May your next days be better. Just to help you, I traveled back in time several years and started backing your Patreon then.

Paraphrased from a Dilbert cartoon-

[Dilbert + Dogbert are playing the game, Scrabble]:

Dilbert- What’s that word that you’ve put on the board?

Dogbert- It’s called, “neens”. I had some Ns to get rid of, so I made up a word, spelled- “neens”.

Dilbert- ” The Ns don’t justify the neens! “

Ah, Unsolved Mysteries. Where the best Eliot Ness–Robert Stack–took missing persons cases and occasional Loch Ness Monster sightings and made them exciting.

The only thing better than a pun is a dad joke. But it only becomes one when it becomes a parent.

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