2496 Subverting Expectations.

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Being in a relationship with Reggie would never be boring. XD

I think if Maddison were any other character they wouldn’t’ve wanted to have an awkward lunch with Alex and Reggie, but I feel like she would because there is a loneliness in her that she doesn’t really understand and she doesn’t know how to deal with things without having other people guide her. Which makes having an argument with Alex a particular problem since Alex is her de facto pack leader. She’s also her emotional pillar, safe space, however you want to say it. I’m sure most people have situations like this with their equivalent person.

I doubt Reggie really understands, or even cares about, all the emotional stuff going on in the background. What a carefree mindset that must be to have. It’s only a problem when it unexpectedly blows up in your face and you suddenly realize everything that was going on.

Anyway, hopefully it will be a fun ride.

What would also be a fun ride is supporting my work via the links above.

Okay, that might be overselling it. If you enjoy my work it will be a fun way to make sure it keeps happening?

Well, maybe not fun… but important! If you like my work… That’s the key thing I guess. Anyway, I’ll see you Friday! : D


I feel like half your readership is going to say “I’ve never had this kind of situation because I never had enough friends of various types and distances who all knew and interacted with each other.” I certainly haven’t. My fights with people were one-on-one, if they happened at all, because I learned that bad friends are no friends at all–I would simply feel too uncomfortable to open up to people I felt weren’t deserving of it, weren’t morally good enough (neutral good, that’s me), so I just wouldn’t bother. If I DID really think someone was a good person and I just didn’t agree with something they did, I’d usually brush it off.

I dunno what my point is…I guess that it’s a shame so many people are still pack-like, constantly just trying to be around people they enjoy the presence of in some general way, instead of trying to better themselves and find other, like-minded people. I’m not religious but I can see why religious communities are so tight, as they all feel like they are working under the same rules and understanding, and for the same purposes, instead of just wanting to “hang” with “cool people” for “fun.” I hope Madison finds a man who can take care of her and make her happy, and help her to avoid just following around others like a puppy.

For me at least, I’m a raging introvert, so anyone willing to put in the effort to strike up a friendship with me I’ll be happy hanging out with unless they’re legitimately horrible people. Initiating friendships is just mentally taxing for me (as are phone calls), but for the few poor people who have it even harder than me I’ll try to take the lead a bit more.

Anyway, I have something like three or four little knots of friends who know each other really well, but none of the other knots. Those are mostly centered around whoever is the most outgoing lol.

Grammar nazi in me is screaming at “your’re” in panel 3.

Belated question from previous Author comments:

Good morning Jackie.

What vtubers have you been watching, ?

(I’ve recently discovered them as a thing, & I’m interested in recommendations.)

Thank you for another great comic. It brightens my day.


Glad you’re enjoying my work.

I’ve seen a lot of Ironmouse stuff, some Korone, Shylily, Pipkin Pippa, Punkalopi, Tonkatsu Sinclair, Dashie Lee, and tiny bit of Buffpup and Tiga. Some of these names may be incorrect. They are as near to correct as I can remember.

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