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I wrote so much more of this Reggie backstory than you guys are getting to see. The first draft of this flashback was the better part of the week they spent together. If I ever get this comic made into a cartoon this section will go even longer than it already is, just to I can tell this whirlwind romance the way I told myself in my head. XD This furry stuff is going so long that I’m really starting to miss the other cast members though. I just wanted to tell it without breaking away, but the switching back and forth is part of how I kept that from happening for myself as much as you guys. I’ve basically decided to break it into two parts and come back to it after some more from everybody else. John is going to get dicked over in the deal as well because his story is getting put off till later. So that’s fitting for him… XD I know that it’s the right thing to do for the comic, but it feels like kind of a dick move after promising john a moment in the spotlight. A moment he’s still getting, just a little bit down the road.

This editorial descision is actually going to play out really well I think. I will be able to explore some stuff I wanted to with Mike now. As well as several other things all woven in to the story of Reggie and John stumbling into this new group of people. So I hope you guys enjoy it. It’s still going to take a while to tie up Reggie’s tale, but that’s my plan anyway. Hopefully i’ll have picked enough bits out of his story out to make it feel like he had a deep connection with this girl right away. I got really nostalgic writing this scene to the point of actually making myself really depressed. Generally I’m not a super nostalgic person anymore, but I still have some antiquated ideas about romance that I just can’t let go.

I still want to have a fated meeting where I find the love of my life in some perfect moment I’ll remember forever. The rational part of my brain thinks that’s basically impossible, but the romantic part refuses to tolerate that noise.


Whelp… Doesn’t she look familiar…..

I would love if this was animated!
Hum. you could always just toss his stuff as a sidestory sometime. Or a written thing out if you’d like.

It’s neat in anycase, I wonder how he was back then

She does look quite the darling young lady. It would be neat to see this backstory, if only to see how you would structure such a romantic story. Even if it weren’t to be illustrated, I’m sure several of us would love to read it.

Hmmm my money is on a younger Nina now. That would just be ridiculously funny to me

Can’t be. She doesn’t have the prominent buck teeth. Plus, his interactions with Nina doesn’t really seem to indicate any sort of past intimacy.

actually they kinda do. And she had an accident, and while not necessarily easy to explain, it can cause the gap (not necessarily buck teeth)

I’m also hoping its not her, I mean I’m just pointing out that their interaction are kind of indicative of history between them. but also I am vaguely recalling her talking about the first time they met…I think? I have to go back in the archives and see. But I do clearly remember, especially when she slapped him, there was some sort of closeness to them thats not normally obvious, and this might be part of it.

It’s not Nina. Nina is significantly older than Reggie. Three years ago when this incident took place, Nina was in college getting to know Thomas. and Nina looked pretty much like “Nina” by then.

Nina knew Thomas from High School I thought. But I’m with you, it’s obviously not Nina just based off the height.

that and now that I look closer, shes kind of endowed in places that make up for the height advantage that nina has :P

Thomas and Nina knew each other in high school, but the implication is that Nina was part of the ‘cool’ crowd and Thomas was an art geek back then. After her accident is when they became friends – which may have been college, based on this.

It’s the blond from the Furry-group.
just the hair is longer now that it was pre-wedding

Not unless she has

A) Has systematically starved herself pretty severely

B) Got serious boob reduction surgery.

…and somehow has amnesia because she would have recognized Reggie easily.

It’s not Nina at all; Nina is considerably taller than Reggie and this girl is shown in the flashbacks to be about his height. Also note the ears. Jackie has repeatedly stated the significance of his ear designs. This girl shares the same ear design as Reggie (as opposed to Nina’s “Figure 9” look) which I’m sure is deliberate on Jackie’s part and is meant to signify a connection.

I kindof feel like it’s Bridgette’s sister or something.
Either that, or she has changed a bit naturally as they have grown up, and doesn’t recognize Reggie because of the fact that most people have trouble remembering faces from a long time ago.
Then there’s also always the chance that she’s simply a girl who resembles Bridgette and has no relation to anyone we know. Just sayin’.

Have you applied for a cartoon? Or a short live action web series or show xD because thecomics great strength is the writing which would translate well to multiple mediums

The one fated love of your life thing is movie BS. Real life love is about finding one of the people in the world you can be happy with and then making it happen through hard work and conviction. Anybody who ever tells you different is selling you something. (Quite possibly tickets to a bad romantic film.)

I’m inclined to agree Geo. I dated for years and years. I had a young lady that I meshed well with who went off on her own way when I was out of the picture for a couple of years. When we met up again, enough had changed that we just didn’t connect any more. Then I had another who seemed perfect – except that my roommate thought the same thing – and got engaged to her before I realized they were even dating. Finally I found my wife after several more years. This time I stuck with her and didn’t give anybody else a chance. :-)
Having dated a lot of women in the meantime, I recognized that this was different – not magical – but different and that we could make it work in the long run.
We’ve had our ups and downs (and a few kids) and we are still together because we’ve both worked at it.
The initial romance was really nice but what makes it last is continuing to work at it, not some magical “soul mates” thing.

As a buddy of mine once told me, “If a woman is one in a milliam, the 43 are eight of her in NYC alone.”

I’m pretty sure I’m evil. My first thought was that they’re cousins who don’t know they’re cousins.

Yeah. While artistic style might make it a little harder for US to tell, Reggie would recognize the lady if she were Nina or Bridgette. Plus the features aren’t right for either.

Sorry to say, I doubt this is either of them. Might explain why blondes are his type, though.

It’s interesting that you ‘miss’ the other cast members. If you had cut away at any strip before this one or after this one, I’d have decohered trying to comprehend the narrative style.

Readership probably polarizes at any given time in preferring to keep with the current developments, or in fatigue with that and wanting to see “the rest of the stuff”. The writer isn’t the reader, though.

Oh, man. In my dream world, you’d just split off the furry group into their own parallel comic. I’d double my Patreaoeyun for that! Not that an extra buck a month is apt to be huge incentive, but hey, for someone in my economic and phsyical condition, it’s what I can do. =)


Keep going the way you are. I have kept up with this comic for some time, and I dont have any complaints to your timing. Keep on, Keeping on! I hope we can meet face to face someday at a convention. It would be awesome to meet you.

Though if a really pretty woman who you hit it off with like gangbusters when you first met asks you if you believe in love at first sight: You say – YES! ;D

Alexandria (with dyed hair, originally blonde) after putting on some weight…


Maddi, with more weight and a tan. (The color of the hair, the shape of the nose, and the overall appearance is consistent if you just add a bit of a tan and some weight… which can be explained by her already established love of pizza.)

My suspicion is part of her clear infatuation with Reggie is because she recognizes him from way back when, but she has changed enough that he didn’t recognize her. When he tells the story, she realized that he actually remembers her fondly and still has some possible feelings for her.

That’s my theory.

It’s a lady we’ve seen with Reggie before if I don’t miss my guess. Don’t want to ruin it for everyone else but the other store regulars know her too and are scared of her.

Carol was a ginger her entire life, not to mention had her assets during the last two years of high school. This blonde isn’t Carol.

So I’ve noticed something with Reggie and Evrina where sometimes their eyes gain a very faint tint of green. Not sure the correlation of the moments it happens, but if you go back a couple dozen or so pages you’ll see it appear in Reggie’s eyes a lot (and once with Evrina when Reggie first schools her). Maybe there’s a bigger meaning behind it?

Or maybe I’m reading into it too much.

This is interesting and engaging as always, but just want to mention that we’ve been away from Carol for a looooong time……though Alex mollifies somewhat.

Taking a second look at the comic, I’ve noticed something that makes me kind of sad.

Reggie has this wistful look on his face. He seems to still have feelings for whoever this is. Which makes me wonder why it didn’t pan out.

“could talk about any subject as if she’d studied it for years”

So much adoration for Reggie finding this attractive, and for focusing on a piece of her personality, rather than her physical beauty, in describing her.


While some of you believe it’s Nina, my money’s on Carol or a relative of Carol. I mean, it looks a lot like her with blonde hair.

I knew the first panel reminded of something.

Panel 2, Alexandria.


*points to his earlier comment of it being possibly Alexandria or Maddi*

Same theory on my part…

I was leaning toward Maddi because of her interactions with Reggie, though considering the “can talk on any subject” part… Alexandria looks more viable (red hair dye, or bleached it back when, and gained weight since… perhaps in part to fill the void left by Reg…) because she has all that time at the family library.

Though, I’m thinking that he would have recognized the name of either unless one went by a nickname or full name in the past… (e.g., Alexandria going by “Alex” or Maddi going by Madeline)

But then, wouldn’t either of them recognize Reggie regardless? (Particularly since a – he didn’t change much, and b- he’s never hidden who he is in the comics.)

Though, it’s also safe to assume that Victoria was at the wedding… and if any member of the Furry Group had been there, she would have made the connection as well.

Could just be Related to Alex, it’s a very close resemblance.

Could also be a huuuuuuge coincidence :p


The wedding was in Texas, so I sincerely doubt that anyone currently living in this small part of Kansas (outside of family, of course) would have attended.

Y’know? Reggie started off being unlikable but as the comic progressed he became more.. empowered. His character was understood and now he even used such a thing to stand up for himself and some around him. Hell he even tried to accept those around him because he was being accepted himself. all I can say is, I’m glad for reggie, He’s not mentioned as part of the main cast but he’s always felt like part of them so props to jackie! Oh and Jackie, I’ve Subbed to your Youtube, inorder to properly receive more content when the comics are on hold sometimes.

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