Weird is good from time to time. Reminds everyone that everyone is human. And that is hilarious!

Tired as you may be, this is one of the best punch lines I’ve read in a good while. Take care of yourself, we’ll be here for the next one. ^_^

I just love the look on his face. Like, “What the hell did she say? Wait. What the hell do I say?”

Agreed – the LOOK on his face! I suppose it’s weird, out of continuity and etc etc – but consider that fan artists and writers are constantly coming up with missing scenes like this. We luurrrrve these off-piste character interactions.

I believe they would be more glazed than frosted. But the concept is still applicable. You COULD call them frosted mini-teats, but that wouldn’t be the only thing you could call them.

Oh, and if you want a more practical demonstration, Wes is totally into the idea. And he doesn’t even know it’s possible yet!

As much as life is troubling you at the moment, it did bring about this line coming to us, and it brightened my day up, so there’s always that.

I hope things settle down on your side

I thought they were gonna try to quit smoking. Or has it not been after the holidays yet? So hard to tell time with this comic.

I laughed out loud. They don’t all have to advance the story, this sort of thing is good too.

Note that she is relaxed enough around him to make an off-color joke. That puts him on a very short list of people.

Jo needs to stop tring to break people… While it is fun watching the “record scratch moment” causing people to brain lock is not cool.
Also, they don’t HAVE to stay MINi. She’s really only small in comparison to the OTHER female leads.

Well, that was good for the soul, and a terrible waste of coffee. I’m glad it missed the laptop.
I laught so hard. Jo is still my favorite character, as much as I love Thomas, Jo still wins.

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