1364 Veronica.

A few of you were on the cusp of figuring this out, but fell just shy of it. I went with this and not some other, more soap opera idea, because it makes more logical sense in the grand scheme of things. Having Reggie’s first be somehow connected to the furry club, or even someone in the store would have been hacky. This ties his story together in a nice way.

It should also be noted that Reggie is leaving out a lot of information that he doesn’t think is important to, or the business of, strangers. The age of his uncle in relation to veronica’s sister, for example, is left out of his tale. It’s safe to say that difference in ages is greater between his uncle and his uncle’s bride than said bride and Reggie.

These are breadcrumbs on the trail. Things that seem insignificant, or at least of minor significance, now, but may become important much later on. I’m only calling attention to these things in the blog for the benefit of the hardcore readers who like putting the bread back together as I crumble it.


My sleep has not been right since the sleep study. It is erratic, in all aspects, save one. I do not feel like I’ve slept after I’m “done”. What the connection is between the two I know not, or even if there is one for that matter. I just know that was when I noticed it happening. While my body is ready to go when I wake up, and I do have a period of time when my mind is sharp, it deteriorates into a sleepy haze and all tasks suffer. My brain wants the restorative sleep that it isn’t getting, but I don’t know what I need to do to make it happen. I suspect that my allergies are involved, but my medication interacts with the stuff I used to use to deal with them.

So here I am. Still in this sleep limbo. Waiting to hear something from the medical professionals.

I also think I’m not letting myself have enough down time. I always feel more balanced when I have a game I can get lost in for a little while every day, but I’ve been skipping that time in favor of other goals for a while now. I think my brain needs some decompression time.

Or maybe it’s something else. I’ve been having little bouts of really intense depression that fade after a couple of hours. Like little tastes of the really bad stuff I had a few years ago. Where I loose all interest in everything and just sort of exist. It makes me think of a record player that loses power. You hear the music, then the power is cut and it kind of slows to a distorted crawl, but before the music stops completely the power comes back and it gradually picks back up to normal.

I’ve suspected for quite some time that my allergies are connected to depression in some way. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before. Not having a way to counter the allergies seems to contributing to the issue. I’m going to call someone and ask about it tomorrow. I would have done it a long time ago, but it didn’t occur to me until yesterday that the constant burning sensation in my eyes wasn’t from the new fan and disrupted sleep.

I finally started watching the second season of The Melancholy Oh Haruhi Suzumiya. It’s… not the… worst? The first 8 episodes are the same events repeating in an “endless summer” for the characters. The same script, over and over with slight changes between them. It’s like a weird study in animation. Doing the same thing different ways to see how the little adjustments effect the mood. It’s also kind of boring. They are basically filler because there wasn’t enough story to make a full season in addition to the movie that was being produced at the same time. As far as I know the other episodes expand on the stories told in season one. The long and short of that means that the two seasons are a total mess chronologically. In spite of all this I still really like Haruhi and it remains one of my favorite shows. Kyon’s internal monologue really makes the show for me. It doesn’t seem like he really has anything better to do, but he’s always annoyed by everything he’s forced into. Which reminds me a lot of myself. XD

The fate of the franchise is kind of up in the air. The writer of the novels has basically flaked out, and the animation studio no longer works on outside properties. Two seasons and a movie may be all Haruhi ever gets. Although I hear that the author has written something focusing on a different character that might get animated. So I guess we’ll see.


I’m laughing imagining a loaf of taped together crumbs

Crazy Glue .. it is more appropriate, though i always tend to fall back onto my bottle of Gorilla Bond for some reason even though it is so very unforgiving.

If defeating a sandwich only makes it tastier, then imagine what it would taste like if you put it back together.

I was thinking of the women at the end of Death Becomes Her, all bits and pieces pasted back together, only to finally, utterly fail.

The Dominatrix boss of doom?

The Dom boss of Doom is Sylvia, this would be the boss of Doom’s little sister if I’m guessing correctly.

Ah thanks. I went back to try to find the name, couldn’t quite pin point it. I did discover two chapters are titled “nit pick” which I find both ironic and funny

Don’t feel bad, I reread the archives stating from the beginning. Her first mention by name is in the mid-500’s. She also makes an appearance with name tag here: /comics1/1228-oh-god-yes

you’re awesome thanks~ also skimming looking for her, made me wanna re-read the archives again XD

Sylvia is his aunt. Veronica is his Cousin, so her sister (who is getting married) would be his Cousin as well.
Sylvia may well be both girls Mother, the looks seem to fit.

Well, my first post in I don’t know how long, and so late to the party, and I’m so wrong. I missed the whole she was marrying his Uncle. So Veronica is his Aunt, but because they are close in age, thought of more as a Cousin.

My head hurts, I need a good lie down.

you know, i’ll wager this chick is (at least one of) the reason(s) why Reggie isn’t that good at
staying mad with Nina. She looks too much like Veronica here, and well; whether it’s a crush or a romantic liaison, you just don’t forget your first.

I love how the furry mask in the last panel makes her look like she’s totally shipping Reggie with their cousin.

Agreed. and while it was less for shipping than an “ooohh this is gonna be gooood” reason i made that exact face when reading that panel

I also love the contrast between the furry-face and the dread we all hope the girl inside is feeling.

Actually we just dont know what is under that mask.

It occurs to me that if she really did not want to know what reggie was going to say
all she had to do was give that helmet a twist (without removing it) and pop the ear channels out of place.

Then she wouldnt have heard a thing.

So im inclined to not have any sympathy for what she is overhearing.

Any brain-bleach moments for her are her own damn fault at this point.

Cousins via marriage is not the same as cousins via…
That said, I wish my first time was this interesting.

I actually was interested in the Haruhi Suzumiya Endless Eight arc. The execution of it in the novel is better though. If you have the chance, Crave, I suggest you get your hands on the novels. The Disappearance movie is amazing though.

I used to think Reggie was just an idiot but this little arc is actually making me think he’s highly intelligent, just completely incompetent. Nice to know he’s not a complete idiot.

I know many people that are highly book-smart, but have no idea how to function in the real world. I see on every time I look in the mirror.

Oh hey, good news actually. There’s a spinoff series coming out in just a little bit(April 4th) for Haruhi: “The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki.” It follows the adventures of “I’m an ordinary girl” Nagato from the Movie’s Alt-Universe.

I have to hand it you, looking at this page amd through the archives you have a genuine skill at drawing beautiful women that one can easily picture as real normal people. Its very refreshing and quite wonderful

Not sure what we are supposed to be gleaning from ages. Is the idea that the bride gave up on love and is marrying logically? I don’t know. This has jumped up to my favorite comic as of late.

The last time I wrote a comment was to tell you how I was supposed to use a hole day wisely and instead I read all the comic you had until then
now you continue to eat my time every day I know an update is coming
You are a bad person
Anyway, man she does not look like her sister, or acts like her, unless she acts very different on work
can I hint things like that in here? do you have the [SPOILER=”test”][/SPOILER] thing working?
Unless you want to tell me several of his uncles has pretty serious game
Btw how can john and victoria whisper with her head or is reggie far from them?

I have to say I like Reggie and I don’t like Thomas that much for the same reason they are Duffy and Bugs…
you know I’m right, atleast in the old adaptations, Duffy no matter what he is doing always tries his very best, and malice is never his starting point, sure maybe he gets greedy for attention or rich or even just to prove his worth, he doesn’t seem to go against people is just a by effect of his narcissism, Thomas as Bugs may not look for the trouble but they want to control his little universe, like controlling who gets hired, playing with reggie for info or just for the laugh, I mean for us it has been a lot of time between Ed first day and now but in their world? not so much, I understand you and by consequence your characters change with the time it has passed but Thomas said he just keeps Reggie for the inside info and now not so much after he says he see him as a friend, while by no means I can’t condone dick Reggie I preffer having my enemies with a sword infront of me than with a dagger in my back

hmm. I was gonna say she doesn’t look nearly stuck up enough, but I suppose Reggie and his sister only bare a passing resemblance as well.

Nothing worse than a sister with blackmail material. Nothing. Victoria may not need the mask for much longer.

I don’t comment much, so I hope I’m not taking about anything that is verboten. If so, sorry.

…I don’t think Reggie is stupid, just unpleasant when caught in the wrong and poorly socialized. The combination makes me wonder if he was homeschooled.

Regarding the allergies, I can speak from experience that yes, they can interact with your depression. The way you describe it – the short periods of intense depression – makes me wonder if you might be slightly bipolar. If so, and you’re on meds for regular depression, you may need to have them revise what you’re on – studies have shown that anti-depression meds given to people with bipolar disorder show short term gains, and medium and long term problems with more severe depression. As for the sleep problems, it sounds like possibly you aren’t spending as much time in REM sleep as you need. This may also be caused by one or a combination of meds, or something environmental, such as insomnia or sleep apnea.

I would look into having a complete allergy panel done, to try and figure out what you’re allergic and sensitive to and how bad each of them is. If you’re suffering from burning eyes, you’re for sure allergic to something in your environment. I had a friend who had to quit a $100K/year job because the building management insisted on using the cheapest possible cleaning supplies, and the allergies were giving her massive migraines.

Speaking of drugs, from the looks of things the best thing a friend could do for Evrina would be to carry around a dart gun loaded with a nice anti-psychotic. Anyone who trembles like that in the face of argument is a prison sentence for assault waiting to happen. Not that she wouldn’t look cute in an orange jumpsuit.

I’m not the doctor to say for sure, but I believe Ron is right that what you are describing sounds very much like REM sleep deprivation. As I understand it, REM sleep deficiency causes:
· Irritability and decreased optimism and sociability
· Increased feeling of sleepiness
· Increased appetite and thus food consumption

Good luck on getting it all figured out.

I can sympathize, I have sleep apnea. I have the same sleep issues, run strong till about just before lunch. Then the fatigue and sleepyness slowly overtakes you. I know it well. You aren’t the only one that happens to. Diet affects this too, try fruit or a trail mix without processed sugar in snack size zip lock bags. Eat one with water when the fatigue hits with either water or low processed sugar. That usually works for me..

*grabs the popcorn* Oh my god, Reggie, did you? Did you? With your Cousin? Are you truly hick enough?

They are only sort-of cousins. If I read the story right, Reggie’s Uncle Junias married Veronica’s sister, making her sister-in-law to Uncle Junias. Assuming Uncle Junias is Reggie’s blood relative, unless there is another relationship, Veronica is technically not related to Reggie. In-law relationships do not extend past the first connection. You are not considered related to any of your blood relation’s in-laws – unless there is some other relationship.
That said, Veronica, being close in age to them and included in the extended family group could easily be considered a cousin. If she were older, she would probably be considered an aunt.

There’s also just family naming conventions. We all call my mom’s cousin “Cousin Steve” for example, even his sister. It’s just something that started at family gatherings and stuck as a bit of shorthand.

Haruhi makes perfect sense chronologically. It’s when you watch them in the order that it actually aired (aka Broadcast Order) that it’s confusing. Watching the DVD order is really bland as well. Luckily the Japanese blu-ray boxset that I own comes in chronological order, so I’m set. There are people that prefer the broadcast order for its novelty, but I’d always recommend chronological if you want new people to actually like it. Now, if you DID watch the chronological order and still think it’s a mess then, well, I could definitely still see that being the case lol.

And I liked Endless Eight…the first time. However, in all my rewatches I just watch the first two and the last one. Three, I feel, is just enough to get the intent across while still keeping your sanity. Cool idea, but it wears thin fast. I understand that’s the point, but it’s not fun. I feel bad for the people that had to sit through eight weeks of that as it aired.

IMO, broadcast order also helps a bit with pacing. Melancholy is a bit slow taken all in one shot. I do not feel it is PERFECT, but I find it more enjoyable.
But more importantly, the broadcast episode previews are hilarious. :) I’m particularly fond of the Macross 7 reference before the band episode.

Warning: I have OPINIONS on Endless Eight, and what follows is TOO MANY WORDS.

Endless Endless Eight darn near killed my love of the franchise. I dropped it three episodes into EEE, and by the time that arc was over, I didn’t care enough to go back to the series. I’ve STILL never most of season season 2 because of EEE. I even found myself enjoying the books less afterwards. I was really looking forward to it, and it broke my heart.
It was ages before I caught Disappearance, and I can’t say if that’s despite or because it’s probably my single favorite Haruhi story. But I can say I had no faith in their ability to adapt it satisfactorily at the time.
Credit where due, they managed to not be satisfactory with Disappearance, but excellent.
(Most of my favorite tales are Yuki’s. I make no apologies for my rampant fanboyism.)

The worst part is… I loved EE2’s divergence from the print source. It was startling to folks that had read the books, and gets across the raw despair of those final moments amazingly well. If it had ended on EE3, there’d be a strong case that it was actually done better than the book.
(In fairness, I think modern anime usually tries to stick TOO close to the source when adapting a book. What works in one medium doesn’t in another. I believe changes SHOULD be made, but must be made with consideration to the source intent.)

Truthfully, I think the movie using the season 1 opening instead of the season 2 opening or a new opening is very telling as to how badly EEE went over. Normally you’d get a new opening, because there’s CD singles to sell. Failing that, you get the most recent opening, because it’s newer and hipper.
But Disappearance used the original opening, and I think it was the Kyoto Animation version of an apology.

And this concludes too many words about Endless Endless Eight.

Endless Eight actually made me wish they never even made a second season. I mean, can you even really consider it a second season, seeing as all they did was splice the new episodes into the first?

The first season, by itself, as it originally aired, feels very complete to me. A 14 or so episode snapshot of the life of an ordinary high school student whose life is turned upside down by the eccentric, beautiful heroine and her search for the supernatural. It has its own nicely paced narrative arc that is served really well by the non-chronological ordering.

The announcement of the second season caught me by surprise. I watched each new episode as it came out, and about halfway through EE I lost interest. I went back and watched the rest eventually, but the magic was gone.

Maybe you could come up with a new order that somehow captures the pacing of the first and cuts out most of EE, but I’ve long since moved on from the series.

(Disappearance was pretty good though.)

Jackie if you’re having trouble sleeping well, fall asleep in a room that’s a few degrees colder than you normally do and keep turning the temperature down each night until you do rest well. The chill forces your body to think that deep sleep is necessary to continue being active enough in a cold environment the next day

Well, you know a woman is attracted to you when she leads in with “Do you believe in love at first sight?”, you punch her question full of holes, and she’s still reeling it in.
I may not like Reggie, but I’m no dweeb. Go for the gold, Reggie-boy!

Wait…is this aunt Reggie’s Uncle is marrying the same one who is the higher corporate boss or is that a different aunt?

I thought maybe, but I went back and she has different eyes and looks a lot like Reggie. I got the feeling they were supposed to be blood related. Maybe I imagined it.

as far as i can understand, its his aunt`s little sister.

ohhh does that mean she`s gonna jump him right before or during the wedding so they aren`t technically cousins when it happened?

He said she disappeared right after the ceremony. my assumption is this scene takes place when he went to go look for her when he noticed she disappeared, making what ever is “about” to happen, happen after the marriage.

At least I think I’m interpreting all that correctly.

I had a fun one where when I would lay down, my sinuses would slam *completely* shut. I couldn’t breathe at all except through my mouth, which would dry out and give me a sore throat.

Spent decades trying to explain/demonstrate it to doctors. Wouldn’t ever happen except at home.

Finally I had an “aha!” moment and we figured out I’m allergic to my own dander on my pillow, so if I change the pillowcases every day or two, I’m ok.

That plus the sleep apnea got me really close to figuring out the easiest way out of this hellhole.

Probably not allergic to your own dandruff or you’d be clogged up all day. On the other hand dust mites LOVE your dander and it’s pretty common to be allergic to what they excrete after they eat it… (lovely thought isn’t it?) – yet another reason to change your pillowcases regularly – and your sheets.

According to the American College of Asthma, Allergy & Immunology, approximately 10 percent of Americans exhibit allergic sensitivity to dust mites. The American Lung Associations tells us “Dust mites are not parasites; they don’t bite, sting or burrow into our bodies. The harmful allergen they create comes from their fecal pellets and body fragments.
Since when you sleep you tend to stay in one fairly confined area for many hours, your dead skin and hair build up there in a greater concentration than the rest of the house drawing dust mites like gulls to a garbage dump. Don’t you feel better now, know they don’t bite or sting; and your allergic reaction is only due to burying your face in a pillow full of their feces?

I have to keep reminding my self that under the fury face is likely something more akin to horror than wide-eyed excitement that is permanently painted on.

Unless she has found Mr. Evenmoreright in the mean time I expect we’ll be seeing her eventually. The moment he actually gets off his butt about Nina she should start feeling a disturbance in the force and make a bee line.

Btw your server is on AM instead of PM. That may be cool, but you might spare yourself some headaches down the line. Sounds weirdly related to your sleep issue.

No offense on the well meant advice on sleep on this page, but LMFAO.
Why listen to my advice? I got a PhD (I do), and have been researching this stuff on the side.

Good god, the emotional dissonance between that mask and what’s going on inside it continues to be one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in my webcomic reading history.

After the wedding, Veronica ran away and auditioned for a job at The Mouse. She now portrays ‘Elsa’ as a walkaround at one of the theme parks Thursday through Monday.

So, yeah, Neil called this one…

Just occurred to me, am I the only thinking with that tuxedo, Reggie looks like a member of the Slytherin house at Hogwarts?

“and then she realized her mistake and left me…..so i drowned my sorrows in the bottle of alcohol i took from the bar….waking up next to bruno the janitor…….”

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