“I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t that.”


They’re outside. on break.

HR does not want to know about this.

Unfortunately, they are still 100% on the company’s dime because they haven’t clocked out for the day. H.R. has been involved in company retreats as well as office parties.

HR has been involved in company retreats, retweets, and … re-teats?
Sorry, but the knowing-ness of Jo’s face in panel four might be the best face in this entire arc. So well done.

HR from my personal experiences has always been about spinning the circumstances to save company face even if it does mean turning a blind eye. In other words, HR is a joke.

HR from my personal experience has always been about spinning the circumstances to save the company face even if it means turning a blind eye. In other words, HR is incredibly dangerous and must be treated with kid gloves.

In particular, if HR ever schedules a meeting with yourself and somebody above you in the corporate ladder, this is the most important meeting you have that day for your career with that company. If you already have one foot out the door, but you’re not ready to move the next foot out the door, go anyway. Because if you don’t go, chances are you’ll be escorted out shortly.

To be clear, I’ve never been invited to such a meeting. I’ve had a number of coworkers who were invited to those meetings. If I recall correctly, exactly one of the people who opted to not attend said meeting had a job with the company on the following day. But they didn’t the day after that.

Attending one of those meetings may not save ones job. But it did for the majority of the people I’ve known who attended those meetings. One of the people whose jobs it didn’t save had said right before he left for it that he was planning on telling HR off, which didn’t strike me as the best course of action.

As far as HR’s line about being a friend to employees? If you can manage to convince them it’s good for the company to retain you and keep you happy, then absolutely. Otherwise absolutely not.

That punchline made me spit out my morning beverage. Good job Jackie, now I need to clean the counter AND microwave before I head to work. :)

Microwave? You open the microwave and drink from it while the door is still open AND you are reading comics?
Or is this a new-fangled self-driving microwave with an entertainment console on the back wall?

And now I get to spend the day using the backup keyboard. The main one seems to be covered in coffee. Somehow.

Well at least John is the type of person to let comments like that slide right by. Certain mamagers are like that. Sadly, they are sooooo very rare.

Still nothing by hospital standards though. I played cards against humanity with the emergency room nurses once. Holy…… they have the darkest senses of humor I have ever encountered.

Cards Against Humanity is surprisingly fun. If you’re not aware, there’s an online equivalent called “Pretend You’re Xyzzy” that’s free to play.

I really love Jo’s look, in the last scene.
It’s a very natural look.
I can imagine seeing an actual human, taking that pose.

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