1125 Self Insertion.

Every goddamn year, hay fever… Guh. This week. Bullshit. Next week I’m getting shit back on schedule. I’m so sick of this perpetual catch up I’m stuck doing. Anyway, my head hurts and I just want to lay down. I’ll catch you guys later. Enjoy judging Jess some more. I’ll be around the comments when I wake up, or whatever.




I don’t think Carol is capable of a suplex. Just sayin’…

Alina is based on Carol, and this is unreality also, so Carol could very likely toss her through the ceiling- though she would be unlikely to as I doubt she would consider her a real threat. I mean if Carol is your type-Jess doesn’t compare. Though still cute.

Meh. Thomas hasn’t been buying it all along. This is the only reason Jess has kept up with it. I mean, if he’d been like, “Let’s hit it yesterday,” she’d be all, “Nah. I’m just scoping boy-toys. I appreciate the distraction, though!”

This is totally what Jess’s top is doing right now:

So, folks are really ripping into Jess that much? Dang.

She’s living her life by her rules, and that might step on some people’s toes, but so what?

I think there’s a difference between ‘toes’ and ‘hearts’….and ‘balls’.

Also, I’m thinking a few of these people have been in the situation aforementioned, so widdling it down to ‘toe stepping’ is probably ill advised.

Good for her for not trying to steal him, but being open to both. Maybe trying a bit to hard, but we all have our moments.

on the doctor’s office sex: male or female, she writes yes! :P

Seriously though, I’m enjoying Jess now. She’s been joking so much she’s won me over, all over again!

I was never really a Jess fan, but that’s her slightly callous, pseudoditz personality, not her sexual proclivities. I try not to slut shame, in real life and a comic character.

Her Pseudoditz personality gets her pretty far it seems, so jealousy may be a bit a part of that one.

I have lived a sheltered life and am unfamiliar with this term. Should I Google it?

Which term, “pseudoditz” or “slut shame”?

A pseudoditz is someone who acts, or pretends to be, ditzy (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/ditzy?s=t), but is actually much smarter than that. Which does seem like Jess.

Slut shaming is… well, here: . Whether there’s been some of that going on about Jess lately, I’ll leave for everyone else to decide.

Awwww…. seriosly…. nooooo… I mean my fantasy was a manipulative jess…. not a slutty romantic one… I guess I was wrong… high five who ever got it tho I never saw it coming

Wait… What makes you think she can’t be both?

You are right! (dam ofcourse you are)
But for me her last expression was kind of a proyection of herself… yes she can be manipulative but if you blush that means it is afecting you. You can go into all sorts of discution about this but for me the bottom line when you loose your poker face you loose your game.


Heh, boobies

Wait, what was I saying?.

Look, I really resent you implying that I am easily distracted or suffer from some sort of ‘Attention Deficit Disorder’. Furthermore, I… ooh, shiny!

The more this conversation goes on the less I can stand her.
I hope the reason why Thomas called her and her friends gets explained soon.

I don’t think the author needs to spell it out even more.

The only problem is that is kinda of backfired.

Backfired? It worked better than he hoped.

Ethical discussions in your comments for days is what you aimed for?

I was talking about Thomas’s plan, but my goal is always greater participation by readers. Especially if the comments rarely become mean spirited. Love Jess or hate her as long as people care enough to keep following her story my work is still getting attention, which translates to more valuable advertising.

Seriously? We’re judging her? I find Jess’s attitude quite refreshing and rather reasonable.

She just seems like she tries to hard sometimes …

She’s joking around. You don’t even have to be a sexual being to make those jokes. I’m asexual and I love playflirting (Sometimes the comments involving duct tape and handcuffs) doesn’t say anything about what I’m trying to do, just says how comfortable I am with the people I’m talking to.

Joking or not you can admit that sometimes people try too hard to have the jokes focused on and not them or any insecurity they posses

Okay, I’m probably going to get crucified for this, but I really like Jess. (There I said it.)
Maybe its because I see a lot of my own personality quirks in her, but I find myself relating to her and not hating her in the least. (Although I am the male version.)
I don’t think she will actually shoot for Nina if she knows that Ed has a thing for her. I have faith.

Now it is officially too late for me to be posting things. I just got off my shift and decided to check the feeds. Cant wait for next update!

That’s it! I’m going to the lumber store for nails — big ones!
Actually, the tide seems to be turning in Jess’ favor a little, today.

… Wait Perfesser_Bear you are not planning this threw… Your bring the RB Nails I got my RB Hammer… who bringing the cross?

Im sorry I might actualy have some sort of empathy for your thoughts EnigmaThirteen but crucifing, stonning, throwing people to the lions are the only things that entertain me since my 3DS got bricked.

I personally love Jess, as well. She is free spirited in a way that many of us wish we could be, totally confident and comfortable in her own skin. It also seems obvious to me that she’s playing around, and, as someone else pointed out, really only continuing it because of Thomas’ reactions.

Her character amuses me greatly, quirky as she is.


(* well, everyone else was saying it… *)

Seriously, Jess is just the Modern Woman, writ large. Some of our Forum group, however, seem to be confusing Jess with a real human being and wishing are horrible, painful, lingering death on a comic character. Get a life, people.

Also, l?ve Jess’ blush in panel 3. It just makes her more human, somehow; horny and human.

Modern women use people?

You’re missing the primary problem people have with the character. It’s not that she’s pro-sex, it’s that she’s pro-sex at the expense of other people’s mental, emotional and possibly physical benefit.

She’s stated she enjoys messing with her brother’s head, she’s talking about making moves on the girl she KNOWS he has feelings for, she’s broken up with people and only been concerned about her own well being after the fact, and she’s currently trying to put the moves on a guy she knows is in a relationship and has no interest in her.

If that’s ‘the modern woman’ I’d better find a time machine and get the fuck out of here.

Okay, seriously, what is that dress made out of? How does it just keep slipping? A couple pages ago, it was snug on her shoulders. Now it’s halfway down her arms and exposing wonderful amounts of cleavage.

Jess is a Trisexual (meaning she will Try Anything Sexual). =)
Many, if not most, wind up in counseling but Jess seems to be well grounded and not above joking about it. Congratulations on such a well developed character.

Does pan sexual-nymphomaniac sound correct?

nymphomania implies she lacks control, like she’s addicted to sex. But I will agree with pan (or Omni) sexual.

Uncontrollable or excessive sexual desire in a woman.

More than is necessary, normal, or desirable; immoderate.

It seems that nymphomania might imply a greater than societal median desire for copulation…

Now: define “lacks control”.

She’s a little over-the-top, but everyone in the comic is, and she’s very similar to my roomie… I love Jess, and take no issue with her desires.

As a pansexual who’s joined couples as a third, and as someone in a romantically involved relationship who has a live-in third, I can say that, given a decent chemistry, there’s a pile of awesome happening here. I’m still surprised, in this day and age, as to why people are unsupportive of people like Jess (and myself… and my roomie… and…)

I don’t understand the slut-shaming.

I don’t get it either but I think it has something to do with the concepts religion puts into place. Sure, one can argue abstinence or monogamy from a biological standpoint as well, and for a lot of people, multiple partners aren’t something their brains can chemically endure, but if you can handle it and have the will to pursue it, good for you. I’m no angel by any means, but I personally cannot handle more than one person, my brain isn’t wired properly for it and my deep seated trust issues barely let me have many friends, much less multiple lovers.

I just have a problem with the fact that people allow so much hatred of people that aren’t the same. I mean I truly do not give a damn about how people act, if it isn’t hurting people. It’s the fact that Girls get an extra helping of slut shaming with a side order of virgin shaming if that is the air they give off. Guys tend to get a huge heap of Virgin shaming with little to no slut shaming. And Transgender people get everything and a ton of discrimination on top of it.

I just want to accept Jess as she is cause she’s not hurting people. She’s being open about the fact that her relationships tend to be short, she’s not promising anything, just being herself. Anyone that gives consent to be with her by that point knows her rather well, and only has themselves to blame.

I think the reason people hate “sluts” is because they manipulate peoples’ partners into cheating and whatnot. Some people prefer monogamy over polygamy, and that needs to be respected.

people who “cheat” are responsible for their own actions. It’s not a good reason to hate someone who is comfortable with their sexuality.

Be comfortable with your sexuality, respect others.

Jess is not doing one of these things, at least in some people’s perspective.

I’m bisexual and polyamorous, my problems with Jess have nothing to do with her sexuality as previously stated. My problems with her are her ethics, she seems to have a callous disregard for other’s feelings including her own brother. I may be incorrect on this, but until proven otherwise, I still think she’s a douche.

Having observed a number of twins, I find that in their early 20s they try to be as. distinctly separate as possible. So while Ed seems to be more caring and shy sexually , jess goes the complete opposite to be different. Most of my experience is with identical twins though, so ymmv.

Not to say it isn’ t a bit cold of her and that she could stand to be a bit more sensitive to Ed’s feelings, though.

> “she seems to have a callous disregard for other’s feelings including her own brother.”

Yeah, that’s kinda something I appreciate. No familial bonds, driven, and fully prepared to do what she sees to be fit for her own happiness, while being driven by the happiness of herself and others. She seems to enjoy sex for the sake of sex, and romance and strings just get in the way of that, as I can readily attest to.

Pan, Poly, Genderless here. Consider sociopathy to typically be a beneficial trait in those I interact with; such people act when it benefits them, and thus are completely predictable. I very much prefer the “mercenary” attitude in people.

you probably can’t do anything about it but some script on your site causes firefox to freeze up(it’s some flash based script, since i had to close adobe flash to un-freeze it)

Hey, so, if you have hay fever and you’re feeling like you’re behind anyways, why don’t you take a small break like, a couple weeks or something. Build up a buffer of pages so that way if you get sick again you’ve got them ready and such. I think it could do you good, as an aside, I love the characters still, and I still love what you’re doing here. Keep up the awesome work, but don’t overwork yourself, we’re getting a free comic here, no need to burn yourself with it. :D

He’s got a point. Your an awesome artist and your characters have developed quite a bit since the first page.

Jess is an awesome character. Truthfully i know a male and a female Jess and they are both cool people. But more importantly, Brooke. What is she based on? I know that sometimes she uses a quite from “Mr Deeds” but what about her personality, did you base her off anything else? She is amazing <3

I don’t think any less of Jess for this. She’s not trying to home wreck. She’s not trying to hurt anyone. She’s trying to experience new things and please herself and others.

“I must apologize, Jess, for my peen escapes your grasp this day and all those that follow, for my inability to distinguish between your face and your brother’s during the throes of passion would cause my nethers to wither such as the land of Mordor could only dream of. We would not have fun, my dear, neither the one of us. I only save you from yourself, you understand, yourself and the mighty rage of my beloved, that she would not smite thee through every solid surface within ten miles, and myself sure to follow.”

Kinda how I imagine Tomas would respond if Jess REALLY pressed the issue.

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