D’awww, I hope he’s not dreaming, and I most fervently hope that you *are* – deep restful dreaming amid healing sleep. You haven’t been lately. I know my wishes won’t make it so, but would that they did.

If I was Ed the thought of Nina just pulling off her dirty clothes. would have me sitting there for another ten minutes due to the fact that standing after having that thought would have caused me to “pitched a tent.” It would be either considered a complement or a mistake. Nina being who she is could go either way. Personally id not want to chance the bad one.

Honestly I think she’d go back to Harry Potter references, hold her hand over it, and say “up” in a commanding tone.

C’mon, guys! They’ve got the whole day ahead of them. Don’t start with dessert, you’ll ruin your dinner.

Personally, I’m kind of interested to see what kind of “dead people clothes” she’s going to choose.

Oh, these two have been in slow-motion foreplay for months. If they wait much longer, they’ll shake the whole Earth. The last time a girl said those very words to me… well I didn’t waste any time, and it was epic.

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