That many pillows seems excessive. Am I too vanilla?

Jess’s terminology reminds me of an accessory named “Headlights” I saw, while accompanying my wife shopping, which is to hide exactly what she’s describing.

Yeah, good call Jackie. Jo seems in tune with both her masculine and feminine sides, but is just too centered, or just too happy to rage-cuss gratuitously. She sounds totes natural here. And it made me laugh.

I kinda agree with Brian Fong. Replacing “fuck” with “love” makes it way less crude and more lovely. “Jo’s Magical Love Palace” still makes it 100% clear what is supposed to happen but with flowers and sparkles on top. If you want to have a good laugh you can try to do it the other way around and replace all mentions of love with fuck in any romance or magical girl show.

Imagining a horny, girl-only version of Deadman Wonderland now… Lesbian Wonderland.

My brain goes weird places.

Heh, heh!

I’d also go with a name like-

Jo’s Lez-tastic Wonderland!

And also, maybe some new version of the song- “Mr. Boobmastic”. Such as:

She call me Boombastic, Yeah! me Lez-tastic!,
Touch me on me back,
she say I’m- Missy Ro…mantic!
Call me fantastic…

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