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I watched Big Hero 6 this week sometime. It was good. I liked it a lot. It’s significantly better than the source material. I actually went to see how close to said source material it was and found out it’s not very. The reason? I suspect because the material is the worst kind of Marvel comics tired idea soup. I actually urge you to go look it up and compare the two things. The Disney version is so far removed from the source it’s more like they just wanted the title and some names they didn’t have to think up. Usually I’m a champion for keeping it source, but in this case not even a little.

I finally let Kyle, my longest resident villager, move out of my Animal Crossing town. His shack had been blocking my development plans for two years. He was just such a fun wolf I couldn’t let him go. Anyway, I tried to replace him with some old favorites, but ended up with a cat named Punchy. He’s fun too so I’m not sad about not getting who I wanted. My town now has Ankha, Felicity, Lolly, and Punchy. So cats outnumber all the other animals. Canberra the koala is now my longest resident villager. I’ll probably keep her forever.

The time change always messes with my posting because I can remember what the translation is for my server. I’m sitting here waiting to see if the page posts or I need to fix the time.


Well shucks. I was hoping that Neil would stand up to her, a little. Heh, heh.

That is the downside to being the Mover and Shaker in a gorup. “Since when did you need help?”

I had a friend who was like Ervina. He had a lot of problems with his family so he made his friends a replacement family. He could also be very tyrannical. Again, not unlike Ervina. A bit too much in his case. He burned through groups of friends periodically. That eventually included me.

Part of the reason for the mass divergence is in how Disney makes movies. Basically they invite other Disney film people over for a screening every couple of weeks, take notes, and adjust. There’s a nice making of featurette on the DVD with a great expression of confusion on Joe Quesada’s face.

So, looks like Evrina’s an elitist now experiencing her associates’ lack of the same elitism. It was bound to happen sooner or later, if not with the furry group, then with something else somewhere.

I looked it up as well and agreed. Movie was better. I don’t blame the comic, not all comic are going to feel like gems to me, but the movie was much better. Not that I don’t think it could have done a few things a bit better, but it was made more for a younger audience.

i feel like we missed reggie’s story, and i’m actually kind of bummed about that. it seems like it’d be an interesting one.

Looks like we got a brief timeskip, and thus are spared the details of Reggie’s love life. Poor Vicky wasn’t so lucky, I’d wager. Needs some brain bleach, ASAP.

As an aside, anyone else notice John seemed to object to that story being told for Victoria’s sake than his own? When he said “I’m not sure I want to hear this”, he was looking at her. And he heard her mention her relation.

Dammit. I’m not supposed to ship a character when they’ve only featured in a half-dozen strips, am I?

Well, there it goes. I had a little grudging respect for her for awhile but not anymore. To me, now she just comes off like a plain old bully, who will beat herpoint of view into others she sees as weaker. I could be wrong, and there is a lot more to her than that, but that’s my current impression.

Now don’t read this as criticism for this comic. Far from it. I still love this and read it religiously. More of a compliment. It takes good writing and portrayal to make me care one way or another for a character. Either love or hate.

it feels slightly different to me. that face right before the “damn right i don’t” says she really thought she had friends who would grab her back. i think she really doesn’t understand that she comes off so aggressive. and surely, she is at least a little bit of a bully, but as one of the founding members of the furry club, i have to assume that she has had some kind of rough life due to her disposition.

i’m not trying to excuse her behavior, but like when reggie was first introduced, i’m sure there is a lot going on behind the scenes.

Neil needs to grow a pair if he wants to be taken seriously :P perhaps he will after he sees the results from Reggie. Which is odd, cus we have Reggie who has worlds of unjustified confidence vs neil who seems to find his confidence when hiding behind others or in his home advantage. I’d say the happy medium between them would be good, Thomas came to mind, but hes in his own league.

So Neil has a crush… And in panel three she looks really attractive for some weird reason.

Fuck, meant panel two.

That’s probably because she doesn’t have a snide or angry expression on her face in that panel. Does wonders for a person’s perceived attractiveness when their face doesn’t have “f**k you” written over it.

I noticed the same thing on the reaction panel when Reggie dropped that bomb on her. Even a hurt/bewildered expression is a step up from a death-glare. Sad as that is. Poor gal’s good at driving people away.

In most cases people look much more attractive when they smile than when they frown – except those who just look demented when they grin…

Wow, that really was a short story…

I guess she needs to train her minion for unlikely emergency action. (What’s the difference between a minion and a henchman again? Is hench a verb? )

Nodwick made “hench” a verb.

I’m a little worried about the girl. She’s little, prone to savagery, and she vibrates when annoyed.

*snickers* …Hey Ev., does your body shake all-around like a cellphone when you’re annoyed? You might wanna have that looked at! : )

My sense is that there is a subtle difference between a minion and a henchman.
To me a minion is someone subordinate to and loyal to someone of greater power who works faithfully to carry out their master’s wishes. They are a servant.
When I looked up “henchman” I found the following:
“The word henchman referred originally to one who attended a horse for his employer, that is, a horse groom. Hence, like constable and marshal, also originally stable staff, henchman became the title of a subordinate official in a royal court or noble household. It is now used to generally describe any person with subordinate status derisively, while most often used specifically to a hired guard or minion of a villain or master criminal.”
To me a henchman connotes an assistant in carrying out nefarious activities.
So in my world view:
A minion is loyal to their master for good or evil.
A henchman is hired loyalty – usually for evil – no pay – no loyalty. (btw – I like to think of henchmen as the “redshirts” for the bad guys…)

A henchman is higher in the hierarchy, or ranks, than a minion.

Star Trek’s redshirts would be minions.
(As would Star War’s storm-troopers)

Star Trek’s officers would be henchmen.
And women.

Damn you and your obviously demoniacally gifted artistry Jackie. Panel 2 made Evrina suddenly attractive to me. Damn you.

Also, I have to say, say what you will about Evrina and what a bitch she is, and what a bully, but that look on her face in panel two shows deep down she’s not. A complete bully and bitch doesn’t hesitate like that when someone says they didn’t think they ever needed help. It really makes me feel like deep down that’s all she wants. Damn my reading so deep into things.

Ah, the difference between being an asshole to someone and just not taking their shit. And the usual complete inability on the person’s part to tell that difference. Along with the whole “gives it but can’t take it” aspect. What a… charming… person.

Great job, Crave.
I like Evrina’s face in panel two.

Is there any chance of getting a sketch of Nina making a similar face?

Evrina does not look like a good person right now, but I also trust the author. At some point we’re going to be shown her depths and motivations. I wouldn’t be surprised if she eventually joins Reggie in the “misunderstood monster” category.

Crave doesn’t write one-dimensional characters, and I expect Evrina is no different. I’m excited to see her redemption…which for some, is already beginning in panel two.

Three words describe Evrina here, folks:


Those pinning their hopes for her redemption on Panel 2 be advised: she’s just reloading.

I only need one word for Neil:


she’s just a little ball of hate
that hates anyone who isn’t as short
or as furry as she is.
and she was calling them bigots
when they came with an open mind

To be fair, I rather liked the original Big Hero 6 (replace Fred and Wasabi with Sunfire and the Silver Samurai, and you’ve got it.) Still, despite this I’m rather happy to see a title as obscure as Big Hero 6 be a success at the box office as it makes stuff like Future Guardians of the Galaxy films, more likely (not that it’s box office success hadn’t secured that already).

I just want to point out, crave has somehow gotten us to like Reggie after hating on him for like a year, so by the end of the day (cus days can be very long sometimes in this story) were gonna like Ev. Or maybe tomorrow. At some point, shes not gonna be totally hideous. I mean, Alex is really savvy and far from stupid, and she likes her for some reason, so there seems to be more to Ev than how shes currently portraying her self.

okay, I just re-read from her first appearance to now, and maybe I’m trying to talk myself into liking her/finding good qualities, but I get a vibe that from the start she felt like this was playful/fun. Like in her own mind she doesn’t realize how rude/mean she is, like she was definitely aggressive and mean when reggie bit back, but also feel like before that she seemed like it was fun/over exaggerated show. She a total bully but probably isn’t aware of it herself

I just took your Big Hero 6 challenge this week, after finding it in my 2020 reread.

Oh. My. GAWD.

That is just HORRIBLE. Almost as bad as that “Ignited” BS from Mark Waid.

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