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Man, this week seemed to go by weirdly fast. My sleep schedule was all out of whack though. I guess that’s why.

Anyway, long, long, ago, in an early comic idea where Ed was the main character, he also had this low tolerance for alcohol. Very similar to Rock Lee from Naruto, if you’re familiar with that. It’s an example of me having a similar story idea from a manga many years before the manga, but completely unrelated and unaware of each other for many years. One of the other times was an idea I had for what was basically One Piece, but with no devil fruit and the captain character was middle aged and very short. Honestly it was a different enough idea that I could still publish it now if I had the time to do such a thing, but I feel like I’d spend all my time getting told I made a shitty One Piece knock off. I already get enough of getting told I’m making a shitty Clerks knock off, when I’m actually making a shitty Empire Records knock off, but that’s as may be. Parallel thinking is quite common and some ideas are just sort of foundational to the human experience. In any case I kept at least some level of Edward’s old characterization for no reason other than it amused me. It would be incorrect to say he’s a drunken master in the traditional sense. He’s just activates a sort of feral survival instinct when he’s in a state of low cognition. A little trivia for you blog enthusiasts.

As always, support links are above. I hope you have a nice weekend and return to me safe, sound, and well rested on Monday. Until then, may the force be with you. Consensually.


To your credit I never thought of this as a clerks knock off, and haven’t heard of empire records, but that brings up the point to me that I don’t like when people just are quick to call every story a carbon copy when it only has minor through lines. I am all for calling a spade a spade, but don’t hand me a snow shovel and tell me to dig you a hole in the ground. All in all this comic has been a great relaxation tool for me and any media that shows that retail and frontline workers are people too I love!

I don’t see this as a Clerks knockoff either. The backstories of most all the Megatainment employees, in a store considered the “manager’s graveyard”, who aren’t exactly Glengarry Glen Ross-ing it but know this particular location needs to hang on, or they have to find other jobs and start at the bottom, is very different.

I mean I compare it to clerks in the sense of I wanted more clerks day to day and I never got it but I found this and it excened expectations, I started reading in the black and white era and I’m getting to the point where I’ve caught up to the timing and I’m loving my own clerks and this is nice it’s all I need

Hero with 1000 faces is a good read. Originality is Inherently unoriginal. It’s the dance between the tropes that we are all here for.

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