1362 Nitpick.

If you want a desktop of angry Evrina this sentence is the link.

Today is the first day of the Teen’s spring break. I’m worried that the thing that is going to get broken is my sanity. The break encompasses the week of my birthday. (and the birthday of this comic) I think it will be the 9th year for the comic. I suspect someone could check the 20th of March from last year to verify this. Someone usually goes to the trouble of correcting me if I get it wrong.

I’m going to try and get together with my old friends who still live within driving distance of my old town. It will have been years since I’ve seen some of them in person. Unfortunately I think I exceed the weight that I told them if I ever reached they had to kill me. So I may be walking to my doom. I can’t remember what the exact number was anymore. Maybe I should wear something slimming. Although I think I might have to bring a gun too because I’m pretty sure that conversation was a suicide pact…

I had a really strange dream the other night. I was trying to teach the Teen how to drive. We were using a huge, government style SUV. It was all black and very imposing. At one point she made a mistake and before I could even correct her she just flipped out and started panicking. Arm flailing, shrill screaming, panic. She somehow managed to get the SUV stuck driving backwards in a tight circle, at high speed. I’m trying to tell her what to do to stop it, but she just balls up on the seat and keeps wailing. So eventually I have to shove her over and take the wheel myself. I get the thing back under control and start driving, trying to figure out what the problem was, when suddenly I have to weave through all these horses all over the road. I wake up just after I finally hit one.



Wow, she really might be incapable of learning… Or restraint.

She just keeps making this easier for him.

Ervina is a “queen bee” that doesn’t know how to cope with someone who won’t accommodate her.

She’s trying to restore her pride and authority by latching onto the first thing she finds as she finds them and getting each dig turned back on her by Reggie because she isn’t thinking anymore. Just reacting.

His poor sister is going to freak out when she finds out who he nailed

Who was it!? What are you doing in my mind!?

She’s already on the edge, Crave: she’s starting into the abyss and she can’t look away…she just…


…it’s no fun unless you push her over the edge…

As a wise, mentally unstable sage once stated:

“Madness is a lot like gravity…all it needs is a little push. He he ha ha ho he ha ha!”

One day your gonna wake up sitting at your computer, that little curser blinking at you and a half written message under the name DaVinci678 sitting there. Then it will all make sense.

“Yeah, it was some weird chick in an animal costume… it looked a lot like the one you’re wearing…”

*banjos heard in the distance*

Or even worse for our heroes:

Reggie: I never found out her name…she was a cute, voluptuous, redheaded girl…

The crowd: CAROL?? Your first was Carol???

Reggie: [ all torn up]: Dammit! no…please, no?…Don’t mess up my life like that!

I love the fact that that the only person in this days strip who is wearing even a vestige of a costume is Reggie … the non-furry …

Reggie has been challenged and is rising to the occasion by deploying one of his two superpowers … being a massive dick. So perhaps, he’s decided to become a member just to fuck with Evrina?


Hope you have a great birthday Jackie!

He will absolutely join this club out of pure spite. XD

Thanks, I’m sure it will be one to remember.

Am I detecting just a slight hint of ambivalence about your birthday? I personally feel that birthdays are like car crashes … any one you can walk away from is a good one, but if possible they should be avoided.

And along those lines — your dream seems like it could have something to do with feeling out of control and yet saddled with responsibility … … which would explain the horses ;-)

I can’t even remember when my Birthday is anymore. Well, it’s sometime in July, but after the fourth…

As for the magic weight number, as I recalled it changed a few times. Or at least twice.

That said, I refuse to end a person for being heavy. Heavy people provide a useful service to us by sucking up calories skinny people emit subconsciously in their sleep. If more skinny people would stop sleeping (or die, whichever they choose), more of us heavy people would start shedding the weight.

What’s his other super power again?

Maybe getting in hilarious accidents?

Exactly … Reggie can spontaneously generate catastrophes starting with only simple everyday materials … I guess that would make him the MacGyver of miraculous mistakes?

One incident that I believe is only referred to but never shown: /comics1/330-through-the-fire-the-flames

The other staff rag on him about it :

And we occasionally get to see him in action:

I think I’d better end my archive binge now!

I guess I’ll be the guy. The 18th of March will mark Between Failures’s 8th anniversary, going by the date the first page was published. According to last year, the anniversary is on the 20th. Either way, I hope your birthday is positively eventful and I hope Between Failures continues for many years to come.

That first page throws a lot of people, but I altered the date so I wouldn’t have to renumber the archives when I added the “cover” to the comic. Originally the archives started with Wakey Wakey.

I cant take this Im attracted to someone I hated not 5 panels ago!

Oh dear god, Reggie nailed the aunt who married into the family, didn’t he? Also, just binge read the entire comic on the suggestion of a friend. Thoroughly impressed at how well developed these characters are.

Aw, wow. So did I. Looks like we caught up to the present on the same day. Nothing nice to meet you, “archive buddy”

That is one hell of a dream. I think I’d handle it better than the “dog-sized spiders launching themselves over houses Spider-Man style to get in my face” dream I had a few nights ago.

Holy jebus on a triscuit evrina are you going to mock his every line or are you going to let him tell the fucking story?

The best pun is one you aren’t sure is intentional.

Stop cockblocking us, Evrina! Some of us wanna hear this! Now we have to wait until Monday – like we’re a bunch of savages.

And thank you SO MUCH for that desktop picture!

Happy B-Day chief. Remember: Gamers don’t age. We level up.

Spoken like a master of the craft!

Happy b-day crave! May you live in interesting times. Wait…

Stay awesome!

Or just start misplacing counters that have started to get worn corners and have the box seams start splitting and where are the dice???

She’s not gonna let him finish this story is she? That’s probably not going to work out for her.

At the rate she’s going, Reggie will be the club’s new president.

“Just Elsa this one.”

Wait — a Frozen reference? Truly, you’ve turned to the Mouse side. And oh, yeah; Disney has announced Frozen 2.

So, this upcoming birthday — is it a big one (easily divisible by 5, once you’re over 21), or just another notch on the grip? My middle brother turns 61 the same day. Happy, Happy. Joy, Joy!

Oh, and I’m not sure you really want me to interpret that dream. It’s not pretty.

My guess is that there will be a “Tangled 2”, which will cross over into “Frozen 2”, and then those two will cooperate with DreamWorks and incorporate the “Hoodwinked” series into aforementioned crossover. Afterwards, the giant amalgamation of lame CGI cartoon franchises–complete with DreamWorks’ adult humor streak–will have to appeal to other markets and include the “Tinkerbell”, “Barbie”, “Monster High”, and the Naked Brothers Band into its roster.

I prefer to believe he meant Elsa the Lioness; he is a furry, after all.

Well, I saw Born Free first run in the theater (I never saw any of the later TV reboots). I have to say, I can’t see the connection, and rather doubt Neil would make it.

Yeah. It’s a verb now.

I do feel good about Reg letting loose on a deserving target. He’s going to be regular for WEEKS after this.

About the dream, try having a lucid dream. Maybe your subconscious is trying to tell you something. I hear if you have one and are aware of it, you can ask your subconscious mind questions.

Like “why?” For example.

No joke! This is actually a thing!

Lucid dreaming can actually be kind of fun.

It’s where a good number of character backgrounds for my rpgs come from, actually.

I have very little lucidity in my dreams. If I ever do have a dream that becomes lucid, it’s a sign that awakening is imminent.

I’m right there with you.

I have only had a handful of lucid dreams across my entire lifetime (I’m 45 by the way) and either I woke shortly after becoming lucid, or I had to purposely wake myself up due to the lucidity trigger being that I had to use the bathroom so bad it hurt and not getting any relief not matter how many toilets I used eventually made me realize I was dreaming.

Guess I was lucky that I have a strong enough bladder to not simply release when I dream I’m going, or I wouldn’t have had to wake myself up. Instead it would have been the “WTF, who dumped water on me… oh wait”, that woke me up.

Oh yeah, Reggie and Evrina are gonna bang. It will be angry sex that neither will talk about afterward.

How is the “J” in “Junias” pronounced?

Like a j.

Because I’m a giant nerd, I looked it up. I guess it’s an English variant of the Latin name “Junius” (the variant listed on the baby name site was “Junious”). The feminine form is “Junia”.

[ 3 syll. ju-niu(s), jun-i-us ] The baby boy name Junius is pronounced as Yuw-NIY-ahS †. Junius is used chiefly in English and it is derived from Latin origins. Junius is of the meaning “dedicated to Juno”.


I couldn’t find the etymology of Evrina. I know it’s a name because the search results that weren’t “Erivina”, “Evelin”, or in regards to the man-made ivory that shares her name, were facebook profiles with the name Evrina as the familial name.

Terry Pratchet just died. We can’t loose you too. Please be sure and not die, ok?

Man, when I found that out I had to serious fighT breaking down a little. Man was one of my all time favorites. May he rest in peace. I hope Death came for him personally, and used the sword. He’s earned it.

The meaning of your dream is obvious. You clearly have a fear of Giraffes and see the Teen as somebody who can protect you from the terror of seeing the Giraffes eventually take over the world. The horses and the black SUV are simply a metaphor of your deeply rooted fear of our Giraffe overlords taking their rightful place as rulers of the Earth.

As I said… obvious, really. :P

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