1658 Hex Maniac.

If you don’t understand the title of this page, there’s a recurring character in the pokemon games who is a spooky girl. Hex maniac is her title if I remember correctly. She’s very popular with the porn artists. She’s kind of adorable, so it makes sense. At one point she appears like a ghost and it’s never explained if she’s an actual person or not, as far as I know. It’s a really fun creepy moment in the game though. Nina sort of looks like her in this page.

There’s a sale on the new version of the software I use to make the comic. I can’t decide if I really need a new version though. I don’t think I even use all the features this version has. That said, it’s always good to get in on sales and keep up with new versions so you don’t fall behind. I wish I could just knock out some drawings for ebay or something rather than dip into my saved monies though. I always like to keep the safety money by itself for emergencies. It’s not like these sales don’t come around every few months though…

The teen should have her car tags soon. Mom is worried about her driving test because the Teen has really intense test anxiety. All of the stuff to do with driving is just common sense though. I feel like she should be fine as long as she just remembers that it all has a logical progression. That’s a ways off though. She’s going to have to do some actual driving for a while first.



Poor Ms. Grace is rocking some serious crow’s feet, that’s what it is!

It’s called waking up without having washed off your make-up the night before and not having gotten around to doing so yet.

It’s like you people have never lived with a woman before.

Hmm… I guess I’ve never seen my wife do that. At least I’ve never seen her with the “deep well goth gonna kill ya’ and take your soul” eyes in the morning. Now, when I was a musician, I did see a lot of rockers on tour looking like that in the morning when we got to sound-check.

I’m a brand new owner of that aforementioned software. Now, of course, I gotta learn just how to USE the beggar… :D

Mmmm, hex maniac. Nothing hotter than a crazy chick that would happily kill you…. is what I think certain folks think of when they see Hex Maniac. I won’t deny there is an adorable-ness to her but, she’s just as porn-worthy as any video game character.

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