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So youtube decided I needed to be seeing a bunch of vtubers and now I’m kind of a fan. Some of them are neat.

The Teen came to visit this weekend. We had dinner and the next day we had lunch. She talked to mom a lot. It was more interesting than how I’m describing it.

I’m slowly getting my stuff back in some kind of order. Maybe someday I’ll put together the huge Lego police station I got… like, a million years ago. I’ll stick it next to my bank. Maybe I’ll do an asmr stream so you guys can hear my calm voice and go to sleep. Like Bob Ross with Lego.

Anyway, I don’t have anything particularly interesting top say but I do have a headache, so I’ll just remind you that the links above will give you options with which to support my work, and wish you a good day.


I love that she’s joining them. I was worried about her. I hope we get to see their lunch. This scene is a learning point, hopefully. From Reggie.

You might be familiar with a style of LEGO display in which your structure is designed with platforms of 16*16 plates, which then snap together via Technic bricks & pins. Such a modular design might make a large community easier to design, modify, & store.

I probably have something like $2500 worth of Lego kits I had collected during covid, now that I’m working again I don’t know if I’ll ever gave the time to do them.

They’re all those big ass pro kits, one is the police station, as well as a haunted house with a working chair lift, and several others rotting in a hallway closet.

I was not going to go to the VTube side, but then AI generated entertainment dumped me upon twitch.tv/alwaysbreaktime, which I feel is close enough.

That AI-show is such a bizarre rabbit hole but if they were to cease the consistent character introduction loops, it would be even more of a rabbit hole!

VTubers have that sense of uncanny valley that you just can’t look away from.

I was pretty much on board with VTubers as far back as the Kizuna Ai era but the whole thing went gangbusters and now it seems that almost everyone is now trying their hand with VTubing. Nowadays, I’m more selective with who I watch.

There are no mistakes. Only happily misplaced blocks.

I’m enjoying the vtuber concept, somewhat. The whole drama concept is a little much. Whoever decided to call “burn your entire body of work and leave forever” “graduation” should be “shot”, “frequently” and “enthusiastically”, in “nonlethal” places throughout the “body” for “a period of several days” until they “look forward to death the way a little boy looks forward to a trip to Disneyland”.

Still, there are a lot of fun vtubers out there. I personally enjoy Filian and Punkalopi. Ironmouse is fun but too much of that is just her fanbase rabidly shipping her and Connor. Nyanners annoys me.

Ironmouse is a fun VTuber for sure. It’s not just the fact that she’s usually very surly but also for the fact that she can SING and sing WELL!

Like Bob Ross with Lego is not a phrase I expected to hear. But I’m kinda liking the mental image of that. Happpy little Lego trees.

Reggie doesn’t realize he long since passed the line of “confident man” to “obliviously cold-hearted asshole” and anybody pointing out to him that the way he treats people counts as cruelty is met with enough defensiveness and denial thay he doesn’t exactly engender others into giving him the benefit of the doubt that he doesn’t intend to be that way.

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