1136 You Shall Not Pass Go.

I helped the teen make a science poster today and forgot that the page wasn’t loaded, so sorry about that. I’ll write a little more blog post in a bit. I wanted to get the page up first.

Did I ever talk about the ending of Korra book one? It was awesome. Maybe some people had problems with the show, but I was not one. I look forward to more adventures in this universe and hope they take their time. I’d also like to find some of these comic people keep mentioning.

The teen and I can now survive nearly 12 rounds in zombie Call Of Duty. In the farm area. The other ones not so much.

I also got a used copy of Borderlands because apparently you can split screen the entire campaign AND it has RPG elements, which I like. Hopefully I can convince the teen to play. She was not enthralled with Skylanders…


your impression of Borderlands is correct. I think you will like it very much. Also, Thomas is still retaining his likability, at least in my opinion.

If you’re playing Monopoly, you’ve already lost.

If you’re not wanting to beat a family member to death with the board by the end of the game, you’re not playing it right.

Oh, no. Playing Monopoly is a very rewarding experience. For me at least- this guy plays to win, and I end up richer than Rockefeller by game’s end.

Also: totally agreeing with Crave on Korra Book One’s ending.

The ending with the villains was tragically dark for a kids show. That sad face on the younger brother left quite a mark on me. I never saw that ending coming. In case you didn’t know, season two of Korra began, three episodes in! And a certain pair of twins are awesome!

I hope it wasn’t Borderlands 1 for the ps3, that framerate is too unbearable compared to the other versions. Ugh, I sold that and thankfully got the much improved Borderlands 2 at a later date.

Borderlands is fantastic fun. The game is huge, so some of the missions can get a bit repetitive. The procedurally generated loot’s are like crack. You just keep killing. Because, sometimes, something so amazing drops that it turns you into an invincible super hero. That feeling, you will chase it. You will chase it through the whole game, and into the expansions. When it is over, you weep tears of blood and beg for more.

Now there is a second game. Those bastards. I will send them money as punishment.

Everyone has that moment where they get an awesome drop that carries them 20+ levels.

Mine was my first masher on a level 18 Mordecai. Used that until PT2.

Mine was an Assault rifle with a monsterous clip that regenerated ammo. Combined with the soldiers ammo regen skills and the class mods that did the same, it worked out to have infinite ammo. Awesome.

Borderlands is a ten ton brick of awesomesauce, and that’s not even including the four huge DLC packs for it (all of which should be super cheap now), and Borderlands 2 only improves upon the experience (partly because when you’ve got all the DLC for it, it includes 6 different playable classes and as much DLC as the twice the main campaign of BL1).

Also, new Legend of Korra book is awwwwwwwesome. :D

Man Bl1 was my shit. Mord is a friggin headshot monster with trespass on. And Bl2? Krieg and Gaige are a requirement to play. So much baddassery.

I really really liked borderlands. I have played the Siren in both of the current games. My friend can keep his weaksauce sniping characters, and my other friend can keep his slow lumbering tanks…. MAGICAL POWERS ARE THE ROOT TO ALL GAMING EXCITEMENT! Lilith is a soloing BOSS, yet also crazy effective in a group setting. Maya, however… nnnnnoooot so good by her onesies. She needs a buddy. But still.. POWERS!!

I think they did that on purpose, Lilith was ….. OP. But i’ll be damned if i didn’t play through both games with Lilith and her replacement in 2 (mostly because i have a thing with playing female characters in role plays). Don’t know why but yeah i didn’t like Maya much. She felt too weak, like a watered down Lilith.

Yeah but she team cleric’d like a boss! That “rise for your grave” ability was awesome because a certain ZERO would nearly DIE in every battle. Has no constitution, I swear.

True that’s what i heard, but i’m a soloist. I can’t stand playing online (too many pubescents trying to act grown up) and the one buddy i could get to log a couple hours with me had issues with split screen. So i was mostly specing maya for solo play, so that’s probably why it felt like she was weaker than Lilith. Never tried Zero or Axton, loved Salvador, the guys just a fucking tank through and through.

Hmm. Thomas beat a tactical retreat and then covered up his ignominy with brave philosophy. Which is usually abbreviated B.S. Carol — in addition to any recent insight gained from their recent intimacy — has known him long enough to recognize when he’s trying the Cloak of Impenetrability.

I find that Monopoly, like many strategy games (including Poker and the Euchre — Pinochle — Whist — Hearts — Bridge family), is best played with complete strangers. Especially if they’re all strangers to each other.

Borderlands as everyone says is an epic game. it is the only FPS I think I will ever truly love. The skill trees and the actual uniqueness of the character classes really make for a different unique way to play with each character. Your strategy changes. But beyond the solid game play and the RPG elements, the game is REALLY funny. From the very beginning with CL4P-TP and the first screen catch with Dr. Zed all the way to the final enemies and especially handsome jack in borderlands 2. I love characters that are complete bastards, but make you laugh like crazy while being complete bastards. Scooter and Patricia Tannis will end up being some of your favorite characters in the game. I know they were some of mine.

Anyway, Enjoy


Sorry, channeling a bit of MR. TORGUE in there. Can’t help but yell out whenever MR. TORGUE is mentioned.

I didn’t forget them. They’re in 2. I was trying to specifically talking about 1. I do agree with you though I couldn’t stop laughing during the badonkadonk portion. And Naptime was the best thing ever. :P

I do hope you enjoy Borderlands. This may be mentioned elsewhere but do you own a PS3 or an Xbox? My wife and I play both the first and second borderlands games very regularly, and I would love to hear your reactions to the excellent comedic writing of Borderlands 2.

You will love Borderlands gameplay. Its funny and enjoyably chaotic. You WILL be disappointed with the first game’s ending in my own experience, however.

That being said – it sets up Borderlands 2 quite solidly. That game is longer an hits some odd slumps in pacing, but it has a more satisfying wrapup.

All things with a grain of salt of course. My opinion and all.

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