1170 Appreciation.

There was a moment where I wasn’t sure how I wanted Thomas to take this. Honestly, if I was in his place, I’m not sure what I would do. I’d like to think that I’d be cool about it, but I feel like I’d really just say “No. Fuck you.” Which is almost what I wrote. The fallout would kind of be fun to write. XD Of course, in the end, Thomas is better than me, so this more adult handling of things is what he would do, and did. But there is a dark timeline now… where Evil Thomas told this bald fuck where to get off. >:D

I tried a few more things before giving up on my old AC town, but nothing worked. So I started from the ground up again. A few charitable people donated bells and items to help me out. Chief among them Yawnitz, who is a regular commenter. My new fruit is the apple. There was a perfect one on a tree even. One of my old villagers was even there in the new town. Jeramiah, is a blue frog, and he was a good friend of mine. I also got a cool eagle named Pierce, and Ankha, an Egyptian themed cat. Ankha was an island villager on the gamecube. My favorite one, in fact. So there was a silver lining at least. Also, if you have a digital copy of AC you can put it on as many sd cards as you like. So a person could have two towns if they wanted even more space for stuff. I had 4 houses before and was running out of room. Which kind of makes me thing that Animal Crossing is a game to prepare you to be a hoarder…

Anyway, if you play 3ds my code is 3909-7997-3526. I want to know enough people in Animal Crossing so that no matter what time I play there’s always a town to visit someplace in the world. XD


No- Thomas did the “good guy” thing. He may have wanted to be a giant dick and just beat the hell out of her husband with his words, but knows when to blame the girl and not the guy she’s attached to.

Good Guy Thomas is a good guy…

Dawn’s husband seems like a good guy too….but part of me wishes you could make the “dark world” into comics too….alternate timelines are fun….too bad you can’t materialize your imagination into epic without extra work.


You know, there are fan artists who could do this for you…

I don’t think there are really.

Maybe you could take the last frame of this and have a ‘thought bubble’ of doing the Terminator’s chain of responses and have one of them being the ubiquitous ‘Fuck you.’

I do agree, however, with everyone else that Thomas did the right thing.

I think MLBlue may have been asking if he could try…

And I’m very sure many of your fans would want to give it a shot.

I wonder how he is going to feel when he finds out that his wife actually sold books and got hit with the adoration of a few “fans.”

I was sort of expecting Thomas to look more frazzled or something. But I guess demure works for him. In his place, I’d be the sort who would laugh awkwardly.

I suspect he’s thinking the worst part of the day is spent, so he’s already letting himself unwind. I suspect the rage of the early part of the day was more from years of build-up, but he actually saw that the experience wasn’t quite as stressful as he originally thought, so he’s deciding to just let the day play out.

It was a good move to take the escape option when he did.

That, and he’s got Carol’s shoulder to cry on. I’m sure I could come up with something to cry about if I got her shoulder….or whatever.

I think it works a lot better this way. I mean, maybe Ed might tell him to go fuck himself, but Thomas is a guy who’s apparently really good at dealing with people. Ed might take the guy’s existence personally; Thomas is the one who’d see past it and accept that this isn’t this guy’s fault.

He’s shaping up to be a fairly decent person, even if he is a bit too passive and seems to have been the guy Dawn more or less cheated on Thomas with.

I don’t think Ed would take it out on this guy. He may fight a lot, but he usually knows who the real target of his rage should be. And while this guy would be somewhat deserving of some kind of retribution, he is also trying his best to apologize and be a better person than he was. No, Ed would probably forgive this guy for his transgressions, just like he forgave Carol, and realize it was mostly Dawn he would need to be pissed at.

Oh, I don’t mean Ed would fight him or anything. Just that I think he’d tell the guy to go fuck off.

Thomas only showed tension towards Lewis specifically when he said “stole Dawn from”. And Dawn’s statement of “technically”… It looks pretty obvious that there was something between Dawn and Lewis while Thomas was still in the picture.

The most Carol did was lip Ed off. Heck, that’s the most Reggie did too and Ed nearly attacked him over it. Even with Lewis’ actions being in the past, I can’t imagine Ed-In-Thomas’-Shoes reacting well to the guy.

The difference, however, was that Carol realized she crossed a line, and actively apologized for it, while Reggie was still being an arrogant dick.

What’s interesting is the commonalities between Thomas and Dawn’s hubby. Namely passivity. Dawn apparently has a “type”…and he’s easily directed.

Which means motherhood is going to freak Dawn out. She won’t be the center of attention any more. The baby will be.

That and you can’t completely control your child. You can try, but it never ends well, and at some point in their life, the child rebels.

What am I supposed to do about Toy Day?!?!

I’ve been having trouble with it, myself. You have to keep talking to each villager, and they’ll eventually tell you what they want for Toy Day.

Of all of my villagers, I’ve only been given enough clues to get presents for two of them. I think I’ve finally gotten hints from most of the rest of them, but I’m going to be hitting up Gamefaqs pretty soon to find out what the rest want.

J. Thomas Blackwell, go look in the mirror and tell the guy you see what a lucky bastard he is. There, but for a stroke of luck (and Dawnstance’s unreason) go thou. Lewis is as good as Dead Man Walking — he didn’t know what he was getting into, and he’s in it way over his head.

@Crave– I think you handled writing this better than many would. Thomas comes off one part understanding and one part thunderstruck. It’s the perfect real-world response.

Interesting. Apparently Lewis is a decent guy. At the very least, he realizes that his wife’s antics were way out of line. And good for Thomas for being the better man. I suspect that Thomas realizes that Lewis isn’t the villain here. If anything, Lewis is as much a victim of Dawn’s craziness as he is.

I suspect that Lewis and Dawn are going to have a very spirited discussion later today.


Happy i could help with your acnl town (i donated the silver rod, shovel and net)

Also yea i don’t think I’d be as good as Thomas here either.

Welp, I have neither a 3DS nor ACNL, but I’ll probably get both now that I have a stable income and can afford such niceties in my life. Just tell me if there’s any fruit or anything you need before I get started and I’ll random towns ’till I get the desired result.

I’d say just go with what you get. Watch out for that perfect fruit, though. From what I keep hearing, I suspect every town starts with one. PLANT IT! Don’t eat it.

I ship it

I wouldn’t necessarily characterize Dawn’s overall behavior as “crazy.” If she got hit with the double-whammy of her mom getting sick plus finding out there’s a baby on the way, it could easily feel like the whole world turning topsy-turvy. A lot of people in that situation would want to latch on to whatever stability they could find, and for her it might be returning to where she grew up (which would presumably put her closer to her mom, offer career opportunities to Lewis, and allow her kid to later on go to the same schools and teachers she went to). So, that makes sense in the context of what we know so far.

The specific thing about wanting Thomas there, plus the outburst of “he was supposed to follow me!” suggests there’s some unresolved issues, obviously. Lewis at least seems to be aware that this was probably not a one-off thing, and that Thomas and he may have to navigate these waters again in the future.

I can attest to AC preparing you to be a hoarder, I played that (and I-ninja) way too much on my GameCube, tho, thankfully haven’t picked them up for our other systems. I eventually got to the point of not caring about getting the highest score on the house-judging contests or seasonal themed furniture. Having our GC half-fried by moisture damage after a hurricane blew in some windows might have had something to do with that.

For Thomas’ situation, the lyrics from Earl Thomas Conley’s “What I’d Say” seems fitting.

I would be honored to trade codes with one of my favorite webcomic authors. Mine’s 1950-7881-0552. I have an AC town myself, and a copy of Pokemon X.

This only reinforces my opinions regarding dawn: she’s impulsive and not very good at communication, especially in a relationship.
Props to Lewis though for actually apologizing for her, since she seems to be completely oblivious.

My friend code is 0044-4259-1331. I have not played animal crossing in a while though but I do plan on getting back to it soon enough.

I haven’t read this in a while so I’m gonna have to go back a bit to catch up.

I live in Australia, and I just recently acquired Animal Crossing :D My code is 0430 9094 7201.

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