1305 Other You.

My preparations did not include speaking with whatever’s going on here. XD

The Teen would like to speak to you all now:

behold I am the awesome teen!!!!! I’m not sure what to say here to you peoples. I’m in my evil cousin (Jackie’s) room bothering him and he gave me power of the key board mwhahah! bow down to the teen… just kidding. I have currently been writing a little novel about my evil cousin, the Ruiner as I like to call him. im not very far yet but eventually I will have Jackie post it for you people to read, I hope you will enjoy it! as Jackie mentioned awhile back I did go to my school homecoming, dateless of course but that’s not the point lol it wasn’t to bad I danced like an idiot because I have no dancing ability. I guess we cant all be awesome artists and have incredible dance moves haha but I wore a super awesome white and gold dress that made me look like a princess which was fun but I stayed princeless which I was okay with because high school guys are mainly jerks. anyways it was a somewhat fun experience. other than that I haven’t done anything to exciting just art projects, homework, bugging Jackie because he needs it and its entertaining and then of course watching the walking dead because walking dead is life now lol. there has yet to be any teen drama lately cant say I’m to sorry about that. I think I shall convince Jackie to play some zombies now later guys have an awesome night #teenlife

There you go. I made her write to you for pestering me while I was trying to write. This is likely the only post she’ll go back and read, so be civil in the comments. Although I don’t think I really need to say that. You guys are about as civil as I am pretty much of the time. XD


Hello The Teen! Glad you had fun at homecoming, I know what it’s like to go dateless (that was every homecoming I went to in high school. Ain’t that bad as long as you have other single friends with you). I also dance a bit like an idiot, but the point is to have fun. But hey, Jackie can’t be TOTALLY evil… Or can he? (kidding, kidding) :P

Jackie has a certificate from the Institute of Evil. He was one of my best students!

Which means he was last in his class.

That is how Evil is supposed to work right? Only the worst of the worst get the top dishonors and the speed dial to Nevin the Lawyer.

That was…painful. I know the internet is the place for it, but still. Wow. So let me see if I got this correctly:

Behold! I am the awesome teen! I don’t have much to say. I’m the evil cousin (teen) in Jackie’s room bothering him, and he gave me “power of the key board” (mwhahah! bow down to the teen… just kidding (except not really)). I have currently been writing a little novel about my evil cousin, the Ruiner as I like to call him. I’m not very far yet, but eventually I will attempt to annoy Jackie into posting it for you people to read (even though it’s a story about him being “The Ruiner”, theoretically posted on HIS website). I hope you will enjoy it! (Uh-huh.) Something about homecoming, etc., etc. anyways it was a somewhat fun experience. Other than that I haven’t done anything. Just exciting art projects, homework, bugging Jackie because I want stuff and its entertaining, and then (of course) watching The Walking Dead because Walking Dead is life now. There has yet to be any teen drama lately. Can’t say I’m too sorry about that. I think I shall convince (coerce?) Jackie (with my mind control) to play some zombies now. Later guys have an awesome night. #justsayno #nohashtags

There, fixed. I looked at that, and felt compelled. Apologies for any offense.

Oh, good! I wasn’t the only one who reacted that way, heh. Someone must remind the next generation that “lol” is not a punctuation mark.

But if it’s used as punctuation, couldn’t you make the arguement it now was?
Don’t get me wrong, I understand what you guys are getting at, but languages, words, grammar, and lexicons evolve all the time.

Tl:Dr: we could make “lol” punctuation lol

yes, I agree. One could argue that our language is overly formal and outdated. And, formal and outdated is appropriate in many contexts (like legal briefs or presentations to VPs). But, this was a blog post on the internet. It seemed fine to me. :)

“Proper” (i.e. “good”, “normal”, etc.) written English hasn’t been allowed to “evolve” since the publication of Webster’s [American] Dictionary of the English Language in 1806. Before that, written English was a hodge-podge of phonetic spellings and syntax — much like blog posts are nowadays.

well… actually, the English language has evolved (personally, I’d say devolved) somewhat as of late; as an example a new official (Webster’s Dictionary) definition of Literally is: Literally “an exaggeration from the fact” (or something to that effect, I’m running a high fever so… go look it up) anyway, the word is now its own antonym. there are other examples but, again, fever… but check it out, it’s silly and depressing…

wait… what was I?
Imma go lay down now…

I like to imagine some of the “to”s were meant to be that way, like “can’t say I’m to sorry” is somehow maybe describing the_teen not arriving at a metaphorical state of sorrow.

I have to admit, “The Ruiner” makes for a pretty great nickname.

Teen – I am very much looking forward to getting a peek at your story “The Ruiner”. PLEASE find a way to get your cousin to post at least some snippets of it here for us. I promise that if I find flaws in it I won’t be harsh. I know that’s a big thing to ask of a teenager to bare their soul (which is generally what it feels like when you let someone read what you’ve written) but if you let Jackie filter the responses and only pass along those that are courteous and mature I’m sure you will enjoy the positive feedback. (Based on the comments I usually read here, pretty much all the should be inclined to be nice).

@the teen: Don’t feel bad about going princeless. As I was once a highschool guy I’ll give you a few words of advice. Firstly highschool guys are jerks. Super jerks. Even the “nice guys” are jerky compared with what they eventually turn into. Some stay jerks, most don’t. So yeah, jerks. Don’t feel pressured to like them.

Second, highschool guys sink. I mean actually smell bad. It’s not their fault, it takes time to find a balance of a proper amount of deodorant, they tend to either use too much or not enough. Just don’t hold it against them.

Some people think that highschool is the greatest time of their life. Once you’re out of highschool, no one will give a shit how cool you were in highschool. Seriously. A year after, some people might talk about memorable events. Five years after, most people won’t even recognise you in the street. The only people who seem to care are those who have horrible lives so they cling on to the memories. Fuck those guys, you can generally avoid them entirely as an adult.

You also might be surprised who you hang out with in the “World of the Real”. Girl I knew in highschool, thought she was cute, thought she was out of my league. Met her randomly when i was 21. Ended up married to her and have 2 kids together a decade later.

TL;DR: Guys in highschool are jerks who smell bad. No one cares about highschool once you’re no longer in it and you might be surprised how things work out.

Ha ha ha! “Could you go back to being the other Reggie…?” I guess she could’ve softened the blow by adding: [You’re being kind + an excellent worker, but, for now I like the other you].
Heh, heh.

Hello, The Teen! Nice to hear from you after so much has been said about you by Jackie (All good, don’t worry.)

Honestly, I was starting to wonder if you actually existed. Glad to see you do! Don’t worry about the grammar Nazi’s. I understand that you were probably excited about being able to write. Hope to read your book sometime soon!

To The Teen,

1. Looking forward to reading it after hearing about you so much.

2. Princesses don’t need a Prince(and the other way around) that’s just bullshit Disney has been feeding us since forever.

3. I can also not dance with any degree of success.

-Sincerely Me

Yes! You don’t need a Prince or a Princess! It is Disney bullshit.

Teen, it is awesome that you went solo and had a good time. This is a LIFE SKILL; even when you’re with someone, they won’t always be able to go with you. Also, it sounds like your dress rocked! :)

And, um… please be nice to Jackie… we like him. :)

Two words:




That said (and keep in mind I come from a time when such things were required in school), interesting stuff. Keep writing, and keep reading other people’s stuff. There are websites where you can post your stories for other people to read. I use DeviantART, although it’s been a while since I posted the second chapter of my story. Your Cousin Jackie may be familiar with that site…

there’s young people here?! OH NOES!! ??? ? ???? ??????????? ?????? ??? ????? ???? ????? Oh, she only looking at this one? Whew. *relieved sigh*

Its not like the young don’t talk that way. They certainly do. But that hit so many commonly expected things that I almost thought Jackie was working on a character and decided to troll us with it as a test/amusement. But Jackie wouldn’t do that. He is a good and upstanding person who gives us much content love! ^////^

Assuming you are reals THE TEEN: I look forward to stal- er following your works you are willing to post to the internets. Keep pestering Jackie as much as possible. It has done wonders for him!


Back to the comic: I actually can’t decide which personality it would be better to ask Jo’s question of. The one is trying to be fake nice and that might make it less painful but the original was more honest in many ways and she might get much better information before he shuts her down…

I greatly enjoyed the dialog in today’s comic.

The Teen post is excellent.

I hope posts like this will become a trend.

Gotta say, Reggie is much cuter looking than he used to be.

I daresay it is because you’ve changed the way you draw him? Or that he’s become more sympathetic than many of us originally made him out to be? (Or both?)

It’s probably because he doesn’t have a persistent scowl on his face.

Thats exactly it. The fact that he’s trying to be nice and get along is making him seem far more socially acceptable, energetic, and livelier than he was before. Its a side of him we haven’t really seen, aside from Jo’s flashbacks of before he earned his scowl.

Man, I thought this was a safe place for bitter adults to read casual comics and complain about the complexities of life and hobbies without comment from children. The sanctum is now breached. Thanks “Ruiner”.

I wonder if he’ll even care about his family history(if it is his family of course).

Hello Teen, nice to read words from you. Please continue killing as many zombies as possible so we all don’t end up dead. Your sacrifice- er I mean duty shall be remembered.

Man, that was just how I wrote when I was A Teen. And I have written two novels now! Very fun, I hope you don’t take anyone criticizing the way you type too seriously. Language evolves and sometimes evolution leaves others behind.

I wish that I had been brave and smart enough to go princeless to dances. Sometimes, being a single princess creates the best memories. All my princes were frogs in the end!

Wow Reggie acting civilized. Though he may not be after what Jojo has to say. Still that was a long time ago. Reggie Himself had nothing to do with it. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

Concerning the Walking Dead:

Teen: Don’t start watching the latest episodes until you’ve caught up. Besides the fun of seeing the evolving badass awesomness that is Daryl Dixon, current episodes are full of spoilers for previous seasons. Don’t spoil it for yourself.

And don’t sit too close to the T.V. unless you want to get covered in Zombie-goo ;)

Dear Crave & awesome teen —

I think it’s only fair to nominate you both for entry into the Evil League of Evil. The application process is merely a formality, but I’m certain with certain members’ endorsements [mine & Dead Bowie’s – he thinks you’re “adorably deranged”], you both would be shoo-in’s. Between teen’s evil laugh and Crave’s Machiavellian methods for plot & prose, you would be welcome assets to our organization.

Please submit said application to Bad Horse (The Thoroughbred of Sin) post haste!

Professor Normal

Wow. Considering Crave (Jackie) went to the trouble of mentioning that this is the only page the Teen is likely to come back and read, she has been awfully quiet. I would have thought some of these posts merited a response on her part. I guess it’s possible she’s intimidated by the followers here or something.

…Or… Heh. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the site’s spam filter kept blocking her?

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