1124 Don’t Knock It.

It is more than a little amusing to me that after the controversy, for want of a better word, concerning Jessica’s obvious selfishness, and possible heartlessness, that his first words express a desire to be more like her. Be it bluster or not Thomas is not nearly as harried by her attitude as some readers have been. Of course he does seem to have a talent for seeing the truth of a person despite their best efforts to conceal it. It is also amusing that she epitomizes the ability to “get over it” that some have vocally expressed a desire for in Thomas, while deriding it in her. People are very complex. XD

I have been infected with the teen virus. Although I have not been brought to death’s door by it as yet. I just have a scratchy throat and a cranky attitude. Although one could make a compelling argument that the latter is not the product of disease…

We have been taking dinner much later than is usual lately. This fact, combined with the early rising, has made me want to go to bed directly after we eat. Which causes me to sleep incorrectly and wake up at 3AM. The cycle is becoming quite vicious. As an added bonus by the time 7AM rolls around I want to go to bed again till about noon, which is counterproductive to say the least.

The teen has been monitoring my posts. Even now she is forcing me to read them aloud. I’m doing so as I write. Under protest. Rather than writing the next installment of the fiction story I am being forced, at phonepoint, to watch a film called Pain & Gain. It apparently stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson & Mark “The Honky” Wahlberg. In additions to these potentially negative factors it was directed by one Michael Bay. I expect at least one meteor to whiz through a building at some point.

I welcome you to heap scorn upon my young cousin for robbing you of my brilliance. I will leave it to you to find her facebook page. (Please don’t do what I just suggested.)


The only good thing about Pain & Gain was that I saw it at an actual drive-in with my lady friend. So, nothing was good about the movie, just the circumstances of seeing it.

Teenagers being teenagers man. She’ll regret it later.

That being said, even if permission was not given, vengeance IS mine. Your story is awesome! Stop making him not write, teenager! He is a comic maker, and thus belongs top the world!

It’s because society says men can have whatever faults they like while a woman represents all women. People criticize public women because if a woman messes up she reinforces stereotypes. We are still very much a minority, stuck into subsections of “woman” like “Bitch” if we’re strong or “Ditz” if we’re weak without much room in between. Basically a situation of “Can’t beat ’em still can’t join them.. Oh for @#%^’s sake…”
I personally see nothing wrong with Jess, she’s an independent woman who’s confident in herself and her ability to get girls and guys, that doesn’t make her a streetwalker, just a sexual being, without a lot of the hang ups that Thomas recognizes in himself. It makes sense that he’d admire her openness, today of all days.

The biggest problem that I have with Jess, has nothing to do with her openness or her sexuality. It has to do with her use them and toss them away attitude. The fact that she went after a girl that she knew her brother had been crushing on and then did it in a place that he caught her at it was just not right. Regardless whether or not he’d gotten over his crush before she made her play or not was of no consequence. From the sound of it she didn’t even tell her brother that she swung that way or that she had a thing for his crush as well.
She’s also admitted that it doesn’t bother her if others are hurt by the way she treats them.

I’ve met people like her who go through life with a callous me first attitude and I’ve met some of the people that their callousness has hurt. One was an over sensitive man with Asperger’s syndrome and social anxiety disorder who had enough trouble dealing with the real world to begin with that when a particularly callous woman was done with him he was almost a shut in. She didn’t care that she had scared him most likely for life, her only comment to me about him was “Oh I had him already, now I want the next exciting thing”.

These type of people are selfish, egotistical, and self centered, and they use the excuse that they are only trying to live life to the fullest. But like I said, you don’t have to chew up and spit out other people to live life like there’s no tomorrow. Be ethical, and be honest, that’s my motto. The only thing that Jess seems to be doing right is being honest, because she certainly doesn’t seem to be ethical in my opinion.

Agreed. And again, we are not saying she is a bad person, our that she should be shunned court this. She obviously has good qualities, or Thomas and such wouldn’t be friends with her. Mayhaps we are wrong. Either way, as a strong, independent woman myself, I don’t come on strong publicly, don’t enjoy anyone who does, and don’t suggest, ahem, my guy friends enjoy some whipped cream just because I do.

IfThomas is cool, cool. He’s the only one that matters.

First, Jess strides the line between “enjoyment” and “STD magnet”. That’s no good.

Second, Thomas is being weirdly calm. Something sits not right.

Third, . . . I shall seek you out, teen. I will bring you to the top of the world, so it shall hurt that much more when I take everything. I will torture your being until you beg for sweet release of death. Only then shall I oblige.

Didn’t mean to reply to like, everyone, but dude, that’s a little strong…

I don’t see anything wrong with what he said. Well, let me just translate for you:

“Teen, you’re grounded for a month, and you have to do all the chores. ALL OF THEM!”

I’ll say this much for Jess — she knows what she wants and goes after it. We should all be so lucky.

I don’t much care for her use ’em and toss ’em away attitude, but hey, some guys don’t mind that. Some guys actually PREFER no-attachment flings.

Besides, whether her attitude is a good one or no, she is damn hot. Which makes a lot of things forgiveable, as far as we guys are concerned. :)


I think we call would like a bit of Jess-ness in our lives. Not to feel as bound to thr rules and limits we set for ourselves.

It’s just a little bit of that goes a long way.

Too much and you’re just a selfish little user-bitch.

I love Jess, and she’s very much like both myself and one of my roomies… People frequently take issue with it, but I don’t care, I make tons of people happy~

Her using herself as barter is awesome, from where I stand. I’ve done that before, to great result….

From Jess’s previous actions and your comments on her current attitude, am I to assume she is the type to leap before looking and that she is putting up a self-centered facade to make people believe she doesn’t mind when she hurts them on accident?

Her strapless dress has practically been animated for the past week.

Also, when I suggested a date, this isn’t what I had in mind. Naturally, since I’m not the author or artist.

However, I did ask for it…


It’s like you just watched fifty people use the same fork and then someone offers it to you for your salad.

Doesn’t matter how much you wash it, once the curtain’s pulled back…it’s still kind of unsettling.

I often forget that women are meant to be virgins until marriage. Once a dick gets in them they’re ruined forever.

I accept the fact that women have sex with other men he same way I accept anything else that I consider personal or in a state of vulnerability.

I understand it exists, but probably don’t want to know about it in detail moments before I’m to do it myself when it’s something personal.

Like using a public bathroom.



All the fire!!!!

Can you draw Carol dressed as a Luchadore suplexing Jess through a table?

Sex is the biological division of reproductive functions; Male-Female.
Sexual relates to the sexes; Male-Female.
[Gender refers to animals and grammatica]

Intercourse is dealings or communication between individuals or groups.

By stringent definition:
Thomas and Jessica are engaged in sexual intercourse.

As I said last time though in a less eloquent way; I don’t mind Jess having sex with multiple people or even her ‘use em and toss em’ attitude(for the most part) it’s the fact that she doesn’t care about who she hurts. Letting go is one thing but depending on how deeply you hurt the person and how undeserving of hurt that person is it just makes you selfish and heartless. Heck I’ll even ait to wanting to be a little like Jess myself. I’m not confident and even at 20 I’m not comfortable talking about sexual things so I’d like to be like Jess in that way but if it meant seeming so just plain mean I’d rather be my shy lil insecure self.

I would heavily advise you not to sleep after eating. You can put on a surprising amount of weight.

The doctors I know have strongly suggested eating dinner before 6pm.

If you are going to eat late, please cut out as much carbs out of dinner as possible, as it can add to your sleeplessness when it is converted to sugar (glucose, the body’s main and preferred source of energy) while you sleep (and then converted into fat cells).

Uuuuggh “How do you know if you don’t try” is the wooooorst (said as a gay person who’s asked why I don’t ‘try’ the opposite sex on a regular basis)

There’s a lot of things I don’t find sexually appealing, I don’t need to try them all to see

To be fair, social stigma is actually a reason people think they won’t like things quite commonly. See: Star Trek’s recent movie, for a current example.

Wait, are we talking social or sexual stigma about the new Star Trek movie?

Because I recall that blonde Star Fleet girl’s unnecessary strip tease raising some ire from classic fans.

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