1137 Defective Perspective.

Well, I’m laying here watching The Breakfast Club with the Teen. Dorothy is pestering me, and sticking her face on my tablet. My mobile keyboard has apparently run out of power, which is making this much more difficult. Even though this movie is getting dated it should still be required watching for teenagers.

Comedy Central has aired Community all out of order so I stopped recording it. Instead I’m going to get the sets at some point. I’m pretty sure that I won’t be disappointed. On balance anyway.

The Teen made me watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I always assumed it would suck as much as the third movie, but it was actually okay. The stuff with Deadpool was kind of off, but overall it was fine. Gives me hope for The Wolverine.


I am writing it off as a pronunciation thing. I type “fer” instead of for all the time cause that’s how i say it irl. I also pronounce internet words like brb as berb so, fir is just how he’s saying “for”

I agree, “The Breakfast Club” should be a required teenage movie. I’d also put “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” on there too. “The Goonies” is another good one. Heck there are plenty of solid 80’s movies that I think should be required for all North American teens to see at least once. If they don’t understand why, make them watch it again.

Also “Aliens”, if only to get the reference “Game over man, Game over!”

Carol is far too smart for Thomas to keep secrets from her.

Yeah, The Breakfast Club should be required viewing for the under-twenty set. I find it a little disappointing that the careers of so many of the actors in that show flared briefly and then sputtered, but there are a few exceptions. I mean, Emilio “Andrew” Estevez is still working regularly, even if it’s doing odd bits and cartoon voices. And Anthony Michael “Brian” Hall has been churning out multiple movie and TV appearances on an annual basis. But neither Ally Sheedy nor Molly Ringwald have appeared in much the past ten years — I suppose they’re busy having kids and whatnot. Although both have appeared in Psych, for what it’s worth.

Tomas’ attitude bothers me and I finally understand why. He’s abdicating responsibility.

“I can’t tell if it’s a big deal or not. You tell me.”

While it sounds romantic to be so into someone else that you give yourself to them utterly, it’s also a bit of a con job when it’s one’s motis operandi of love. By being a passive participant in the relationship, I push all responsibility onto that other person, which means if/when it goes south, it’s not my fault and I can be entirely free to hate that other person for failing *me*.

It may look like a copout, but it might also be a testament to how much he dissociated from his emotions.

It’s that time of night, again. One response made it past my late-night filter, but I’ve had to rein in the rest.

Good night, everyone!

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