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If I’m going to be doing several pages in the same place in a row I usually just start with the previous one as the base instead of using my blank canvas. Unfortunately I sometimes forget to save them as a new file and end up deleting the text from the previous page. That happened with the last page. I’ll have to redo the text for it at some point. It’s a minor error but takes up time and is annoying. I’ve been more distracted than normal recently so It’s happened a couple of times close together. I try to change the file name as soon as I start, but people keep coming in or whatever the exact moment I’m doing that for some reason.

There’s some new stuff in the patreon. Nakey stuff. I figure I won’t live forever so who fucking cares about integrity, or whatever. I’d rather spend whatever time I have not scrounging in the dirt for food. People keep asking so fine. Give them what they want. If it helps me keep doing what I want I’ll do it. I’m confident you can find the link on the page if you want to.


Does the text not flow? I honestly didn’t notice. Seems fine to me. But then again I’m not checking so….what do I know? :/

I come here every few days to enjoy a new page, and that’s all I need. I don’t know how many times I can say thanks, but hey, thanks :)

To the tune of the 1960s song, “Me Ol’ Bamboo”:
Ohhhh! The Cool Ninjo! The Cool Ninjo!/
You’d better never fiddle with- The Cool Ninjo!/
You can beat a twit, or a passing schmoe,/
But you’d better never fiddle with the Cool…Nin…jo!
(I just had to create those lyrics, after seeing today’s page). : )

Really, Thomas? You didn’t see this coming after you said no one was around to hear? You’re slipping, man.
… I was just being silly, but he really is. That hatred and anger he used to fuel himself on might be bitter, but it kept him sharp, if somewhat numb to joy. That much can be said for it, as much healthier as what he has with Carol is.

As much as I also find working with nakey-stuff embarrassing and off-putting, there IS a difference (I’ve been told) between porn and art. Michaelangelo’s David is as nakey as they get, but is considered art, while much of the internet is just there for titillation. I guess in most cases porn is in the eye of the beholder? (Especially if you don’t make your WIS saving throw!)

In order to maintain what quality of life (and self-respect) you can, I would just like to encourage you to keep any compromise (again, the definition is subjective) to a minimum.

I’m not sure how much self respect I have, but I can only tolerate a certain level of sexual content. Plus I’m not forcing anyone to partake who isn’t interested. It’s just a bonus.

I understand. I was working on making English translations of the Japanese Queen’s Blade series of gamebooks until the content got too explicit for me. I had to quit working on the project.

I feel like I have a disconnect here. Can you explain why you dislike putting your characters in a sexual light, or is it a sort of nebulous distaste you cannot explain?

(Keep in mind the below is not intended as chastisement or a claim that I know better. It is simply the perspective of myself and a humble request for rebuttal or an explanation of perspective. Please read it in that light.)

I admittedly am not an artist, but I am a GM and I do create characters and give them voice and form. In that vein, I find it more flattering and encouraging if someone wants these characters in a more sexual light; to me it means I made them well enough that they, while imaginary, spark that desire in someone.

Admittedly my NPCs aren’t visual media, and I’m sure people can be more shallow with pics than with RP characters (though some RP communities tend to challenge that idea…) but I don’t really get the distaste for smut. Sure, smut for smut alone has less artistic value than a work like this comic, but you’re not just doing smut. You’re adding smut to an existing body, which by definition expands and deepens the characters by displaying more about them, how they work and think, and what they like. IMO, it adds depth.

I agree, there’s nothing inherently sexual about nakedness, not unless people make it so. I’m not a naturist but I wander round my house naked all the time, nothing sexual about it.

Not until I start doing the windmill anyway.

It’s been a few years since I’ve discovered this gem, and it has become my favorite comic to read. Sometimes nerdy misadventures are all you need. Keep up the good work.

Joe Shuster did S&M and bondage comics so nasty they were banned by the supreme court (serious, the publisher got a prison sentence from it) after disputes over the ownership of Superman left him struggling to pay the bills. And Curt Swan, the main Superman artist for 30+ years, illustrated a Penthouse essay after losing a steady gig with DC and developing a drinking problem.

Gene Roddenberry made a sexploitation film called Pretty Maids all in a row for ostensibly no reason other than that he wanted to do something that wasn’t Star Trek.

Dan DeCarlo (longtime Archie comics artist of 50+ years) did pinups with Stan Lee for Humorama before making it big.

There’s nothing integrity destroying about doing explicit art (if what you’re doing is like the Madison pic, I would hardly call it porn); if anything, being willing to do it to support your passion should lend more integrity to your art.

You bet.
There is also the odd thing in a culture, at least in American culture- where the ideas of [what is a scandal], and [what is obscene and scandalous], can change over time.
I think that Jane Russell got in to trouble, for being in her film- Gentlemen Marry Brunettes (1955).
Some U.S. towns were sooooo upset, that Jane and another woman, wore red cowgirl costumes, and “too shocking” fishnet stockings.
I remember that [ American Movie Classics?] made a big deal of this scandal, and showed the film on TV…maybe around 2000.

Most people who saw it, in 2000, said:
“Pssh! So what??? These girls are so far away from the camera, you don’t [see] anything taboo…not even for the 1950s. It might as well be JOHN WAYNE and RONALD REAGAN in those stockings.”

I seem to remember Frank Frazetta drew comics for Playboy, Annie Fanny, I think, and some of the other comics in Playboy and Penthouse were also done by prominent graphic artists.

Overwrite a completed document with a new one based on the old one?
Been there and done that a few times to many but it is one of the hazards or this electronic age.
I know the pain and annoyance, mostly annoyance, when such things happen.
You are not alone and it happens to all of us more than most care to admit.

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