1728 Piggyfront.

Ed is not a smooth operator. From a utilitarian perspective a piggyfront would not be an efficient way to carry a person. Humans are better constructed to carrying things on their backs, but really a piggyfront isn’t supposed to be efficient. It’s for when you don’t want to go anywhere. It’s for coming rather than going.

The Teen came over today and I talked her in to getting water for the house since, as you may recall, the water from the taps in this area is carcinogenic. She intended to mow the lawn but was unable to do so today after all. I also bought her some pants for work since she hasn’t built up any savings for such things as of yet. But she’s already been promoted so she’s on track for that sort of thing hopefully. A little help is fine I think.

There’s nothing else going on apart from that except one of the dogs seems to be a little sick. Hopefully it’s not serious, but she’s under observation…


now, if being carried from the front, in direct proximity to the boobs, not only is some level of manly preserved, but people will be uncomfortable enough either with the display of affection, or with their own jealousy thereof, that they won’t even question it.

their coworkers, of course, will give them endless shit for it, as will Jess.

Hmmm … I’m sure it must be possible to look manly while being carried … maybe one arm over someones shoulder as they help drag you off a battlefield? And with your other arm you are providing covering fire? And you need support because one leg has been shredded while saving the rest of your team from a booby trap?

It just might be possible that manly is slightly overrated …

I’m imagining The Clone Wars S1:E1 where Yoda is on a clone’s back while providing coverfire with his lightsaber. Ed as Yoda and Nina as the clone

Its called the fireman carry, and while manly, is also incredibly uncomfortable and is painful if carried for the long term. Best used on someone unconscious, so they don’t complain or try to reajust your shoulder being in their crotch.

“It’s for coming rather than going”

That made my day.

Yeah, first thing I thought of was; “Yeah, spell-check not gonna let that through.”
Now I feel dirty.
Sorry for the sick puppy, good get-well thoughts from me.

Carcinogenic water? What the frack?

I’d say with as much of a crash as he’s probably experiencing even that level of flirting should be mildly impressive.

On another note. Seems like water that bad is something the city should do something about. Is it so bad a filter wouldn’t make it safe to drink?

Sadly, carcinogenic water is a real problem here. For a developed nation, America is really behind in a lot of areas. There are areas where you literally cannot drink the tap water due to high levels of pollutants. Flint, MI is currently the worst, I believe, but it can be really hard to find out facts, since things tend to be, not exactly covered up, but glossed over.

In much of the world, mothers carry their children in some sort of a “piggyfront” contraption. I’ve even seen it catching on in small greenie-infested pockets of the States.

So, I don’t know. Maybe not manly, but certainly international.

A ‘piggyfront’ position would actually be a modified ‘Cowgirl’ position with the man sitting up and not prone. It’s really more intimate as it involves kissing and hugging in addition to … well, you know.

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