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I’m going to the doctor tomorrow, today if you’re reading this on Friday, for my 6 month “does he still need all his pills & c-pap” visit. Generally going to the doctor doesn’t bother me unless I have to fast. It’s not even the fasting that bothers me. I can easily go an entire day or more with nothing but water & just get a little irritable. What bothers me is having to think about not eating. Once you make it a command it gets in my head & then that’s all I can think about. It really irritates me.

It’s kind of like never needing to pee unless I’m going somewhere. Once I have access to a bathroom removed then it’s all I can think about, whereas usually I will go nearly the entire day without ever giving it a thought. It’s a million times worse with covid because now you can’t even just nip into a McDonalds or wherever. Everything is closed. Except for fucking Walmart where there’s a million goddamn people just not observing any of the “rules”. I don’t like people walking close to me when there’s not a potentially deadly threat to my life & it wasn’t a problem when there wasn’t one. People just kind of stayed away from me, but now people are always walking RIGHT UP ON ME. I haven’t had anyone brush right up on me for years, until after the fucking disease came around. What the fuck, I mean really? This wasn’t a problem before!

Anyway, tomorrow is going to be all irritating. I addition to whatever new bullshit the internet & government cook up. I’m kind of surprised we haven’t had any spree killings because I’m a pretty timid monkey & I’m on my last fucking nerve out here. I can’t imagine what someone on a hair trigger is doing to keep things level. Spousal abuse if the reports are to be believed, I guess.


What a mess. I just want to play some Animal Crossing & Minecraft Dungeons. Just ease up so I can have, like, 5 hours of uninterrupted peace, world.


I never get to do this. First!

Ok, that little joy resolved, Alex seems like a hyper assertive Velma to me. I know you are a big Scooby Doo fan, is that some of the inspiration for her?

Alex actually started out as a Furry OC to use for garnering interest from that community, since I don’t have a fursona, in hopes of pulling in some commissions. The parallels were superficial when she was an anthropomorphic cat, but once I rolled her into the comic as a human she started seeming a lot more like a Velma analog that was ever originally intended. She’s actually got a loyal little army of fans for her original furry form, but the character was too good to leave her in such a niche area.

hang in there! it might get harder first, but it will get easier soon! :)

p.s. do librarians also get to make typos like us normal people? :D

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

“dissuade” vs “disuade”

Please, let’s not dissuade Jackie, with a dissuade.


Meh! I say, “Meh!” to spelling. Orthography is SSOOoooo overrated, sure for French or German, spelling in Spanish is a joy, but English? OMG, … it’s important if the message is ambiguous, more so if the message doesn’t get through, but spelling, amiright?
Well at least is isn’t like old Roman, where the sentence is just one long string of letters. They you get to pick the words out of the strings. Sigh, spelling.

As someone on the verge of a hair trigger (thank you internet), I have to distract myself other things. Read a book, play a game, watch (or rewatch) old movies & tv shows, etc. The thing is, before this mess I was pretty chill.

@JMCScore it’s getting to me too. I’ve had “hyped up” incidents, where I feel like I cannot calm down. That’s where meditation comes in handy.

Keep safe and good luck out there, Jackie! Maybe you can do your best to look physically uninviting, e.g. wearing signs of disease, clothes like a bum, stink, police, a nasty dog, or the casual broadaxe. But it’s a challenge to find an option that does not attract discrimination and hate. … I did this when I went vegan: panicked and stocked up on anything still edible in the store. When I got the backup supplies, the mind calmed down and I didn’t use them for two weeks. Part two was the hunger trigger, distractions work for a while, in India working class people get high/drunk on Betelnut forgetting the hunger (but it destroys the gums over time), or just having the necessary nutrients and not sensing hunger. Part three was getting those nutrients from non-harmful sources. Part four was recreating the tastes and other memory triggers, mainly using seasoning or aromas on new foods – because that’s how they got my brain hooked on the old foods (I was able to fully quit ham when I discovered ‘liquid smoke’).

A good way to answer this mystery is to inspect the parts that made up the chamber. If Boothe construction got it’s parts from outside companies, those companies may have left a company logo somewhere. If they find one, cross reference it with the construction co.’s business partners from Reggie’s grandpa’s time.
Also look in the records for any year where there was more purchases of materials than normal, this could potentially lead to them nailing down when it was built.

Fasting is HARD. We’re literally defying one of the body’s most natural required processes: to eat. If your particular fast allows, consider alternate measures like smoothies or milkshakes. Those tend to calm down the stomach without having to actually insert food therein.

Am American currently living in Asia. Before all this mess, I found it equally interesting and annoying how people here do not give a rats ass about personal space. Unless you’re in Japan, which seems to be more circumstantial, like it’s okay to crowd on the train, otherwise they like their space.

I realized americans, myself very included, generally have a much larger personal bubble than other countries. Midwest especially has the space, not very much walking, and the ability to drive almost everywhere, that the need to crowd was nigh nonexistent outside of special events. Here in Asia, it annoys the utter fuck outta me when someone will queue behind me inches away (even now, the country doesn’t allow this but people were so used to lining up so close together that police had to step in).

It’s been..an experience..to see all the complaints from those like yourself. I still hold affection for my fellow countrymen, but also there are legions of actual chimps with more sense than many americans these days. “Everyone’s gotta be right or wrong(binary), you’re fake if you change your mind, fuck you if you don’t agree with me” attitude. No middle ground. What happened to just..personal space? Masks not being a political movement, just a mild inconvenience to help people? Countries who have been able to enforce their rules have often been able to stabilize their infected numbers (shocker) but this poor attitude won’t let people change their minds.


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