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As the creator of these people I’m not sure how I feel about them criticizing an uncool legacy. I think a strong argument could be made that my legacy will be similarly uncool. Perhaps it’s best not to worry about that. If you’re aware of the real world people and things this story arc is loosely inspired by you’ll know that the man in question is a very odd individual indeed. I think you probably have to be odd to come up with something that becomes a cultural touchstone and inspires other people to create other odd things. The line between genius and madness is razor thin after all.

The line between rich and poor is not as thin, and I am decidedly on the poor side. You can help remedy this by supporting my work via the links above. I’m goin out of town tomorrow, so I hope you will at least wish me safe travels and I will do the same for you. Until next time kids.


Just take comfort in the fact the 50 years after we’re dead nobody will ever think about us again.

Unless sometime in the future, a webcomics enthusiast, Named A.H., decides to discuss Jackie, in a blog named: “Artie Havartie’s Big Blog of COOLNESS!”

I don’t think it’s sad to have robot performers as a legacy. So many people (so many children!) must have been entertained by those things. There are worse legacies.

Safe travels, Jackie.

My age, and my not having kids, means I’ve never been in the presence of Charles Entertainment Cheese.

Some of the oncezpopular, then uncool, things from my childhood have come around again, as will these animatrtonic palaces.

Yes, except they will be holograms by that point. Or actual robots. It depends on which technology gets cheaper, sooner.

Who cares about how “cool” or “uncool” one’s legacy is; coolness is subjective and changes with time. What matters is what sort of impact you’ve made, and spreading happiness is a great impact.

Safe travels Jackie. Would that I had wealth to share (or weapth at all). You deserve love and security.

I think the solution is to ignore if things are cool or not. Instead just focus on the things you are care about. If Reggie could do that his life would be far easier for him to tolerate.

I could focus on how horrible my job can be. Hospital work is tedious at the best of times and it often becomes a exercise in nonstop frustration. But I am never changing careers. It is important to me. I would be thrilled if something I did inspired others. Cool or uncool is something people obsess over to a wildly unhealthy degree.

Ed had exactly the right attitude about it and I hope Reggie learns a bit from the upcoming activities. The fact he dialed back the antagonistic attitude to ask for help is proof of his growth as a person. When the comic started I disliked Reggie. Now I would be willing to hang out with him. Would we grate on each others nerves sometimes? Yes, absolutely. W0uld I still be happy to know him? Also yes.

The vast majority of people have no real legacy at all. They will be briefly be remembered by those that knew them before they too pass having made no note on the world.

An idea:

I guess if you [are really worried] about having a good legacy, you could:
[hold a weekly dungeons + dragons game, or a card game], at your house, for 6 years or more.
Then, at the same time- Give all your guests 2 cans of root beer or another drink, with: good, but affordable, Chinese takeout food.

That will likely get you remembered for about 25 years.

Do you want to be remembered for 50-60 or more years?
Then do the above, + also do the same things for 3 or more of your guests’ kids.

Happy parties, + happy guests, can get you remembered, I think.

Safe travels Jackie! …And don’t worry to much about leaving a cool legacy, that mission is already accomplished (at least in the minds of everyone who reads your comic) I think.

Wether legacy is cool or not, is irrelevant.
Only things that matter is, will people remember your name and how long, as tertiary reason you might want to worry about why people remember you. There are good things and bad things, and even then it could be both and be a hot topic hundreds of years from now, like Columbus.

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