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Welcome to the world of tomorrow!
I know at least one person is going to be happy that the number of pages now exceeds the numbers of years it has been. For a while anyway… *he said ominously.*

Carol is going to have to really keep on Thomas if she wants to train the sad out of him. Although if anyone can do it it’s her. Or possibly Nina. Their methods would be very different though.


I’m partial to Nina being a better match to Thomas than Carol in a lot of ways. At least as she is now. That said that boat sailed away and we are on the Carol ship now. Carol seems she has to intentionally steer Thomas on things more directly, where as with Nina they just click and he seems like he would more naturally follow her lead on his own. That or simply be left behind which is possibly a bit what happened long ago before he was ready to board that ship due to she who came before. Not that Nina left of course, but the nature of things changed.

Still. The good ship Nina is my favorite ship.

“Enjoy ME”

And the little voice in my head insisted on finishing the thought…

“In the Bushes.

Right NOW.”

That voice has the BEST ideas…

I have some voices + people in my head, TOO! [No, not really]. :)

NOW…..If I can get 1 of those voices to become an accountant, and the other one to become a banker….., then the three of us could start making some real MONEY! :D

Oh, noes! Another voice is from the SEC!

Hee, hee, hee!

Oh no!!!
I’ve been taken over by nasty, bad ghosts who like corporate greed, and govt. greed!

…..Well, at least it’s not a ghost from a big, big, big company that’s run by a cartoon mouse in red shorts! :D

I was just going to say “That sounds like a recipe for a public indecency charge”. Your phrasing is more direct, and there is merit to it.

As a person who suffers from anxiety I somewhat tend to be aware of all that could possibly go wrong in any situation. Even in a park with a pretty girl, still in the back of my mind is that knowledge that evil men are doing horrible things, that will affect both me and everyone I care about.

I know that is a constant problem for people with anxiety. The little voice in the back of your head that says, “YOU’RE DOOMED! WE’RE ALL DOOOOOMED!” when you’re actually trying to enjoy something nice.

The problem I’ve learned with anxiety is that some people become fixated on fatalist views. Like they need to know all the bad things going on, and then obsess over them. We had a case where we tried to stop this person suffering from both depression and anxiety from watching the daily news. One of their constant trigger points was always news about the environment and how bad it was getting. So we started weening them off checking the news every day. That actually started creating anxiety as well – they had become addicted in a way to the news, so not knowing was somewhat as bad as knowing.

However, after about two months, once the person had stopped watching the news and was actively avoiding it on bad days, things got a little better. But I totally get it – there’s a constant looping pattern buffer in people suffering from anxiety that you can’t easily shut off. It would drive me crazy after a while. I suffer from PTSD, and only when under stress, and that is actually physically painful for me. Any more anxiety and I’d never survive.

I’m in this picture and I don’t like it.

Seriously though, Thomas’ pessimism basically describes me at almost any point in my life after the age of 10. My friends used to constantly tell me to be more positive, so I replied with “What? I’m the most positive person you’ll ever meet. I’m positive something is going to go wrong”.

And my longsuffering fiance (who strongly resembles Carol in many ways) definitely works to keep me from getting too negative. So far she’s winning and I’m rooting for her, just like I am for Carol.

Told my boss I’m trying to be more positive and upbeat, so I changed his ringtone to “Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows”. He replied,”UH…okay…” Also- a fiancee who resembles Carol- you lucky bastard. How does a pessimistic guy do that?…Seriously, how’d you do that? Step by step. Illustrations if you have any. Maybe a flowchart.

Lol! I’m not entirely sure myself but it wasn’t something magical or quick.

We’ve known each other for years and until we actually got together I wouldn’t have imagined she would be seriously interested in me at all.. not her ‘usual type’ and all that jazz.

She tells me that she always had at least a little interest in me for a long time, largely because I was so different from her usual partners (we had A LOT of mutual gossipy friends so relationship details were rarely secret for long). She got cheated on a lot while I always remained true to my own (and got cheated on myself), and her partners were usually very controlling while I did my best to let my partners have their own lives outside of “us”.

It also didn’t hurt that she liked playing with ‘innocent lambs’ and I was VERY MUCH an innocent lamb when we first met. Apparently I was also VERY fun to play with to the point that a small group of women would take turns teasing me just to see my reactions and to see if I would overcome my shyness to pursue it further.. imagine a real life, mostly-SFW harem anime, hapless protagonist and all. XD

However the timing was usually bad.. one of us would be in a relationship when the other wasn’t or on opposite sides of the country. Luck took over: we both happened to be single and living in the same area again, she sent out a message to friends asking for help putting together an outdoor table and I was available. She cooked me dinner to thank me, and after we caught up on each other’s lives we decided to go out again, and it followed from there.

Thanks for attending my TED talk.

Yeah, some little portion of my lack of luck with females-apart from being me-may have something to do with not knowing any that aren’t married, 60, 70 plus or related. My idea of a good time is….reading webcomics I guess. I’ve just realized…I guess Jackie is my closest thing to a relationship…..Sorry Jackie.

i cant be the only one that read welcome to the world of tomorrow in that futurama guys voice can i?

I know at least one person is going to be happy that the number of pages now exceeds the numbers of years it has been.

Wrong. Earth has been around about 4.5 billion years. The Universe, longer.

Jackie still has a lot of work to do. A. Lot.

Thomas genuinely doesn’t look all that convinced by Carol’s impassioned pleas. I doubt no amount of shrub rocketeering will turn his frown upside down.

Pull a Harley Quin, hang him by his ankles to turn that frown upside down.

Yeah, been AFK for almost three weeks now and just catching up.
I also should finish that colouring I started last year and send it in before the I get sent to the home for old geeks.

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