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The real comic that Edward is referencing isn’t really all that lewd. It’s the fanbase that is. He’s mixing them together somewhat unfairly. I’ll probably change the name to something fictional because it’s a lot easier down the road if I find out the creator of the actual comic hates me for some reason. People often say that it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, & sometimes that is true, but in some cases I’ve found that it’s much easier to just fictionalize your subject & take the other party out of the equation. Right now especially I am not getting along with the greater artistic “community”. I quotate community because I’ve never felt like there was a community. It’s more like every other aspect of life. A series of gatekeepers with power use whoever they like and shun whoever isn’t useful to them. In the end the only thing that matter is power; naked, merciless, force. I’ve always been too even minded to get along with most other artists. Not fitting in even with the rejects has a long term effect on how you experience the world. I’m distrustful & paranoid because you can only survive getting backstabbed so many times. It’s a double damage bonus if undetected! For the most part I’m a non entity in the webcomic “community”. People don’t know who I am in spite of my success. Which is probably for the best, particularly in the now. Sometimes it’s better to keep your head down & work toward your goals unnoticed, so no one thinks to get in your way.


I am on Nina’s side xD telling someone that reading specific content will only improve libido is hardly dissuading xD I am curious as to what the comic is now, even though its explained to not really be lewd xD wonder if I’ve read it, I’ve read so many webcomics at this point. (Between Failures is that top quality content though, never doubt xD)

It’s Homestuck.
But it’s unusual that Edward would act like he’s never read it when he has a HS hero of mind hooodie he wears all the time.

Hmm… Ed couldn’t possibly be referring to a comic that rhymes with “RomeStruck,” could he?

Did you mean BoneTruck?

No, stupid. Obviously they are referring to ConePuck.

Wrong, ding dong. OBVIOUSLY, they are talking about FoamDuck.

You’re joking, right? Everyone knows GnomeChuck.


Guess that means it’s not one I read as I’m not getting the reference. Oh well, no great loss.

The problem is, no matter what fantasy race you switch that to, there’s a webcomic for it. Lewd goblins? Yeah. Lewd elves? Yeah. The problem is that lewd webcomics are their own genre.

Heh, heh! Yeah.
I guess there’s always gonna be someone to take a genre, or a fiction series, + make lewd stories about it.

Probably, out there, someone has written lewd fanfic about the 1960s show, Gillian’s Island [R].
Man. What a fresh nightmare that is! :D

Assuming you meant Gilligan, that’s not a stretch. The show already 1/2 way on it’s own with Mary and Ginger and Mrs Thurston floating about.

If you meant Gillian’s Island… well, I’m pretty sure that’s the name of the porn parody, so it doesn’t need fanfic, because it IS the fapfic.

Eep, yep, I mean Gilligan.
Probably the thought of swimming, wet, rowdy, sailor boys got me distracted.
OOOh! Blue shirted sailor! Wanna dive into [my] ocean,…Skipper boy?

I’ve searched, and found two books called Gillian’s Island. As far as I can tell without buying them, neither seems to be a porn parody. Is your search fu perhaps better than mine? Or is it preinternet fanfic?

The manga High Score Girl had some very daring scenes with l-lewd hand holding.

*Looks nervously around*

I’ll h-have to check out that manga!
It might have some r-racy drawings in it, of women not wearing GYM SOCKS!


I’ll never get tired of Nina’s flirting with Ed. ?

I too cannot get tired during certain experiences, like running, swimming, sky diving, drinking coffee, drinking red bull, inserting various medicinal substances into my body, or getting the opportunity to squee at Nina-Tedd scenes.

Mmmmmmmmm, coffee. Mmm, Nina.
Ooooo, Nina with coffee flavored kisses.
Never mind.

Someone help me here; if Reggie is Thomas’ foil, what is Ed to Thomas?
Not inverse… converse?

Their relationships don’t boil down that simply.

Many people convince themselves that social chemistry is something complex and fascinating, but in truth, it really isn’t. You are going to love, like, tolerate, and/or hate people to various degrees for various subjective reasons. Objective reasoning is quite rare in regards to interpersonal relationships.

I’ve noticed in various “communities” that it is smooth when you march in lockstep with everyone else. The more you stray from the group norm, the more criticism you get. This is true even in groups that, at least superficially, support experimentation. This seems to happen in some forums more than others. FaceBook is particularly vile in this regard.At least there is a threshold in most groups where you cross into the “don’t mind him, he’s just weird” zone where they look at you like you are the guy who draws pictures with his own feces.

Yeah, Jackie says a lot I don’t agree with, but this blog post is outright worrying. This is the kind of self-destructive logic that leads to the worst parts of 4chan. I hope Jackie is seeing or can see a counselor/therapist to help him work through this.

Since Jackie’s conclusion was “keep your head down & work toward your goals”, I’m not sure what’s worrying. Yes, there is more to life than power, except for those people for whom that is not true. Maybe you haven’t crossed paths with one, but for those of us who have, it’s not a fun experience.

Via annecdote, I’ve been told that there are (or were) two main communities in the Vancouver film scene. One community is full if cooperative people who want to see each other succeed, and they’ll pass along work to friends and acquantances to help each other out for nothing or just thanks. The other group is full of the kind of power hungry spitefull pit vipers that jocky and position to be able to ‘get’ something, and don’t really care what happens to others in the process. Pity those who try to get into film in Van and only meet the latter group. Those new people tend to get chewed up and spit out and walk away never knowing of the first community. Then there are those who start with the first group, but are of the personality type of the second group. They typically only work a small number of times with the first crew, then are guided towards work with the second group where they can still thrive. This keeps them employed, but removes their destructive behaviour from the efforts of the first group. Lucky are those that find and mesh with the first group, as it’s a super positive, supportive and successful group. Sorrow for those who actually mesh with the second group, as it’s a pretty dark world view to live with day in and day out.

Jackie’s rant is easily the sort of thing anybody on the out’s with a group (for any reason) would say. But I’m inclined to beleive Jackie had an experience with a bad group and rightfully feels ostracized. I read a lot of comics (and their blogs), and most artists come across as really cool fun loving people, but the are a few that definitely give off the vibe that they are power hungry. The fact that there have been some rather open shots fired by some artists’ blogs is testament to that. That some comics collectives have formed also demonstrates that comic creation communities exist: Blank label, Blind Ferret, the PA juggernought. I can’t speak on those named or others, but where power gets centralized, there ARE those who will seek it out to control it, even if they themselves don’t know what to do with it. It is literally, actually, Machiavellian. He wrote a book on it, Il Principe (The Prince) and it is regarded well enough that his name became synonymous with the behaviour of people who seek power.

Some people can be happy with success, others just can’t be happy unless they’re making someone else miserable.

I can’t quite tell if you’re rather conservative and about two sentences away from complaining about liberal snowflakes, or if you lean liberal but are moderate enough to feel alienated by the more extreme liberal end of the spectrum, ie the loud bit. Either way, let me just say that there is a large chunk of the “social justice” spectrum that is not unreasonable or incapable of healthy discussion and debate. And most of the people who get outraged over every little thing are overcompensating to try to convince people that they aren’t at all biased or bigoted. Which is silly, because we pretty much all wind up with prepackaged biases just by virtue of how we grew up.

Also, if your comments on “people assumed to have power by birthright” is referring to the concept of white privilege, that’s a pretty common misunderstanding amongst people on both sides of the political spectrum. It’s not about being given anything, it’s not about whether or not you have status or struggles, obviously white people are just as capable as anyone else of being impoverished and having difficulties. It’s about what a white person *doesn’t* have to deal with, the obstacles put in place by racist systems. It’s a lack of specific obstacles, not a benefits package.

Just thought I would attempt to clarify, feel free to ignore if you’re on the more “damn liberal snowflakes and their feelings” side of the equation.

Wow that whole rant has literally almost nothing to do with what I said. Like, it’s almost impressive how little of my comment you actually responded to in order to have an excuse to have your little soapbox moment.

I’m not sure who the hell you’re talking about being silent. Me? I’m not American, first of all, secondly, I’m clearly not being silent about anything, and thirdly, just because racism isn’t as blatantly violent in Europe as it is in the US doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Though, I will grant you, that it’s much more an issue of classism than racism in most places in Europe.

I was trying to be chill and nice before, but I’m not interested in getting into a debate with someone who clearly just wants to stand on their soapbox and yell, rather than listen and try to understand where people are coming from. You sound like a child putting their hands over their ears, shouting so that you can’t hear when people tell you something you don’t want to hear.

So maybe this silence you’re complaining about is just you not listening. Maybe you need a good long think about why someone talking about something with absolutely no malice or accusation makes you so damn defensive.

I didn’t start getting malicious until you started ranting, and call it whatever you like, dude, but it was a rant and most of it was just eyeroll worthy. There are plenty of people who will talk to you about their experiences, who will present their case in exactly the way you are talking about and if you haven’t seen or heard those statements, then you really must be going out of your way to avoid them. I don’t vibe with willful ignorance for the sake of shutting people down. You don’t like violence and force? Maybe people wouldn’t resort to them if they had been listened to in the first place. But so many people have made your same excuse of waiting for the “correctly presented” argument, and no matter how reasonable someone is in presenting their case, it’s somehow never quite up to standard. What you call kowtowing, I call compromise. Just because someone is used to being entitled to something doesn’t mean it belongs to them. Equality sometimes means that the people who have been taking more than their fair share might have to give some things up.

Now, I’m not interested in clogging up Jackie’s comments any further, and honestly I’m not interested in debating with someone who is only interested in “winning” the argument, as opposed to considering various sides of an issue.

Mildly surprised a google of ‘lewd trolls’ doesn’t bring up the comic.
Anyway, yeah, comic itself wasn’t very lewd, but the fanbase, oy… gave them an interesting romance mechanic and a lot of shipping possibilities, and just sorta went wild. Then threw in a multi-world set so any fanfic could potentially be cannon… got real weird real fast.

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