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The series finale of 30 Rock was tonight. It was a fitting close to a series I came into late, but quickly became one of my all time favorite shows. I was kind of at a point where I thought regular television couldn’t make a show I liked any more, but I gave it a chance ad it was excellent.

Now there is a void to be filled. I just bought used season sets of 30 Rock so I could watch seasons all in a go. What can I do that with now? Community maybe? Donald Glover is the only obvious draw there for me. Parks & Rec might be something to look into. Aziz Ansari (sp?) is one of my favorite comedians right now and he even heled make 30 Minutes Or Less watchable when, by the numbers, it should have been complete garbage.

I never got into The Office, but I feel like maybe I could give it another try. Sometimes I see little bits of it and it seems like maybe I didn’t give it a fair shake. I saw that the lady who played Donna Noble was in it tonight, and I like her in spite of her being an aggrivating companion from time to time.

I’ve already seen most of Scrubs. Don’t know how it ends though. Comedy Central just replayed the first 4 seasons or something over and over so I stopped watching. I’d like to see where that all ended up.

Anyway, I guess I have options.

The other day I found out that they made little sidekicks for the first Skylanders games. I guess you got them in chip bags or something, but I was unaware, since I don’t eat chips very often. Not big bags of Doritos, or whatever, anyway. All they do is follow your Skylander around, but I totally want them. Unfortunately after market is the only place to get them. Ebay… You’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. The better part of the sellers there have insane notions about the value of these things. At least by my estimation. I guess I’ll just wait and see if the market becomes saturated as kids move on from these things, or something.

Apparenarently you could get one by purchasing something at Gamestop, but I was also unaware of this offer. I was alerted to it durring a rare visit to a Gamestop. While making a purchase the dude offhandedly mentioned that he was out of them, so he couldn’t give me any. I understand the ass covering reasoning behind telling me this, but I kind of wish he’d not said anything at all. I was happier not knowing that I missed out on something. XD


Aaah ebay and is insane values… I think the worst thing about it is how those insane values just keep getting higher. Its like some items even just..jump up a couple dollars in price every other day. Amazon too. Amazon is just “crazy high prices” central lately. More or less killed my desire to own a Wargreymon D-arts cause of those ever rising ridiculous prices

Still lovin the comic btw! I’m a sucker for all this relationship related stuff.

YES COMMUNITY! YES! YOU WOULD LOVE IT! I recommend starting with episode five, but the first four are pretty good, just a little unspectacular. It gets amazing by the end of season one and becomes totally beyond amazing the rest of the way. All eps are on Hulu Plus and you can probably find them cheap on Amazon. They do commentary for every episode, and it’s genius.

Community is definitely a good bet. Donald Glover is definitely a huge asset to the show, but the different character dimensions and interactions are what really drive it’s pure awesomeness. And if you love 30 Rock, it really is complimentary in it’s sense of humor and ability to hide “feels” in a well-crafted show without you knowing what’s about to hit you.

But seriously. Donald Glover? Get ready for Donald Glover and Danny Pudi. You’ll love it.

Sweet, I can finally watch 30 rock! One more for the list.

It depends on what you’re looking for how well e-bay suits you… I buy parts from vultures all the time (scavengers who disassemble electronics), and frequently come out ahead since I tend to buy in lots and most of the guys are pretty understanding if you come at them sideways or have a noble purpose (One time, I asked a guy if he could combine items to reduce shipping, since I wasn’t getting paid for a job I was doing, he asked what it was and if I could provide proof, I showed him that I was working on assembling a to-show prototype for a robotics package for a local school, and I didn’t hear from him until the box of parts arrived, free, on my doorstep with a note that said “Hey, if you’re going to save the world, the least I can do is save you the check”). Yes, once-in-a-lifetime thing, but a lot of people have cut the shipping cost on orders or given discounts depending on what I’m doing with them…

Just a heads up … don’t worry about The Office. It’s been mediocre at best since about Season 5 or 6 and it’s done after this season as well. After investing in the first 4-5 season, you just kind of stick with it til the end.

Yeah, the Office has its moments in the last few seasons, but its sometimes difficult to sift through all the episodes just to find those so its fine if you don’t bother starting it. Maybe watch the first 2 seasons though to get through Jim/Pam’s main arc. But you should definitely start Scrubs again. The last few seasons (6-8) started appealing to a broader audience due to slipped ratings, but it was still funny. The season 8 finale is beautiful, too. Don’t bother with season 9, it’s not great.

Also, Thomas looks…different somehow. A bit more childish and less self-assured than the earlier strips. Not saying it’s bad, just that I’m not so keen on it. Maybe it’s nothing. Maybe I’m crazy.

first time poster, LONG-TIME reader/lurker, (also kicking self in pants ’cause I work at a Gamestop and wish I had mentioned the minilanders to ya sooner so ya coulda’ gotten one. ps. the rules for getting them are that you must spend $30ish on skylanders to get one. also see if he can get some transfered to his store from another near by or he can call them to see if their in stock) oops…the parenthase-ed(spell check?) portion of my post shouldent be longer than my main post… :) anyway love the story keep up the good work (pss. <3's the Nina *Squee*)

Always thought Nina looked kind of elvish (the tall thin type). Have just now realized Carol looks kind of dwarfish. Not complaining. That rpg sketch was great. Maybe the Megatainment employees could have another team building exercise where they cosplay swords and sorcery.

Okay. Everything you are listing I have seen pretty much every episode of and enjoyed all of them. I recommend all of them. Scrubs is probably last on that list. I haven’t watched it from the beginning in years but I loved it when it was on. The channel hopping was an annoyance eventually, but when they came back with the last season I thought it would be just plain awful. It grew on me to the point that I loved it.
If you were to pick one and only one to watch, go with Community. I love the Office and Parks and Rec. Parks and Rec is one of my favorite shows. They’re all worth watching. Completely and utterly worth it, but Community is just a trip. You’ll love it. It’s just damn awesome. :)

And Venture Bros. Do watch that. Once you get past episode 5 or so, you won’t be able to stop.

And Archer. There are running gags in there I know you’ll appreciate.

1. Community
2. Venture Bros.
3. Parks and Rec
4. Archer (not because it’s better, necessarily, but because it’s shorter. In fact, of everything on here, 5 and 6 are the longest)
5. The Office
6. Scrubs

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