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I haven’t set the new dude’s name yet. Bridgette’s full name is Bridgette Hanna Baxter. She’s about as white as you can be. I’d have given her freckles, but it fucking blows trying to remember to render the fucking things every page.

As a fat guy I don’t have a problem particularly with mean spirited fat jokes. I am of the opinion that fat people need to get over themselves and own the fact that they are fat. This weird denial about body size some fatties have is just sad. If you legitimately have some kind of “I’m always gonna be fat” disease that’s fine, but really, how common is that? Mostly it comes down to impulse control. I know it does for me and I have little control. Or rather I chose not to exercise it. Which is also a problem… As I’ve said before, this is why I never tried drinking, or drugs, because I know I have poor control. If I ever started there’s a good chance I wouldn’t be around now for you to be reading this. Anyway, the long and short of it is if you’re fat don’t be a little bitch about it. Very rarely is it the fault of anyone other than the fat person you see in the mirror. Do something about it or learn to cope. That said, discrimination based on your body is not cool. You shouldn’t stand for that. THAT SAID, if you weigh as much as two regular people I don’t think it’s too much to ask for an airline to charge you that much. XD

I’ve been called every version of fat you can think of. In fact I’m a little impressed when I hear a new one. I will often stop to make note of it for later use. On the rare occasions that someone legitimately tries to hurt my feelings by calling me fat I take it as a chance to really let loose and do as much psychological harm as I can. Much like Reggie I have the ability to focus in on someone’s weaknesses or self doubt pretty quickly. The fact that they chose to openly mock a person is an indication of a deep fear of being made fun of first. The only time I’m going to be the bigger man is at a buffet. I am essentially a spiteful child operating a big fat guy robot.

Teen Cornerd

hey interweb people if your looking for a happy post today don’t get your hopes up to much. I’m a very sad teen today, I cried in school because my English teacher brought up funerals and it was on my mind all day to the point of making me want to sob. then I stayed after school with my boyfriend person and he was moody and distant all day and I didn’t know why. finally in the nicest way possible told me he wanted a break until after Christmas so he could work through some stuff without hurting me. although nicely put this broke my heart a bit, the minute I let my guard down and start to feel happy and safe bomb everything blows up in my face…again. I’m not mad at him particularly I understand why but it still hurts and I don’t wanna lose this guy. I care about him like a lot..stupid teen love…gets ya every time. so guess for now I’m a single pringle not the happiest about it but he needs to do what he needs to do and I want him happy so I am going to suck it up and deal with it. on the bright side Jackie took me to McDonald’s and I got fries which were greasy and delicious and then we went to Wal-Mart and I got a gift card for more music on my phone and the obvious breakup necessity chocolate and ice-cream. so I’m feeling a little better and happy with my cousin foe being there for me but he’s still a filthy adult that can not be changed. so now I am going to go eat chocolate and find shows to watch with hot guys in them till I pass out. goodnight peeps thanks for listening, stay awesome!


Good Job there, teen rearing. You’re a standup guy, Jackie!

Hey Teen- Appreciate what you got there. Life handed you lot, but it also handed you a cousin who sounds amazing. Not everyone can so quickly find their silver lining.

Best to both of you during this holiday season. May our inner demons shut the hell up for a few days :)

Teen: I’m so sorry to hear it! Break ups never get easier :( I recommend basically any show that originally aired on the CW or any show based on Marvel… hopefully something there will fit you type :) I know it’s hard, but it is so true that if you love someone be prepared to let them go, if they come back they love you too, if they don’t they aren’t worth your heartache.

Seriously good posts today from Teen and Jackie.

also never thought I’d think Oh Snap! at something Reggie would say.

Boothe’s gonna shoot a Lincoln.

Yeah, is that a red herring, or something? Why do we have both a Lincoln + a Boothe aka a Booth, in this cast? I dunno.

I was actually thinking Reggie will bribe either John or Alex $5.00 for info, keeping something embarrassing a secret, and/or placate them before they pummel him into a paste. Becaus he’ll do something utterly stupid.

You’re probably right. Reggie will probably bribe or placate someone, I think.

“…keeping something embarrassing a secret, and/or placate them before they pummel him into a paste. Becaus he’ll do something utterly stupid.”- I like those lines. Your lines, above, have a very clever + humorous flavor.

It is not just willpower. And I say this as a 43-year-old who’s at the weight I want to be.

People who have triclosan in their bodies have a BMI almost one point higher. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3836985/

People who have dieted have more slow-twitch muscle fibers, making their bodies more efficient.

Et cetera, et cetera.

People who have lost weight by dieting, and kept it off by dieting, think about food All. The. Time. There’s an actual registry of those people, because they’re so rare, and that’s what they report. It’s not a life I would want to have.

With so many different mechanisms that can lead to weight gain, figure out what yours is (likely by trial and error), and find the way to change it. Just… Never, never diet. Dieting f’s up your metabolism permanently.

If you’re really eating way more food than you need, then find a way to change your mood, and/or get your thyroid or leptin level tested. Otherwise, look for something else that works for you. For me, if I don’t eat chocolate or sugar, and eat only veggies and protein after 5PM, the pounds just melt away. You will probably find a different thing that works for you. (Oh yeah, I also lost 10 lbs without trying once, just by cutting out gluten for a while.) Conversely, if I exercise, I find myself eating a lot more.

Just don’t blame your weight on “willpower” and think that eating too few calories is the right way to get thin. Never, never diet.

I don’t think weight gain is necessarily due to lack of willpower, but a combination of factors that can include both things within and outside a person’s control. A large part may be genetic or they may be due to societal circumstances, like cultural heritage (which dictates the types of foods you are more likely to eat) or financial stability (which dictates the types of food you can afford to eat). These influences strongly shape our eating habits, and any habits we develop from them (unhealthy or not) are extremely resistant to change.

After that, though, I do think it’s up to the individual, and their affinity towards impulse control and moderation. Fat people are people, too, not all of them are gonna have those qualities or the ability to change or cope. But we shame every fat person for their perceived laziness and poor impulse control, even the ones who do work their asses off to appeal to the norm, and that makes the deviation even harder to deal with.

But the real kicker is the norm isn’t even really the norm. It’s some impossibly unattainable standard of beauty that everybody accepts as the norm. What silly creatures humans are.

I suppose my unending hunger is partially genetic and partially how I was raised. I fed so much as a child that the milk on my teeth rotted them before I could walk (the stainless steel plating was cool though. I could open bottle caps with my teeth safely! XD ). When real young my parents wanted me to grow so they didn’t make much attempt to hold me back from eating any food they could provide. Later on they unwittingly encouraged it by making a big stink about it in a positive way (if you act amazed at your kid doing some stupid thing and make happy jokes about it then don’t be surprised if that stupid thing becomes their super power as they seek attention) I was a bit pudgy till I could walk good and then I quickly became described as a mini-Schwarzenegger (he was a muscle builder then, or recently so, for those of you youngens) till school started and my exercise could no longer keep up with my intake. Then some stupid stuff at school took away my recesses (their fault the bastards) early in life and I began my descent to my “final form” as it were. I only naturally loose weight in those moments where I am released from all responsibility and allowed to roam the earth and waters at will all day as I wish. You can imagine how rare that is as an adult.

I doubt seriously I have any genetic chemical imbalances. And only the application of plentiful (though I will accept vast amounts!) amounts of cashy monies would alter my life enough to change my mood (though I wasn’t unhappy when I formed these habits as a young child I could see how expensive distractions and lifestyle changes could help).

Dieting is the only way for I hunger all the time. If any time you want to feed and you are not you are dieting then basically any time I am not stuffed to the gills and not eating I am dieting. I got pretty close once but let a surgical recovery period and far too “helpful” of family (they are after all the ones who helped make me this way!) aid my failure. Yeah, I know that diets are famous for not working. Even ones you make up yourself that take a gradual approach and include all the important nutritious foods you need to live. But NOTHING ELSE WILL EVER WORK. It really is all down to willpower for some. And my willpower can do amazing things in the short term but eventually craps out in the long term (not just talking food here).

I figure it is probably worth doing because 1) probably become crippled or die young if I don’t 2) Since willpower/self discipline issues are damaging other parts of my life anything I learn from figuring out how to defeat this, the mother of all addictions (worse than all others period as far as its addictive nature if not its immediate effects), through will power will essentially change everything in my life. Kind of an all or nothing thing.

Sure most folk don’t manage it. That’s probably true of lots of things worth doing in life. Like making a small personally owned business a success for the first time or finding a bond as strong as the true love in stories. Does its rarity of success make it not worth attempting? I guess that’s a question everybody has to ask themselves about some activity sooner or later…

I agree. But I’ll add; there is not one diet that has been scientifically shown to work. Many studies have been done on weight-loss, trying many different diets, and the consistent outcome is short-term weight-loss, and then gradual weight-gain. By the end of 2 years, on average, all but a few pounds of your weight will return. Always. Unless you are anorexic and dieting to death, of course. The biggest thing to make you gain weight? Age. There are exceptions, but basically, we get fatter as we get older. We just do. A man working the same job for 40 years, eating basically the same food the whole time, will be larger each decade, despite so little change in his life. The belief that we can just choose to be skinny is a myth…unless you yo-yo diet. That will actually work. It’ll wreak havoc on your body and mess up your organs, but it’ll keep your weight down because your body will never adapt to a certain caloric intake.

I don’t know. I know several overweight people who don’t seem to eat all that much, and I know skinny or average people who could break you if you had to feed them. (they’re pretty active, though). Metabolic typing seems like it would be helpful. I think sometimes it’s a question of what YOU should eat, not what’s best for everyone to eat.

I always find it fun when people try and insult me. i’m really good at being a stone wall so watching them falter is always funny and considering i only care what a few people think of me nothing they say ever really gets to me.

You had me thinking about some of the insults that I had heard back when I used to date (I’m married now) and I would always invariably date women who were, to put it mildly, rather large.

The funniest was me being described as a moon to her Jupiter (Yeah, this was in a science club at school). The most childish was “Your girlfriend is so fat, even Dora couldn’t explore her.” My girlfriend at the time was so mortified, she ended up going on a huge health drive and lost around 210lbs or so… turned out that it was a good thing, because a medical exam picked up an undetected problem with her heart and was on the verge of giving up due to her size.

Sometimes insults can be a good thing, but extremely rarely.

“the LONG and SHORT of it is[,] if you’re fat don’t be a LITTLE bitch about it.”
Really, Crave?
A “long, short, fat little bitch” as big as “two regular people”?
Ever listen to John Pinette’s buffet skits?
Actually, His extended warranty skit would be apropos…

I am sorry about the break-up, Miss…
Unfortunately they will never be easy.
I think that the most You can do right now is let him know that You think You understand why,
Tell him how You feel about it,
And let him know that You will be there for him.

Michael T. Weiss in the Pretender series.

I’m under the belief that people shouldn’t be expected to walk on egg shells so they won’t offend you, but at the same time if someone calls me fat as a house face cracking sink ???? alkatraz butt-fucking wendy-lou I’m gonna flog ’em with a shovel.

Though yeah, people don’t change unless they have to or want to. Maybe it’s bad to never drink water, but water tastes like chlorene so I’m gonna keep drinking tea and Dr Pepper.

Maybe if I get a brush with death I might change, but otherwise I only excersize if it’s fun and I’ll never ingest anyting gross. So what? Just means I can cosplay Robotnik pretty well if I could only afford it.

I drink tons of water (grew up in the country with a good source) and there are very few normal food items I consider too “gross” to eat. None of that really aids in weight loss though unless water and some veggies is ALL you are eating. LOL

So… has anyone ever had a *good* experience involving someone “just wanting a break”? I seem to see that I’m generally better off without the bounce-backness.

Yeah, I was “going out”, I use air quotes because he never officially asked me out, only asked to hang out to get to know me and when I said sure he assumed we were dating, with this guy that was kinda creepy. He seemed pretty average and alright at first but then he’d stat spoting things like “I stopped breathing for five seconds but God said you needed me and gave my breath back.” This was around the time I secretly renounced the catholic religion and began researching Wicca. Eventually he told me he wanted a break, more to see how I’d react out of anything. and I took it as a leap for freedom. He started stalking me after school and seemed to follow me everywhere for a while until some of my male friends’ that saw me as a little sister chased him off.

The guy was really creepy, and couldn’t take a hint. It was obvious to everyone that knew me that I didn’t like him like that. Hell that first night we hung out, he tried to shove his tongue down my throat after we ate some popeye’s chicken. it was so nasty and slimy that I nearly puked. He’d forced himself on me to get that much. Even my parents were pissed at how handsy he was being for our first time hanging out. THe guy kept making me sit in his lap when I’d have rathered just sit next to him.

I’m very lucky I hadn’t blinded myself into thinking I loved him and I’m especially lucky that I got away from him.

SO yeah good things can come from ‘breaks’

As a chunkster myself (and being middle aged-ish) the medico’s are always “mentioning” that I could stand to loose a few kg. So a full work up of all the various “this is how your size is going to kill you markers” was done, and none of them applied – I am probably going to out-live most of them. Smug bastards – that’ll show ’em.

The missus is similarly endowed, but for her the focus on arbitrary numbers (clothes size, weight, BMI, etc.) just makes her stress. And her stress relief? You guessed it.

We don’t make food a bit deal any more. Eat when we are hungry (or want to). Otherwise just carry on. Our daughter has (so far) not grown up with an obsession about always having to eat, or having to starve herself thin. Hopefully a) it is because we are not fixated on it and b) long may it continue.

Teen – so many break up platitudes “If you love someone, set them free…yadda yadda”. All rubbish. It sucks. It hurts. Until it doesn’t. Just be yourself and be open to meeting and being friends with heaps of people. If nothing develops further, at least you’ll have plenty of other people’s dramas to distract you.

Thanks for the advice it means a lot that you actually listen and that’s what I’m trying to do but seeing the guy around school is still a bit heart breaking. He noticed I was sad today and hugged me and said that this break wasn’t forever. So I’m not sure what to make of that..

Sometimes people just need “me time”, and holidays can be stressful enough without the added pressure/identity layer of being someone’s significant other. And then there’s the part where people have different emotional needs when it comes to spending time together. Umptymillion years ago when we were still dating, my ex and I spent almost every available moment together…except I’m a bit of a loner, so it started to get to me. We eventually worked out a schedule so that I could have time to myself. I loved him (until I didn’t, but that’s another story for another day), but that didn’t mean I wanted to be attached at the hip.

I’m just saying it’s totally plausible to me that this could just be a temporary thing. His need for space doesn’t have to mean “goodbye forever”. He could just need to “recharge”.

I love John’s face in panel 3. It’s somewhere in between “Oh god, Reggie is gonna know I’m hanging out at the furry club!” and “Oh god, Reggie is here for the furry club!”

I don’t know. It sounds like Reggie is saying that Maddison would be a fun girl to hang out with, or a fun girl to date. Hm. *TRA looks puzzled* . :D

Whoah. If I’ve ever seen Reggie outside the shop before this, my memory fails to acknowledge it. He looks weasely- like he didn’t quite have time to wash his hair, or it’s freshly washed and hasn’t had time to poof out again.

Digging his choice of coat color though!

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