1361 Throwing Shade.

The Teen wanted to get ice cream this evening. The punishment for this is having to walk around Walmart after with me. It’s a thirty minute drive both ways, so I don’t like just going to town to get one thing. These excursions test her patience with me, since I have to dawdle until I feel like the trip wasn’t a waste. This time she got a box of outdated WWE valentines for a quarter. She also got a Stone Cold Steve Austin dog tag. She wanted John Cena but so far I’ve only produced Steve and Shawn Micheals. Luckily those are two of her favorites.
The Teen came in at the end of Shawn’s career. So she got attached and then he left. I can barely remember what was happening just before he retired. I think he and Edge left at about the same time. He was also a favorite of hers. The WWE has changed a lot since then. It’s not anywhere near as violent as that era.
John Stewart’s appearance on Monday Night Raw was great. He seems to know his stuff. He’s also good on the mic and knows when to get in a low blow. XD look it up on YouTube if you haven’t.

I’m not going to lie to you. I get a kick out of better than you Reggie. He is one of the most entertaining Reggies.


That last panel. Ouch, Reggie!

Left herself wide open for that one.

I hope she felt that one.

Honestly, I agree with you, sir; better-than-you Reggie is pretty awesome. Sometimes it isn’t as amusing, but in this situation, where Evrina has gone out of her way to come out of the gate as trying to push buttons and be unlikable, Reggie comes across as AMAZING.

Any other situation, he’d seem to just be an asshole. But in this situation, it’s just like tennis; Evrina tries to smash the ball down his throat and he makes it clear how outclassed at this game she really is with his return on her serve.

Evrina done got served!

Evrina’s big mistake here, was thinking someone starting later at sex was terrible.

Though, it’s possible Evrina may have had to grow up faster, so she may have started earlier and then thought of it as everyone should.

I have no problem at starting late. Actually as a Christian, I made the choice to wait until after marriage.

Not to start off a discussion about religion but honestly I understand someone who for various reasons waited till he was thirty-something years old than someone who had his first time at 20-22 but decided to get married before that.

The problem Evrina had is one that many people have… assuming that what they believe is better than what somebody else believes, or believes in. Realizing what a mistake it is to behave that way makes one a better person across ALL of human experience, religious or otherwise. IMO.

Goddamn Evrina, I hope you never learn your lesson, because this Reggie is best Reggie when it’s someone I don’t really like to begin with.

I realy hope reggie completely crushes Evrina in this… I know i dont know Evrina much yet, but in my head it would make a for a cool storyarch to see her taken down a peg or fifteen, and then seeing her deal with the sudden disempowerment.

Meh. I could care less about that twat waffle. It seems that this verbal bully had this coming for a while now.

Here’s hoping Reggie doesnt take this to far beyond showing some back bone. If he were to just dial up the nasty to eleven and the group thinks its “too far” then whats-her-face winds up regaining some matter of moral high ground.

well higher than reggie anyway. and that is all she would need for a ‘win’. Which in this case would be support of the group.

If that were to happen I could definitely see reggie turning onto the group as a whole for they’re fickleness (probably seeing it as a betrayal) After all he was just standing up for himself (and the group by proxy).

That would be a real shitty outcome though. Especially with his sister in the room.

“Twat waffle”…is that from something, a memetic insult, or do you also play Game of War? Because this is the second time in as many days that I’ve seen that combination of words.

Game of War? Cant say that i do.
Ill go with the theory that; like all really good curse words , I heard it at some point when i was younger and more impressionable and it stuck in my head.

Like Douche Canoe.

or thunder-cunt. (Thank you Blade3 and Ryan Reynolds for teaching me that there Are worse things to call a woman than cunt. )

Reggie won’t win due to being a Squidward. Squidwards can’t win, even in situations where you want them too. It is in their nature to get the short-end of the stick and usually, this is good. But once it happens too often, they cross a line and all their appreciable characteristics no longer make up for their dickishness. Next few story arc’s will see our boy Reggie slowly sinking into madness and trying to come to terms with being an antagonistic force in people’s lives, while clashing with his entitled “I’m superior to everyone” outlook. Also, John will come out, Brooksie will go to rehab, and Carol and Thomas will accidentally murder Nina and be forced to hide the body.

Or not

A friend is someone you call to help you move. A best friend is someone you call to help you move a body.

There are two kinds of people in this world. People who you can trust to help you move a body… and people who ARE the body.

I for one am greatly enjoying Reggie being the hero here. To me there is no better story than a Egocentric Megalomaniac that when confronted with a mirror of themselves realises how they have been portraying themselves and does an about face to become someone that the readers care about and want to see evolve in both personality and character.

By the way I have to say that I have become a HUGE fan of this comic ^_^ i’ve been lurking about and watching like a hawk for updates and have yet to be disapointed.
Can’t wait to see how all of this is going to play out.


Evrina better watch out with Reggie, he just learned some major stuff about his family history and she has no idea what she’s in for should she press that shiny red button that will really set him off.


Wouldn’t it be interesting if Evrina gets dropped a peg or two and in a future story arc she and Reggie end up becoming an item? After all, Birds of a feather and all that jazz.
(I know, I’m long winded lol)

“If you wish to feel superior to someone, become a better person and feel superior to who you used to be.”

Seventeen a late start? Jesus, what does Ervina think of as normal?!

I think 17 is approximately the national average in the US. I’ve heard many stories of much younger. For Reggie I considered going higher, but the story wouldn’t make sense.

It would appear that you are correct. According to at least one study in 2013 (citation below), nearly half (48%) of all US 17 yr-olds had had sex. Realizing that this means those ranging from 17 years + 0 days to 17 years 364 days, that would mean roughly that 17.5 yrs old (or, as Reggie put it “17 and some change”) was very close to the average. On the other hand, the rate of abstinence has been gradually increasing over the past few years so that number may have shifted upwards a little.

Clearly if Evrina thinks 17 (the average) is a “late start” her perceptions are a bit skewed – or maybe she’s just trying to be mean.

Finer LB and Philbin JM, Sexual initiation, contraceptive use, and pregnancy among young adolescents, Pediatrics, 2013,

I totally question that data. Sexuality is an area that always give skewed results in self-reported data collection. Simply put, there are too many emotional/cultural variables at play that taint the respondent’s answers.

Long and short of it: Boys always say they lost their virginity earlier (virgin-shaming), girls always claim later. (slut-shaming)

Yes I know, its a gender stereotype, but still.

It’s more than a gender stereotype, it’s a cultural bias. We teach girls to slut-shame and boys to virgin-shame. Admittedly not a given, and slowly changing (in the fearful of change manner of human cultures), but it is a strong influencing effect.

meh it’s kind of 50/50 really. the biggest issue has to do with who the individual is talking to in order to determine if you’re getting the straight dope or not. A person typically will lean to being more honest if they lost his/her virginity early/late if they are within his/her own peer group. when speaking to outsiders they will typically stick to societal norms. so yes it’s true that a person will lie about sex at times but it’s not a constant.

First thanks Fugacity, that was a cool read. Weird to see how the trends got really conservative in the 60’s.
As for the quality of the data, certainly fair to question it, the error you mentioned is real. But the next question is how much does it skew the data? Does it skew it to a point that it is useless for the purpose of our conversation? I think the answer to that is no.
In the reports discussion you will see that they recognized your concern, and made some good points defending the quality of the data.


That’s an interesting study. Just temper that data with the most important thing we learned from Drs. Kinsey, Masters & Johnson, and of course, House:

People lie.

Yup – they certainly do lie! And I agree that we have to temper our opinions based on that realization.

Reality is that sex tends to be a very personal thing and most people have trouble talking about it honestly. There is SOME research that suggests that when talking to researchers that they don’t know, kids are prone to being factual – but I wouldn’t consider it conclusive. Like all science, I take such stuff as being a single data point. If enough other datapoints INDEPENDENTLY concur then it moves from realm of “maybe” into “probably”. An interesting correlation comes in the form of teen pregnancies and teen STI’s – both of which are tracked independent of what kids report (public health records). They don’t give us exact numbers but they do help with correlating trends – like it’s increasing or it’s decreasing or it’s fairly stable.

If she thinks 17 is too old to be a virgin, imagine how she would react to a 54 year old virgin like myself.

Shawn’s final feuds were Jericho during his “I’m a higher classed person than you people, you’re not fit to worship the ground I walk on you” phase and his final wrestlemania feud with the undertaker. Edge left about a year or so later with the neck problems from all those ridiculous ridiculous latter matches.

Jon Stewart is the best. And yes, he has liked wrestling for a while and has consistently referenced it and had wrestlers on the daily show. He was in the front row for 2014 Money in the bank.

Also John Cena’s character is the dirt worst. I dunno how much of his own stuff he writes or agrees with (I know he has a fair amount of behind the scenes pull) but this face john cena is the most garbage person I’ve seen in a long time. always being a giant baby and throwing temper tantrums everywhere when he doesn’t get his way. Its just awful. This year’s wrestlemania is shaping up to be a sad state of affairs. There are very few people looking forward to it. :(

Didn’t John Cena used to be a Good Guy, back when he started?

technically he still is. but the problem is that the good guys and the bad guys are almost identical in wwe now. the only thing that really differs is their motivations. they still use the same horrible dishonorable tactics. one just happens to say, I’m in with the good guys, I go where the good guys go. (there is a random intentional reference in this post)

She keeps trying and keeps failing. May she never learn her lesson, as this side of Reggie is very amusing.

I don’t know how you’re doing it, but I feel like every time we see Evrina from her right side – like panel four here and the first one from the last – she looks either normal or kinda ugly. But when we see more of her left side, she’s always seems comes across as attractive. I never knew drawings could have “good sides”, but you’ve managed to give Evrina one. I dont know if you did it on purpose, but it’s amusing nonetheless.

I’m really curious who this first encounter was. I doubt it’s someone we know, but I feel like someone we DO know will/would know who it is and will be surprised. Like, I don’t know, one of Victoria’s friends. In my experience, sisters always have hot friends.

Man, if 17 is considered a “late start” then I am retrograde because 23 and still nothing.

I still find it had to believe Reggie is a grown man. I look at him and his face and his personality and attitude in every page and see a 16 year old kid.

Have you ever worked with railroaders* or delt with fratboys?

*NOTE: about 40% of the railroaders I’ve worked with are man-children. Thankfully they are out numbered by the actual adults.

His interactions here have made me like Reggie more as a character. I don’t mind arrogance, as long as its not accompanied by blaming everyone else for your mistakes.

Doesn’t matter when you start. Reggie is correct. One must have standards. You can wait, marry the wrong person and be stuck in an unhappy marriage for an extended period. Or forever.

Or you can start at sixteen, choose correctly and have a great experience which colors your outlook for life.

I was 19 when I lost my virginity and it was still too damn soon for me. This is about the time in the conversation where I would be pulling out my knitting needles and attempting to stab her in the throat.

I’ve convinced a few new people to read this comic just by showing them the verbal smackdown that has been going on for the past several comics. Well done.

Oh, and you’re lucky to have a Walmart that close. Closest one to here is 80 miles. Course, I guess time depends on how fast you drive. Anything under 160 though, mine’s still farther.

Hmm… 19, after helping a coworker move into her new apartment. It did not turn into a healthy relationship.

I don’t see Reggie as being any different than usual, just the direction of his ire is, for once, pointed in a righteous direction. If Reggie could learn to turn this off and only use it when the situation calls he would be an incredible retail store manager.

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