1778 Weak Prey.

Trying a find a way to break the loss of hours cycle is difficult. Back when I was in retail we used to get around it by trading managers. There would be a little grace period after the switch where you could get in a few people and they were lenient with hours for a while. Sometimes it was just enough to get that sales spike you needed. Of course that won’t work in this case, unless Thomas decided to sacrifice Mike, which he probably wouldn’t do…

I’m still feeling randomly shitty even though my lab work came back as normal. Whatever my problem is it apparently isn’t my delicious blood. Maybe it’s just stress, or not being able to sleep, or when I sleep, or some other random fucking thing I can’t pin down. Whatever it is I need to figure it out somehow so I can stop being miserable at random times all day long. Maybe I’m sleeping too much? Seems unlikely since it’s constantly interrupted.


I love how you add commentary related to the current page from your personal work experience, because somehow it helps give the scenes more impact. Thanks for doing that, even if it’s not a big deal to you. :)

Regarding your health situation, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if stress is responsible for many of your symptoms, but not being a health professional of any sort, I’m afraid I don’t have much in the line of useful advice. Maybe the reactions are psychologically induced and can be mitigated with some sort of coaching or therapy? Not that you have the time or money for those options, but it might be worth looking into even if you’ve already been down that road in the past. Health is a sometimes precarious thing and differs wildly between individuals, and aside from your family and friends, we readers want you to feel better, even if for some it’s only for the selfish reason of seeing how the story continues. You have my thanks for your work and well wishes for your health, for whatever that’s worth.

It’s always comforting to me when I’m at death’s door and the doctor tells me that there’s nothing wrong. As I’ve said before: the difference between a medical doctor and a witch doctor is that one of them has only had 8 years of training.

Try Melatonin. It’s the chemical that normally sets your sleep cycle. It’s considered a natural supplement. You can find it in the vitamin/supplement section of most grocery/drug stores. Take it a 1/2 hour before you hope to go to bed. And stop any electronics use at the same time. I’ll warn you that it can give you some intense dreams. I’m finding vitamin D helps also, and a couple of Ibuprofen for aches and pains cause I’m in my 50s. Love your comic.

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