595 Hot Pocket.

Had a dream where I was exploring a haunted mill, or something, with my sister and some random people.  It existed near my grandparent’s house for some reason.  Eventually the wind came up and we had to escape a tornado by going into my grandparent’s gross basement.  I don’t remember what happened very well.  I do remember the wind shaking the house though.

My body has been alternating between feeling alright and feeling bad.   Today is a bad day.  Yesterday I was alright.  It’s not an ideal way to exist, but at the same time I guess it’s better than just feeling bad all in a go.  Now that I’ve noticed the pattern I wonder if my brain will now expect to feel good tomorrow, then the opposite the day after.  That would suck.  My mind is too strong to be left to its own devices.  Which is why I hate all the commercials for diseases that are popular now.  As soon as they start listing symptoms I start having them.  How is a person supposed to know if they have a real disease if they are riddled with imaginary ones?


Yeah, I totally get what you’re saying about the damn disease commercials. If my mom is watching TV and one comes on, she’ll count the number of symptoms she has. I’m like “Mom, you do not have prostate cancer…” Her reply was “Well, it never hurts to be safe”

“….Mom. You don’t have a prostate.” *sigh*

I think Reggie could safely wear that shirt and very few people would notice. He’s that much of a douche.

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