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The gas line to the house disintegrated the other day, so we’ve been without hot water. It took two days of very loud effort to get the line repaired. So I’m a bit off from not sleeping well. I don’t sleep well at the best of times so I’m always a bit surprised when it manages to surpass itself. Luckily the work was finished today, so I go a warm shower and was able to function well enough to cobble this page together. I think I’m going to lay down though.

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Wow, Thomas can *really* hold a grudge, can’t he?

Of course, IIRC he’s admitted to that in the past.

He has but…I feel like the social view of “grudge” has been distorted. There’s like a social expectation that you should enjoy being around anyone and everyone, and even if they screw you over, you’re only allowed a short window in which to be “mad” before you need to “get over it” and pretend like nothing happened, or else you’re “the one with the problem,” not the person who hurt you needlessly without apology, or even maliciously. Not to say Thomas is necessarily right in his interpretation of his past relationships, no, but to me, if he sees Rulette, as he saw his ex, as a person who deeply hurt him, without giving a damn, it’s not a “grudge” to think they aren’t very good people and want to avoid them. It’s like avoiding a restaurant that gave you food poisoning; unless you’re obsessed with trying to shut them down or you stalk the cook or something else crazy, it’s not a “grudge,” it’s just avoiding a bad thing. That’s how I see it, anyway.

Not so much a “grudge”, but if decide someone is not good for me, let them go. If/when hey “get better” they can get their next set of second chances from someone else.

I can see that.

In my world- there are some people that I won’t get along with, + vice versa, + that’s how it always will be.

Such as: I have a relative who has a 5-6 years age difference with me.

I won’t ever like being around him, [or he, me], at least not 95% of the time, because his behavior is:
a guy who acts like an emotional coward…because he hasn’t learned average personal skills, so he tries to cover it up with: always bragging about himself all the time, [and] by putting down everyone around him.

We’ve called him on his behavior, repeaedly, but I think he won’t learn to change it, since- he thinks this “rebel attitude” of his, makes him “cool”.

I likely won’t ever get along with this guy, so I’m not going to, as some would try to do:
“try extremely hard” to get him to change his bad behavior, and I’m not, “going to be extra-extra patient with him, + extra-extra friendly with him”, in hopes that- “he’ll come around someday, and change his behavior to good…and friendly, behavior, because- I know he won’t try to change his bad habits, and that he won’t ever be interested in doing so.

In other words- I’m not going to try and do tasks that I know are just impossible, like waiting for him to change his habits, or trying to licking my own elbow.

Sorry about the wall of text today. :)

Thus endeth the Lesson.

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