destabilizing factor was NATO’s involvement in the region (which the USA sadly helped in).

But, yes ISIS is to Islam what the KKK is to Christianity ; far FAR removed from the teachings of the religion they claim to be part of.

As for the Crusades (yeesh), the ExtraCreditz channel on YouTube is actually covering the events and cause of the First Crusade right now. Primary cause: Roman Catholic infighting over who the rightful pope was.

I think the stake burning is more a worry down towards the OK and along the MO borders. Mostly joking on that, but there are a few villages and tiny towns you’d probably need to be careful in.

Granted I currently live in Emporia (a college town), so I’ve probably got a distorted lense. One year off from being a townie. It’s thankfully more moderate than it is conservative or liberal. Lawrence is currently the only liberal stronghold in Kansas (thank God).

I’m still wondering what Fred Phelps’ death bed confession was. His kids refuse to let anyone know. So it was either an apology or him coming out of the closet and telling them to disband.

Perhaps it was, “Judge not harshly, that ye not be harshly judged.” ?? Think that might have been it? Maybe it should have been? When you appoint yourself the righteous arbiter, doesn’t that make you self-righteous? Dangerous stuff that, judging others. Best remove the board from your own eye, before trying to remove the fleck from your brother’s eye.

Quite possibly. Though I’m inclined to finish the part of the passage that is so often missed. “For the way you judge others is how you will be judged — the measure with which you measure out will be used to measure to you.” Mathew 7:2

Pressumably referring to our judgement at death.

lived to the south of there in Oklahoma when I was growing up, we had openly active KKK, so in the word’s of forrest gump “that’s all I got to say ’bout that”. but yeah racism and bigotry are sadly present wherever you go. I live in Washington now which you would think is the most liberal of states (next to California as someone pointed out isn’t always the case) but yeah there’s a buttload of racism and bigotry up here too. you just got to wade through the crap sometimes, that’s how things will be at least till the boomers start to reach the end of their time (at least that’s my best estimate of when the more intolerant mindsets ended).

I just binge-read this whole comic over the past three days. This is truly a masterpiece. Some of the wisdom embedded in these pages has actually helped me reframe my point of view in a way that is far more healthy to live with, and I sincerely thank you for that.

You must live in the very East of Colorado. Hmmm…Greeley? Sterling? Julesburg? Deer? I had always assumed you lived in Kansas, up until this post.

Maybe my ears are plugged, or it’s where I live, but don’t hear much of racist content here. I’m just not around the college students as much I guess…

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