596 Should Have Known.

I tell you what, kids, when it rains it snows. Nothing ever happens in nice little waves with anything. It’s always a billion things all at once, then weeks of nothing. Annoying.

So I wanted to try Cave Story on the Wii, right? Well I didn’t bother to look up how many points a person would need to get it and Mega Man 10, because what kind of dick would price a downloadable game for 1200 points? Apparently the guys who made Cave story… So it was either Mega Man 10 OR Cave Story. I went with Mega Man because we’ve been through a lot together. Even the dark times of Megaman 5-7. As far as 10 goes I have to say it’s not as good as 9. Better than 5 though. The boss weapons are crappy. At least as Protoman. I assume that Mega Man uses them the same way, but honestly haven’t beaten a boss as him yet… The super easy mode is cooler than I thought it would be. You can experience the game without the regular level of frustration. I’ve played almost to the end as Protoman on easy just to see what the outcome of the game is. After that I’ll pay for reals as Mega Man… and likely stall out before actually finishing.

Anyway, I was left with 1000 Wii points, and no way to get the 200 I needed to get Cave Story. >:[ Wal-Mart only sells $20 points cards, but it doesn’t really matter. There’s no way to get $2 worth of them. We’ve been over this before though. Annoying.

You know I never finished that Castlevania remake either. I get about halfway and lose my last dude. You can continue, but I just lose heart and it ends up being late so then I tend to my Animal Crossing town some more.

I finally got to the second half of Pokemon Soul Silver. Just like the original once you beat the one set of Elite four guys you basically get to play a whole second pokemon game. In fact, the guide for Silver doesn’t even cover both parts. What’s up with that? Of course if I really needed a guide I could just pull out the original Nintendo Power one I have in the basement. The basics of what you need to do are exactly the same. When they remade all the Final Fantasy games for the gameboy I pulled out the old books, because they were just ports of the originals for the most part. The extra dungeons were just chumpwork and didn’t net you anything worth seeking so I never played them anyway.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Pokemon. So, anyway, I’ve been sticking my Pokewalker to my leg at all times so that even if I don’t have a pokemon in it I’m still getting unlocking points. Sometimes a pokemon just appears in it, which is cool, but it’s only ever been sucky Pidgeys. I’m going to try and get a surfing and/or flying Pikachu. I have no need of such a pokemon, but it’s an arbitrary goal that keeps me using the Pokewalker and thus paying attention to walking more. I’m not sure if you can unlock the place where special Pikachus live by walking. I did it by getting on the internet. I hope they leave it on because it sucks when Nintendo does an offer for a week, or whatever, then you can never unlock whatever it was again. Unless you’re a master of unlocking… >:3

I really think the best new thing Nintendo could add to a new Pokemon game is a new game + option. Where you can start the story over, but all your pokemon are still with you, so you can train teams of weird pokemon you’d never use otherwise. I kind of did that with Silver by trading in some low level guys from Diamond and Platinum. Pokemon you’d normally have to wait at least half the game to try out usually. They turned out to be a good team when I raised them from “babies”. Even the Evee evolutions survived the elite 4. I’d kind of like to figure out what the 6 worst Pokemon are and create a team of them, just to see if they could be raised in such a way as to make them usable.

Because that would be a good use of my time… -_-


i is so very sad, i just binged my way through the entire archives, and i want more. I also want to see what would happen if Carol ever met Faye from Questionable Content, they would either fuse on contact and become a superhuman snark machine, or they would get into the worlds hottest cat fight ever.

Glad I’m not the only one who noticed the similarities.
But… Hottest catfight? Faye has some knowlege of how to actually fight, and I wouldn’t be too surprised if Carol did too… Unless you find punches hot, then no.

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