979 He Lies!

How many people expected that shit? NOBODY, THAT’S WHO! Carol least of all. XD He’s a loose cannon, I tells you!

The site seems to be sorted out mostly again, except that array thing appeared and it won’t go away again. Anyway, let me know if you have problems so I can look in to them.

I guess I have to commit myself to the idea of getting this new set of blind bag ponies. I’m dissapointed that they are only sparkley and metallic though. It makes them seem less real to me. Which is an insane thing to say, but I think most of you can understand what I mean. That said, I doo like looking at the clear sparkley ones in sunlight. Especially the green and blue ones. I’ve always liked stuff like that. I even have little bits of wrapping paper that I’ve saved so I can look at them from time to time. Am I alone in this? The new Turtles figures are nicely colored too. Each one has his own pallette, as is common with the cartoon style toys. The new version is especially good. The colors are saturated, but matte finish for the most part. It makes them look like they are made of Play-Doh. And some parts are a little squishy, so I like that. Even the plastic of their weapons is unique, although they are still either a shade of brown or a shade of gray. the color choices suit each turtle. It’s very well planned, I think. Anyway, hopefully the new Bb ponies will last long enough for me to get a complete set. I’m not married to the idea, but I do like having sets of things. For no good reason…

I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that I will probably never get another Masterpiece Transformer figure again. Which is a shame because I really wanted Soundwave, but it’s getting to be a real either or kind of deal anymore. With the economy not picking up, and people unsure about the upcoming election, things are just too expensive for me now. Even the small stuff is going insane. The Avengers guys are about $11 per now. No way are they worth that. Those are $5 toys MAX. Star Wars guys are about the same way. Transformers too. I actually really like Transformers Prime, but the guys are just too much anymore. They’ve more than doubled around here. I don’t know what it’s like everyplace else. It must be similar throughout chain stores though. The tiny Transformers are about $7. That’s just insane. I understand the why of it all, but man. Games are holding steady for the most part, which is good because I actually do things with them for longer, so they’re a better deal. XD In fact there have been some good values to be had here and there. I guess it all just moves in cycles. It’ll all sort itself out before too long. It’d bee cool if it would get on with it though.


Sparkling Ponies? OMG, they’re vampires!

(* ahem *) Thomas is a freakin’ genius. John would never believe him because they’re always B.S.ing each other.

You’ve probably mentioned where you live before, but I can’t remember: anyway, if you’ve got a Meijer around you, they are stocking the new bling bagged ponies (at least I think those are current. Last ones the wife and I got were series 1…I though. ‘Cause these ones say series 4.) We haven’t gone whole-hog on ’em yet ’cause I’m just blind-bagged out at the moment (some new Playmobil ones showed up too). Got a green sparkly guy and a Twilight Sparkle…sparkle. Anyway, I’ve got a similar weakness to translucent figures, so I urges me onward. Plus, my wife isn’t as burned out on blind bags as I am, so she’ll probably wana get these new ones at some point.

As for toy prices…ugh. I’m familiar with inflation, but it just feels like these prices are rising faster than ever. Just up and up and up. I seem to remember it going a bit slower so it was harder to notice. You didn’t like it at first, but then everything went up and that was just how it was. Now everyone seems to be in a battle to raise prices and it’s just not stopping. There must have been a HUGE spike in oil, because it seems like they had to raise the prices significantly and they are trying to do it slow, but are failing.

I’m never sure if I have a legitimate complaint ’cause I just don’t have all the info on how this all works. I know prices go up…but man, it’s just so hard to legitimize a lot of purchases nowadays.

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