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Well, here we are again. Another weekend in the books and the new week stretching out before us. For many of you I expect that is a daunting, unpleasant, prospect. Unfortunately the only help I can offer are these meager pages. For that failing I am forever shamed. Still, I must carry on and push past it.

My weekend was abnormal as I was attempting to connect with a friend who I haven’t seen, in person, in a handful of years. Years that have been very difficult for both of us. I was thwarted once but managed to see him the next day. As is often the case with my friends from real life it felt like almost no time had passed to me. My brain tends to make a save point whenever I last see someone that loads up the next time I encounter them. It gives me an odd nad skewed perspective of time. In any event it was nice to reconnect & he very much wants to start a podcast with me, which I have no reason not to try. I can work and talk simultaneously most of the time. I don’t know if I’ll promote it here if it ever happens. My personality have her hard distinctions in some ways and the part responsible for the comic doesn’t necessarily mix with the part that exists around other people. Or maybe the comic distills my very strong personality down to something that more people are capable of tolerating. There is something relentless about me that seems to wear other people down very quickly. Only a handful of people outside of my family have ever been capable of tolerating it. So I feel like keeping it away from the comic is the better path. I need a limiter between myself and everyone else that the medium of comics can provide.

Anyway, all that aside, if you’d like to support my continued survival please look over the links above. I hope the new week treats you well. I’ll check back in ,as always, on Wednesday.


Hey, my brain does the same thing! On the one hand, I can just pick up where I’ve left off in all sorts of things–conversations, deconstructing something in my brain, watching a movie, whatever. I don’t really feel the passage of time. On the other hand, it causes tension, because I often forget the pleasantries and skip straight back to conversing, or I forget to reach out to people at all (for, like, years), and it also makes past events sort of lump together; I won’t be able to recall if event X happened when I last saw someone, or when I saw them 7 years before that, it’s all just filed under “Past events with Steve” and it won’t “feel” either old or new, it’s just a memory file, like playing an MP3 (albeit degraded, I certainly don’t have total recall).

I find it fascinating all the ways there are to be weird-brained. Most people only understand, at best, “mental illness” or recognized conditions, but struggle to grasp how many things there are to our minds that can be different from person to person without any of them being “wrong.”

Ah the saga of Reggie. He’s not going anywhere though. He’s too important to the store. Also this is the only place that will keep him.

Had chemo several years ago… How many? Uhhhhhh. not sure. Everything is , ” It was just the other day!” anymore. I”ve been told chemo brain is a real thing, but I don’t know. Makes a convenient excuse, though. Except when you blame something on “chemo brain”, and somebody asks,”Oh, when did you have chemo?” “Uuuuhhhhh……

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