2031 Most Haunted.

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I’ve been having apocalypse dreams again after decades of it switching to other subjects. It’s still pretty rare that I dream at all now that I have the cpap, but if I need to pee, or fall asleep on my hand my body tries to wake me up with some kind of dream that will startle me. The one last night finally just gave up & dedicated a scene to peeing and that finally woke me up when nothing was happening even though my brain thought I should be peeing. The human body is truly a ridiculous contraption.


While my parents were divorcing, for several years, in August (which had NOTHING to do with the timing), I would have variations on the same dream about 3-4 times.

Which was that I awakened a giant yellow slime, and fled before it as it engulfed the world.
The means of awakening and escaping both varied.

Talking about dreams of peeing, I once had a dream that I was peeing on the back of someone’s Porsche.
In broad daylight.
While they were in it.
The Porsche was stopped at a traffic light and I was standing directly behind it (i.e. in traffic).

I mean I had a dream night before last about my enormous, extremely cuddly, and loves kittens cat EATING A KITTEN.

Which he would never do, since he won’t even stop the little buggers from stealing his expensive digestive food. He’s a great, big, floofy pushover.

He might’ve also eaten a duckling. There were a lot of baby animals running around in this particular dreamscape. He might eat a duckling, that I wouldn’t put past him. Still disturbing as all hell, though.

Who knows why our brains make up these scenarios and play them out in the weirdest and sometimes most gruesome and awful ways? Brains are fuckin’ weird.

I used to always dream I could fly. It was kind of a weird thing involving magnetism and /or centrifugal force, but the last few years, no flying. I really miss it. You have to keep up this comic Jackie! What would the world be without flying and BF?(Hmm…. a SuperCarol spin off…..)

You should ask Woot for a sequel image when he’s looking for suggestions.

Really appreciate the reply-don’t want to seem too ignorant (I may be, but I hate to seem that way)-who or what is Woot? And sequel image. Is he a poster? Sorry to be dense.

Oh, man. Need-to-pee dreams are the worst. I have spent uncounted hours searching buildings with impossibly intricate architecture for a place to pee.

This is a different look for both of them, hair and Jo’s eye colour. Interesting. My body also wakes me up with intense dreams when my blood sugar gets too low.

I find it interesting that after thousands of years of evolution, our brains will randomly wake us up by scaring the shit out of us, despite the fact that we are in our perfectly safe houses.

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