Guessing game is not my favorite game, more so when you weren’t planning to play at all.

I just guess really absurd answers until they get annoyed and just tell me. “Guess what I did today?” Did you win a million dollars? Did you go on a round-trip pleasure cruise to Pluto?

Very few people still bother me with the guessing game these days.

I don’t forsee this going well. Call it intuition but I feel like our favorite librarian wont share Evrina’s enthusiasm.

Probably not. But maybe John will be the one to answer Thomas’ question about old grudges, rather than Jo.

Well at least the Imperial March wasn’t playing when she walked in….

Hee hee hee! :)
To my taste, Evrina is more like “Ming The Merciless”, than Darth Vader.
And, as an aside- I think Evrina’s health is much better than old Darthy’s. :)

If I could arrange it, you can bet your bunions that it would play whenever I walked in. Nothin’ makes you feel as important as striding purposely through a door while humming John Williams, and everyone needs to share in the experience.

Heh heh heh, that reminds me of a story about a role play session – horror by gaslight – 3.5 system – deep in the bowels of a super secret Russian Leviathan class battleship that had mysteriously become grounded on a sandbar – The stoic military officer strode purposefully though the door …. straight into a gelatinous cube – the first one ever encountered in a six year long campaign arc and he HAD to be the one who HAD to walk into it.

And yes the campaign directors have a very sick sense of humor which is why there was a Leviathan built into a battleship in the first place – tentacles, so many tentacles.

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