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While inking pages I had one of those weird youtube moments where you start with one thing and somehow end up a long way from the starting subject. I went from the idea that the Angry video Game Nerd is psychotic to the current royal family of England is illegitimate. The idea is being presented by Tony Robinson, who played Baldrich in the Blackadder television series. He’s actually hosted a ton of documentary style shows too, but Blackadder is where I first encountered him. In any event it was a strange ride. Usually I wouldn’t watch a show like this, but Robinson sold me on it.

The teen wanted me to watch a movie called Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones with her. Fair warning there may be spoilers ahead. It’s based on a book series she likes, and is rare in that she could actually describe the plot to me in detail both before, and after, the viewing. In addition to that she can point out changes from the source material. I only bring this up because watching most movies with her is more like me watching while she texts. Once finished she is unable to accurately describe more than 25% of the movie. My new favorite case in point is Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Which was related back to me thusly:

Doctor Jones likes treasure, or something, but that guy takes it from him. Then there’s that girl and they go to Egypt to look for something. SNAKES!!! Then there’s ghosts that melt Nazis?

Which, now that I look at it, is an incomplete, but succinct, description of the film. Maybe I judge her retention too harshly. She’s also terrified of snakes. To the point that she can’t look at a photo of a snake without screaming. Which is how I keep her out of my iPod now. I had forgotten just how snakey Raiders is. There’s a 30 minute section where she just screamed and hid her face. I wouldn’t normally have treated her to immersion therapy, but my memory failed me in this case, and I didn’t fully comprehend how deep her fear of snakes is…

Anyway, City Of Bones is not terrible. It’s not great, but it’s watchable. Unfortunately the pacing is such that a lot of the dramatic elements feel very forced. You’re never given time enough for it to feel like the characters should act the way they do. There may have been too much book to compress into this little movie. Mortal Instruments rockets along leaving the casual observer feeling like they missed something along the way. I wonder if people who didn’t read Harry Potter felt the same way. I feel like the HP movies did a good job of selling the friendship of the cast, but I can’t divorce myself from the bias of having read the books.

In any case, as I said, it wasn’t terrible. Although you could tell that the implied incest subplot made someone in the writer’s room uncomfortable because they made a point of not pulling a Star Wars with it. Still, on the whole it was more tolerable than, say… a Step Up sequel or a Fast And Furious sequel, which I refuse to be subjected to.


Reggie, are you accidentally being a tolerable human being? That’s nice.

I’m pretty sure Reggie’s been tolerable to everyone for a while now.

At least that’s what I got off his last appearances.

I was going to say – is it just me, or is Reggie becoming one of those almost… impossible-to-find characters that goes from ‘biggest douche’ to a legitimately likeable person?

I admit, that is one of the things I’ve been hoping for since reading BF from the beginning, was that he would become as likeable as the others.

A part of it is the crowd of people baying for his bloody death for every infraction in this comments section have settled down. He’ll naturally seem like a better person without Team Sociopath on the rampage.

To be sure, Reggie is never going to be anybody’s best friend, but I think if he can keep his Holier than Thou attitude bottled up, he’ll be better tolerated by the gang. The biggest threat to Reggie’s survival is probably becoming a patsy to Wesley Asel’s trouble-making in a future arc.

omg, do you watch Game Theory by any chance?


The Majora’s mask ones probably ruptured something in me. I’ve always marveled at just how dark the game is, compared to ALL the others, but the amount of extrapulation needed for his logic to come through was… minimal. I was genuinely surprised.

Loving the Ninjo >.> face.

Loving the Ninjo >.> face.

I was going to comment on that, too — her ‘Fourth Wall’ side-glance is so cinematic…

I can’t watch the Majora’s Mask episodes because I’ve still yet to play the game and I don’t want the spoilers… so annoying, I want to watch them but I can’t watch them before I finish the game and I haven’t had time to play the game because I have like 16 other games waiting for playing and the videos would be much quicker to watch but I can’t watch them…

I think I’ve given up on ever playing Majora’s Mask. I suppose I still could. I think it’s downloadable for the Wii, which I still have.

It’s not something I’m in a hurry to play. The N64 being particularly unkind to my motion sickness probably has a lot to do with my aversion to trying.

I haven’t seen any of the Fast And Furious movies, nor have I any plans to.
And while it’s tragic that the main actor perished (in a high speed auto accident, ironically enough), it does reduce the chance of any more sequels being released. So, silver lining?

Paul walker did famously say that that was how he wanted to go, that if he died because of speed he would be “smiling all the way”.

angry video game nerd (aka angry german kid? not entirely sure were talking about the same thing) is 100% not psychotic. the infamous video is him acting out a way over the top game rage, he is/was a german youtube channeler.

ummmm… While Angry Video Game Nerd is rather angry, and does go over the top… he ISN”T angry german kid. Angry Video Game Nerd is a guy who reviews old bad video games (and occasionally the video game equipment) and blasts out their every fault.

Is anyone else feeling Reggie x Brooksie feels? They (strangely enough) look adorabubble together.

I thought that for a moment, too, but Brooksie is too timid to ever put ass-hat in his place. He would just get worse around her, I think. Till she dumped him.

Nah. Thomas has already stated that he has no worries about whether Jolene can hold her own. Reggie just hasn’t fully warranted it yet.

I really don’t think there is any interest between the two of them as far as the comic canon goes. You can ship whomever you like, though.

First, let me say, of course the current royal family of England is illegitimate. That’s what royals do, 1066 and all that. By the same token, there hasn’t ever been a legitimate monarchy, anywhere — the Might Makes Right theory never held water.

Also, thanks for the spoiler alert on Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, but somehow I think that’s a movie I’m destined never to watch. Kind of like 2007’s Hot Rod with Andy Samberg, but virtually nothing will ever be that bad again.

Back in 19-ought-78, I took a new girlfriend to the second theatrical run of the first Star Wars (long before they redid the FX and retitled it Episode IV – A New Hope). It was a disaster — she hated Sci Fi anyway, and totally trashed the movie on every imaginable account. I realized that girl was a great drinking partner (and, um, the rest of the dating thing) but she wasn’t the woman I wanted to spend my life with. A month or so later, I took a girl from the Third Shift to see it (movies stayed in theaters more than two weeks, then) and we ended up dating off-and-on for eight years. She sure had her priorities straight!

Why is it, whenever I research something I learned in high school in order to respond to someone on the Internet about a topic, I find out what I learned in high school was inaccurate in all but the most famous details? (For example, in this case, the details that were accurate were the Magna Carta was the name of a document which did much of what my high school history teacher said it did, and at least one of the kings he said was involved with it was involved with it, though in a completely different way.) Oh, right. That was because my high school history classes were a far bigger waste of time than I realized.

Oh well, at least I learned to do research before being one of the wrong people on the Internet. Thank you for the indirect history lesson.

Someone lent me that book, I think. I didn’t mind it except that 3 separate characters do the “I’ll save you!” sacrifice-dive in front of someone else in a span of something like 10 pages. I was laughing. Lost much of my respect for the book at that point.

…NEVER read the book before seeing the movie! It totally spoils the experience. But if you liked the movie, definitely read the book.

I can’t shake the thought from my head, is the teen attractive?

I really want to make an I see why ur name is Slaanesh, but you are probably just genuinely curious. Anyways, Hail the Dark Prince.

I like how Reggie phrased it properly. He said he didn’t always have the time to keep up on it. Not that he didn’t want to. But, yeah ever since the Dart Gun showdown he’s been becoming a cooler (well for Reggie) character. Besides Thoma’s has always held on hope that Reggie would eventually become one of the dysfunctional family members.

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