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Well, due to circumstances beyond the control of all parties involved I did not travel yesterday, so I’m moving the blessings over a day. Hopefully things will go well and there will be no storms. There weren’t supposed to be storms yesterday, but here we are. Must remain adaptable.
The problem with meeting up with old friends these days is I only do, like, 3 things in my life now and they don’t lend themselves to interesting stories. I make the comic and other art related things, I sort and clean my disaster of a living space, and play video games occasionally. I haven’t spoken more than a few sentences to someone outside of my family, in person, for over a year. Not counting doctor visits anyway. I’m not interesting anymore. I was riding the line in my life before starting the comic & now it’s so far in my rearview mirror I’ve lost sight of it. What are people like outside of the internet? Do they have any idea what’s been going on? I don’t know.
I have enough social skills to get by probably. The trick is to let the most interesting person talk and contribute to their points when you are the boring participant. Little tip for all you not interesting people out there. Just ride the wave of conversation calmly. You don’t need to be the life of the party. Try to react appropriately to the available stimuli and hope for the best.

Before I head out I have to try and preorder all the comic con exclusives I want. If I miss them I’ll never get them on the secondary market. They’ll be double regular price, if not much worse. Everyone seems to be doing there drops at the exact same time too, which is not ideal, but I’ll do my best and lament my failures once they occur, I guess.

I hate convention exclusives. We came so close to not having conventions ever again, but they barely managed to hang on. I’ve hated trying to get convention exclusive items for over 20 years. It would be one thing if they made it clear a general release version was on the way, but that’s very rare. I missed out on the Dupli-cat for He-Man Origins however many years ago and they never made a general release version. Some of the other things from that year had limited releases later, but not that one. It’s a bit vexing. My desire for complete sets of things is pathological and that missing item will irritate me forever. First world problems, I know, but this has been my hobby for my entire life so I’m going to keep doing it to fill time until the grave.

Anyway, I’ll leave you to your own devices now. However I would remind you that you can support my work via the links above. I very much require it in order to get SDCC GI Joe Classified Chuckles. I’m sure you understand how dire that need is. XD

Anyway, have a safe weekend. I will see you on Monday if God wills it so.


When it comes to picking up those exclusives, refer to Platt’s law No.7: Live by the principle of scarfology. Things disappear from the marketplace, so scarf them up while the scarfing is good.
In my hobby things have often been manufactured by small businesses for a relatively small market. These are often very small or even one person operations and when they are gone they are just gone. You still have to put food on the table and it is easy to drift into hoarderville but I have regretted the one’s that got away more than the ones I dragged home.

As for meeting old friends, remember: the news is your friend for small talk. I don’t know much about interpersonal relations. Some people believe I have a mild autism. But I know damn well if some news channel talks about it, chances are, I can too.

Another Reggie…?

Just then- Reggie unsheathes a Highlander sword and says:
“There can BE only ONE!”

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