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Well, I’m in Christmas recovery mode. I’m vaguely sick with nonspecific symptoms that come on after having interactions with other humans two days in a row. Hopefully it’ll pass quickly.
It was a nice holiday. My cousin Jake and I discussed how the powers in the Marvel movies are wildly imbalanced & not comic accurate based on existing continuity. His main argument is that the Hulk & Thanos shouldn’t have been harmed by the gauntlet. Which is a perfectly valid argument.
Anyway there is too much noise in here at the moment so I can’t think clearly. I’ll update more later.


people are shocked when they learn I’m no electrician after letting me mess with their power lines

Do we have a pun jail?

Yes, but everyone is quickly discharged so it has an effectively infinite capacity. This leads to there being no effective resistance to puns.

“Hulk & Thanos shouldn’t have been harmed by the gauntlet.” and Hulk has a healing factor up the wazoo anyway, so should have healed from it in like 5 minutes.

Also, Reggie, don’t disappoint a lady who’s hankering for some mystery ;-)

Thanos, Thor, and Hulk are actually severely Underpowered relative to their comics incarnations.
Which wouldn’t be a bad thing if, in fact, some other characters weren’t absurdly OVERpowered.
Captain Marvel, for instance, is a lot closer to her “Binary” cosmic-powered, Near-Silver Surfer “godhood” level than her modern comics Captain Marvel levels.

Sorry. Nerd Rant Overdrive.

I suspect some of Captain Marvel’s OP-hood is politically motivated.

Marvel? Politically motivated? Nah, not a chance. They only publicly threaten state legislatures with financial blackmail if they don’t do as Marvel’s CEO instructs. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that picture.

*sarcasm off*

Sorry, but I’m tired of Hollywood telling the rest of us how to live. I don’t need a nanny, and even if I did, I sure as heck wouldn’t choose any of them for the job.

I think a movie / show like Captain Marvel isn’t telling us how to live, but it may be telling us a how to live.

I’ve often wondered on that point. Healing factors are great and all, but all these “return from being a pile of ash” heals strike me as a bit too far.

For someone who just wandered into this endeavour, Rulette is pretty into it.

Nice to see the curtain pulled back just a little bit more on her character.

This could be a mystery she knew just enough about to hope that these ghost hunters stumbled on it and that was why she decided to take part for real. I mean, she just happened to know some details about it when they asked, so…

Man Reggie seems really against their being a mystery here, to the point that he’s overlooking some previous obvious details. Like if the guy just took some money and ran, why’d he leave EVERYTHING else behind?

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